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How Do You Spend Your Hot Autumn Night?

First, I’d like to thank H.D. Thompson and Caris Roane for hosting this Hot Autumn Nights Blog Hop. Second, I’d like to thank you, the blog hopper, for visiting my site. If you’ve been here before, welcome back! If this is your first time, welcome and please feel free to explore my site. I love new visitors.

Sexy athletic body

So what’s my idea of a hot autumn night? Interesting question.

As a born and raised Ohio girl that has lived in Florida for the last fifteen years, my idea of a “hot autumn night” has changed dramatically. It used to be sitting by a fire, sipping hot cocoa or hot apple cider (usually spiked with some kind of goodness). Sometimes roasting marshmallows on sticks we found in the woods and eating the gooey goodness, all the while talking and laughing about life.

In Florida, there are really only three seasons – warm, hot and hotter than hell! Autumn here is quite different than up north. There are no leaves changing colors right before leaving the branches barren. There is no crispness in the air and football can be watched in shorts and a bikini top. J

These days I find myself spending some autumn nights with my husband at the beach, watching the sunset and listening to the drum circle. We bring a bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers and point our beach chairs towards the water. The sun floats from the sky and sinks into the Gulf of Mexico all to the rhythmic beat of the drums. It’s hot! It’s romantic! And it’s how I spend some of my Hot Autumn Nights!

What’s your idea of a hot autumn night?

As part of this blog hop, I’m offering a free ecopy of my hot firefighter book, In Flames. Great way to heat up your autumn night!

in-flames1m cover

 Click on the rafflecopter link to register. Leaving a comment to this post is necessary to win. Tell me how you spend your hot autumn night! But I’m also offering other options so you can get more chances to win! 🙂

Please don’t forget to click this link to hop to some of the other amazing sites on this blog hop! Have fun and enjoy the HOP!

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Shifting To Angel’s Honor

 On this fabulous Friday, Erin M. Leaf is visiting us here at the Spicy Butterfly Garden to introduce us to her upcoming Evernight Publishing release Angel’s Honor, book 1 in the Angel Shifters series coming out November 28th. I’m thrilled to have Erin here today because I loved her Four Letter Word series and her Romance on the Go book, Little Dove. And I have no doubt her Angel Shifter series will pull me in too. Thanks for visiting, Erin! 🙂



Raphael never believed the Omega angel myth could be real, at least not until the morning he woke up and his wings had changed from ordinary brown to purest white. How could he be an Omega, the destined mate of the Alpha? There hasn’t been a true Alpha leader of the People in centuries. However, when ebon-winged Gabriel suddenly shows up and claims him as his destined mate, the attraction is instant.

When Gabriel’s brown wings suddenly change to ebony, he must accept that he is the Alpha, God-chosen leader of the angels. When he discovers his destined mate is another man, he realizes being Alpha means more change than he’d expected. And when he’s wrongly accused of committing one of the People’s most dishonorable crimes, Gabriel must fight: for his honor, for his mate, and for the survival of his People.


Story Excerpt:

“Gabriel,” Raphael replied, standing gracefully. He attempted a smile. “What brings you to my afternoon storytelling session? Did Ariel tell you I’d be here?”

“She did.” He paused. “And I think you know why I’m here.” He didn’t look away, instead letting his eyes take their fill of Raphael’s masculine beauty. His blue eyes were clear and intelligent and his lean frame was muscular, but for some reason, when Gabriel took in the entire package, he couldn’t think of a better word to describe his mate than mine. The possessiveness he felt startled him. Raphael’s dark hair set off his eyes, like deepest night showcased the brightest stars. When he flicked his gaze down to his mate’s arms, he frowned slightly, disappointed to see the long sleeves covering up what he’d hoped were changed markings. He couldn’t possibly be wrong about this, could he? God help him if he was.

Raphael narrowed his eyes, seemingly impatient with Gabriel’s indirect response. “I am not some damsel in distress.”

Gabriel’s nostrils flared. “You want me to say it?” he asked quietly, controlling the instinctive heat Raphael’s intransigence raised. He wasn’t angry, not precisely, but he was agitated. Restless.

Raphael nodded. “It won’t be real unless you speak it aloud. Let the wind hear.”

Gabriel took a deep breath and concentrated on the way the dirt shifted beneath his bare feet. He listened to the air sighing over his shoulders. He glanced up at the infinite sky and let his mind truly accept the knowledge of what he was about to do. When he looked back down, Raphael had braced himself, putting a hand on the tree he’d been sitting against.

“I claim you as my Omega. My mate. My succor and healer. I claim you for our People, for our honor.” Here he paused, trying to push words past the thundering of his heart. “And I claim you for myself.” He spoke the last in a whisper, hoping to God that Raphael could hear him. He sensed the people around them watching, mixed human and angel, and he despaired at having to do this in front of them. He’d have preferred privacy. But perhaps the legitimacy of my claim will not be questioned, because of the public nature of my action, he mused, trying to find the positive in the most vulnerable moment of his life. Claiming a mate of the same sex is truly unprecedented. There will be repercussions.

Raphael’s eyes flared, black on blue. “If your claim is valid, I will accept you as my Alpha. My mate. My leader and shield, for the honor of our People.” He stepped away from the tree and began to unbutton his shirt. “And I would be honored to claim you for myself.” He said that last quietly, so only Gabriel could hear, hands trembling as he peeled off his shirt and flung it to the grass.

Reason lost the battle with instinct. Gabriel’s wings burst from his body like rain falls from a thundercloud and he strode forward, not caring that humans had seen him shift. Let them look, a voice in the back of his heat-clouded mind said. Let them see the Alpha claim his Omega. He reached out and grabbed Raphael’s arms, fingers pressing into the silvery marks that traced up the shorter man’s skin. Abruptly, Raphael’s wings sprang forth: blinding white, tipped with gold. Gabriel’s mouth opened, but he couldn’t speak. Couldn’t breathe. They began to rise together, magic filling their bodies as the mating instinct began to take them into the skies.

“Gabriel,” Raphael croaked, holding onto Gabriel as tightly as Gabriel held onto him.

“Shh,” he said, bringing him closer. Their legs tangled. They were so close he could feel Raphael’s erection straining against his jeans. Gabriel moaned softly, hips jerking as a rising thermal off the ridge suddenly lofted them thousands of feet into the air.

“My God.” Raphael looked dazed.

Gabriel knew how he felt. He leaned in and Raphael met him halfway, lips soft and warm and perfect. When Raphael nibbled Gabriel’s mouth open, he groaned, unable to comprehend how such a simple thing could make his entire body feel like it was on fire. He grabbed his Omega, pulling him even closer. He couldn’t get close enough. The kiss turned feral, with Raphael ravaging his mouth, tongue running over Gabriel’s lips desperately, and then they were falling.

About Erin:

Erin M. Leaf is a romance novel devotee, the steamier the better, with a specialty in edgy erotic tension. She also writes romance as Marie E. Blossom.



Twitter: @erinmleaf



Mid-Week Tease – WIP – Cowboy Bent – #MWTease – #Nanowrimo

Mid Week Tease Button

Here I go again! Another week down and it’s back to Hump Day and the Mid-Week Tease. And we’re creeping up on the Thanksgiving holiday. Life is busy. So busy, in fact, that I have fallen behind on my Nanowrimo project. I think I am one of those people that is using it as a motivator to get a story told that has been sitting with me quite some time now and I’m hoping I won’t be overly disappointed with myself if I don’t make the 50k word mark by the end of the month… though no one is harder on me than me! 🙂 The story is getting told… and that is an accomplishment.

Regardless, I’m participating in Author Sandra Bunino’s Mid Week Tease again because I simply love the feature. I love sharing snippets of my stories and I love reading other authors’ too. This whole month has been themed around my Nanowrimo project, so I’m continuing with the theme for one more week. The scene below involves, Becca, my heroine in Cowboy Bent. She’s been dating the town playboy and the book’s hero, Drew, for a couple weeks. He hadn’t always been a playboy, but after getting burnt in love by his ex, Megan, he’s decided love isn’t really for him. At least until Becca makes an appearance in his life. She’s the first girl he’s shown more than a supine interest in. But Megan doesn’t like it… not one single bit. Enjoy an exchange between Becca and Megan at a party. Just be gentle, this is an unedited version. © Jessica Jayne

“So you’re Drew’s latest pastime?” a female voice said from behind Becca.

“Excuse me?” Becca asked, turning from the open cooler on the patio filled with Bud and Bud Light to see a medium height gorgeous brunette standing next to her. She recognized the brown-eyed beauty as Megan Finley, Drew’s ex-girlfriend. The girl that slept with his best friend during his mourning the death of his brother, Corey.

“I’ve heard a little about you,” Megan said, a devilish smile crossing her lips. “You’re Drew’s latest pastime. Aren’t you Becca?” Megan stood with one hand on her hip and the other grasping her Bud Light bottle. She wore her jean shorts shorter than what could be considered legal and a tight Gators t-shirt that might have been two sizes too small, especially for the size of her chest. She tied her brown curls back at the nape of her neck, but several curls sprung loose framing her face. A twinge of jealousy shot through Becca. Megan was beautiful and at one time, she held Drew’s heart.

“Yes, I’m Becca,” Becca replied to her question, bending down to grab two beers from the blue cooler before closing the lid. Setting one beer on top of the cooler, she twisted off the top and then did the same to the second, depositing the caps in the garbage before picking the bottles up in one hand. “And who are you?” she asked nonchalantly, despite knowing very well who she was. A slight glint of anger passed over Megan’s eyes and her mouth tightened at Becca’s question.

“I’m pretty sure you know who I am,” Megan said, flipping her head to the side with a bit of an attitude. “Anyone who’s with Drew knows who I am.” She took a pull of her beer and smiled.

“I’m sorry,” Becca said, moving to the side to try to get around her. She’d heard plenty of stories from Tammy, Drew and his brothers about Megan, none of them good. Becca was actually surprised it had taken Megan a couple weeks to corner her. “But it’s nice to meet you.”

“Don’t be coy,” Megan said, grabbing Becca’s arm as she tried to pass. “You know very well who I am. I’m Drew’s first love. His only love… actually. The one he always comes back to when he’s done fucking around with his little toys.” Becca had to admit the “first love” comment stung a little. Though neither her nor Drew admitted to being in love with each other, Becca couldn’t deny the fact that she had thought about it. Knowing that Drew had loved Megan and had been devastated by her actions caused the green-headed monster to rear its ugly head. She hated that jealousy feeling, but the idea of Drew having been in love with this girl made it hard to ignore.

“Oh,” Becca said, quirking her mouth up to one side. She took her bottle of beer in her free hand and sipped it. “You’re that girl, Megan, that cheated on him with his best friend. Thanks for that!” Becca’s flippant attitude pissed Megan off. She watched as Megan’s face turned red and her eyes narrowed.

“Listen here,” Megan said, still holding onto Becca’s arm. “Drew Hayworth is mine. He’ll always be mine. You might be the flavor of this month, but he always comes back to me. We have a history, a long history.” Becca yanked her arm free of Megan’s hold. Now, it was her turn to get angry. Who did this chick think she was anyway?

“Yes, Megan, that’s exactly right,” Becca said, glaring at her. “You and Drew have a history. History is the operative word. Do I look overly concerned about you?”

If you’ve enjoyed this little snippet, feel free to bop around my blog for my past Mid-Week Teases. And please click on the link below to enjoy several other amazing authors and their tantalizing teases posted just for you! 🙂

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Tied Up With “The Crimson Rope”

Ooohhhh, I’m so excited! Today, I have R.Brennan at the Spicy Butterfly Garden talking about the latest Evernight Anthology, The Crimson Rope. Why am I so excited about this, you ask! First, I’m a huge fan of short stories! With all the many hats I wear regularly, I don’t always have time to dedicate to a full novel. But with an anthology, I can take a short story and get my fill of a hot, sexy romance to hold me over. Second, over the last several months, I’ve become increasingly interested in the BDSM world. What makes these people tick? Am I submissive? Third, some of the best erotic authors have put this anthology together, including R. Brennan. Her contribution to The Crimson Rope is a story called Lock, Stock and Spank Her! Say no more… it’s HOTTER than HOT! You won’t be disappointed by R. Brennan’s story or this anthology as a whole! Trust me!


“Lock, Stock and Spank Her” 

(The Crimson Rope Anthology)

Anthology Blurb: Unleash your kinky side with six titillating BDSM tales.

Let The Crimson Rope bind you in an erotic adventure sure to please, with skilled Dom’s and sexy submissives that are willing to explore their boundaries. From pleasured gasps to stinging desire, the authors of this anthology will not only seduce you, but leave you begging for more.

Lock, Stock, and Spank Her by R. Brennan

Blurb: After a bad relationship with a cheating ex-dominant, Beth Turner has been reluctant to jump back into the D/s dating scene. Her best friend, Marcy, who just happens to be a lifestyle mistress, finally convinces Beth to take the plunge and attend a local fetish munch as her guest.

Beth plans to take it slow, and certainly doesn’t expect to run into the ultra-dominant Alexander Sterling, whose BDSM inventions are the stuff of local legend. Yet, somehow, he manages to convince her to be the test subject in his spanking demonstration. Strapped into his newest invention, Beth learns quickly there is more to him than a sexy, shaved head and form-fitting leather pants.

In fact, Alexander Sterling just may be her masterful perfect match.


“For now, I have two questions for you.”

“All right.”

“First one is easy. What’s your name?”

Her cheeks heated. “Beth.”

He reached out a hand in greeting. “Alexander Sterling. The pleasure is most assuredly mine.”

She placed her hand in his and he gave it a light shake.

“Now that we have the formalities out of the way, my dear Beth, it’s time for the second question. What are your limits?”

She cast a quick glance around the room to find what felt like a million sets of eyes trained on them. “You want to know that now?”

“It’s relevant. Trust me.”

“Umm…” She searched her befuddled brain for a response. “Blood, scat, needles, knives, permanent marks…the usual I guess. Oh, and mummification.” She shivered. “I can get a bit claustrophobic.”


“It is?” She tried to keep her gaze from wandering to the contraption resting on the parquet floor between them.

“Yes. I need your help. Will you help me?”

While she didn’t know him, and had only just met the man, her body, her very soul seemed attuned to him. Her every nerve ending responded to his request with a resounding yes. Despite the little voice in the back of her head telling her she was a fool for trusting a complete stranger, Beth whispered a meek, “Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl.” Alexander turned and faced their audience. “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, dominants and submissives. I want to thank you all for allowing me to take up some of your valuable time. Master James and his lovely submissive, Amy…” he waved a hand toward the table he had stopped at earlier, “…have requested I give you all a demonstration of my newest invention this evening. An item I am sure many of you will be very interested in seeing.”

Beth swallowed hard.



Evernight Publishing | Amazon | Amazon UK

All Romance eBooks | Bookstrand

Author Bio: R. Brennan is a multi-published author or erotica and erotic romance. She’s a subbie brat with a bitch streak, an IT geek for the state of New York, and reformed gaming addict living in the rolling hills of Upstate NY. (You know, where it takes a ten minute drive to buy a gallon of milk, and the smell of cows lingers on the breeze.)

The truly brave are welcome to follow her blog: or stalk her on twitter: @bexbrennan Often NSFW but usually entertaining.


Website: http://rbrennan/





I’m an Evernight Readers’ Choice Semi-Finalist – In Two Categories

So, this morning started like any other Monday! I woke up and went through my morning routine. I have a “day job,” I have a husband and three school-aged children. My mornings are typically packed to the gills, but I always check my email to make sure I don’t miss anything important. And this morning, I found the post by Evernight Publishing’s Marketing Queen, Sandra Pesso, that indicated that I, Jessica Jayne, was a semi-finalist in the First Annual Readers’ Choice Awards! And in two categories! What, you ask? I know! I couldn’t believe it either. I’ve been nominated as Favorite Author and Best HEA (Happily Ever After) for my story In Flames. You can cast your vote for these categories (and hopefully me 🙂 ), as well as many others here:

Semi-Finalist Favorite Author Semi-Finalist Best HEA

For almost a year, I worked on a story entitled In Flames. I LOVED the characters in this story and had worked with them for a long time… much longer than a lot of my stories take. But something about Gracelyn and Matt made me want to get their story right. I submitted the story to several beta readers… people I trusted to be honest with me about their story. I got feedback, both helpful and encouraging. I submitted the story to several publishers and had a couple offers to publish In Flames. But I decided to go with Evernight Publishing. They had an amazing set of authors already on their list. Their sales were good. And when I asked around to other Evernight authors, there was nothing but good feedback on them. And I’m so glad I made that decision. Thank you Evernight Publishing for giving my little story a chance! And thank you to all my readers that fell in love with Matt and Gracelyn and voted for them (and me) in the Readers’ Choice Awards! I’m so humbled and grateful! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

There’s “Trouble in Trespass” With “River Reckoning”

I’m thrilled to have fellow Floridian and Evernight Publishing sister, Jenny Lyn, back in the Spicy Butterfly Garden. Today, she’s telling us about her newest EP release, River Reckoning, which is part of a series entitled Trouble in Trespass. Welcome back, Jenny! So glad you are here.

River Reckoning 1st cover art (2) (533x800)


Bond Mason’s roots run deep in the backwoods hamlet of Trespass, Florida. Nestled against the banks of the Suwannee River, the only home she’s ever known holds bittersweet memories of a family long gone. Except one of her ghosts isn’t dead and possessive ex-lover James Kyle wants her back.

U.S. Deputy Marshal Nathan Gates sights are set on capturing fugitive Robert Kyle. Wanted for the cold-blooded murder of a DEA agent, Robert is suspected of being hidden away with his moonshine-brewing, marijuana-growing family of fellow lawbreakers, one of which is his brother, James.

Nathan expected high temperatures when he arrived in Trespass. What he hadn’t counted on is his searing attraction to southern beauty Bond Mason. She winds him around her finger like a tendril of Spanish moss, but his lawman’s intuition tells him she’s hiding secrets too. When he finally convinces her to talk, he’s not prepared for the dark truths she reveals about her hometown.

The Suwannee is deep, but Trespass’s sins run much deeper. For once, Nathan might be in over his head.

Excerpt (Rated R):

Bond rolled to her knees, still smiling, as she untied the sash to her robe. She let it fall open but didn’t shrug it off her shoulders. It parted in slow motion a few inches then stopped, revealing a swath of golden skin down the center of her body, the inviting valley between her breasts and the small patch of dark trimmed curls at the apex of her toned thighs. Nathan stood motionless, taking her in as he tried to decide what he wanted to set his mouth to first.

“Nathan.” Her fingers nervously toyed with the robe’s sash. He gradually raised his gaze to hers, tearing it away from the temptation of her body. “I have a small confession to make.”

His interest was piqued. “I’m listening.”

Color flooded her cheeks. He put one knee on the mattress and kissed her jaw reassuringly. She braced her hands on his biceps, the heat of a sigh warming his ear. “Last night when you were kind of … bossy … I liked it … a lot.”

He grinned. That was some admission. His single-minded cock wholeheartedly approved. It was so hard it threatened to bust through the teeth of his zipper. “You like me telling you what to do, huh?”

She nodded. Her fingers caught the hem of his t-shirt, stripping it over his head. “I like it when you talk.”

“Last night you said I talked too much.”

“I can’t be held accountable for the things I say during incredible sex. I want you to talk.”

Incredible sex. No argument there, it had been. Tonight was going to top that.

The robe slipped off one shoulder exposing her right breast, an enticement impossible to resist. Nathan ducked his head and made a lazy circle around her nipple with the tip of his tongue. It tightened to a stiff peak. He felt her fingers slide through his hair, heard the tiny moan she made in her throat. “Dirty?” he asked against her skin.

“Anything. I want to listen, not think. I like your voice, but if you were saying naughty things it would be even better.”

He chuckled as he eased off the bed. Bond sat back on her heels, resting her hands on her thighs expectantly. “Take your hair down.”

She released the clip, allowing the dark mass to tumble free. When she shook her head, damp curls slid over her shoulders. Nathan reached out and wound a long lock around his fingers, tugging gently. “You’re stunning.” More color flooded her cheeks and neck. Her bottom lip slipped between her teeth. “Come closer.”

Rising to her knees, she scooted to the edge of the bed, pressing her chest to his. Nathan caught the lapels of her robe in his fists and pulled it down her arms, trapping them at her sides. He buried his face in her neck, trailing kisses across the tender, fragrant skin. Her scent made him drunk with desire, crazy with need. Never had he been so affected by a woman as he was by Bond. She was like some illicit drug, and he’d become a hopeless addict with one sample.


Purchase Links:


Barnes & Noble:

All Romance Ebooks:

About Jenny Lyn:

I started reading when I was four, thanks to a babysitter who found out the only way to get me to sit still was to put a book in my hand. By the time I entered kindergarten, I’d blown through just about every Little Golden Book ever printed. Ten years later, much to my mother’s dismay, I found her stash of paperback romance novels. She tried to divert me back to something more chaste by buying me Harlequins, but I still snuck copies of her Kathleen Woodiwiss’s and Johanna Lindsey’s when she wasn’t looking. Shanna, The Flame and the Flower, and Fires of Winter will always hold special places in my heart because they introduced me to roguish heroes, headstrong heroines, and the trouble they could get into together.

I live in a swampy little corner of north-central Florida with my family, both the two-legged and four-legged variety. I love to read, run hot and cold in regards to cooking, and I never miss an episode of Justified, Longmire, or Dexter. I guess I like justice in all its various forms.

 Social Media Links:












Mid-Week Tease – WIP – Cowboy Bent – #MWTease – #Nanowrimo

Mid Week Tease Button

Oh my goodness! Where did this week go? It’s already that time again! What time, you ask! It’s Mid-Week Tease time! As most of you know, I love this blog post feature that Author Sandra Bunino hosts and allows me, and others, to participate in every week. Mid-Week Tease allows us authors to share a snippet of a new release, a backlisted title or a WIP. Aside from having the opportunity to share a little part of my own work, I also get to read snippets of other authors and get to be introduced to amazing authors and books. Come along for the ride!

Since November 1, I’ve been plugging away at a story that has been sitting with me for well over a year now. The characters have talked to me on a daily basis and I have a notebook full of research, scene ideas and dialogue. Thanks to #Nanowrimo I’ve forced myself to sit down and get this story told! And I couldn’t be happier. Drew and Becca play off each other so well. It’s been fun to finally sit down and write for them. Last week, I gave you a snippet from the beginning of the story when Becca and Drew first meet. This week I’m giving you a peek into the time Drew runs into Becca at the Red Barn – a country line dancing bar. She’s standing at the bar ordering beers for her and a friend when Drew spots her. Enjoy! (And please be kind, this is an unedited rough draft.) © Jessica Jayne

“Funny meeting you here, Blondie,” he whispered, leaning down close to her ear. Her body shuddered at his words and he realized that she recognized his voice. That made his cock thicken even more. She could play hard to get, but he affected her just as much as she affected him. And that thought made him heady.

Turning her head just slightly, her lips sat just inches away from his. It took all the strength Drew could muster to keep from pressing his lips to hers. He wanted to taste her. He wanted to kiss her. He wanted to do so many things to her and with her. From the moment he met her, she stirred something in him… something that made him want more. What that more was he wasn’t entirely sure. All he knew was he wanted to get to know her. Sure, he wanted between her legs… more than anything… but it was more than that.

“My name’s not Blondie, Andy,” she said with a cocky smile. Her minty breath hit him in the face. Her green eyes sparkled as her gaze traveled over his face, clearly assessing his reaction to her calling him Andy. Her smile had Drew’s knees buckle just a bit. It was so sexy. He wondered if that same smile would be plastered on her face when he sunk deep inside her. God, he wanted this woman.  With his face still close to her ear, her vanilla scent enveloped him and his cock twitched in his pants.

“You’ll always be Blondie to me,” he said, burying his nose in her hair and inhaling slowly. “I’ll even contemplate letting you call me Andy if you let me take you out on the dance floor on the next slow song.” Her breath stopped at his words.

“What? No ass kicking? I thought ‘Andy’ was forbidden,” she said, with a hint of sarcasm. His hand slid down her bare arm, down to her hip and he pulled her back against him. Her eyes widened and a slight gasp escaped as her backside came into contact with his pelvis. Her softness against his hardness felt like heaven.

“There’s plenty of forbidden things I want to do to you, Blondie,” he breathed into her ear. “But kicking your ass isn’t at the top of that long list though wrestling could be some interesting foreplay.” Her breath hitched in her chest and her eyes fluttered closed momentarily.

If you missed last week’s tease, you may have missed my vision of Drew Hayworth. Don’t sweat it. Colin Wayne is my inspiration for this character and if you don’t know Colin Wayne, you should! Find him here: and on Facebook at  But the picture below is the one that made Drew a reality for me! 🙂


Hope you enjoyed this little snippet into my latest WIP because I am so enjoying writing it. Click on the link below to find the amazing authors that are participating with me in this week’s Mid-Week Tease! Enjoy!

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It’s Time for “Ariel’s Song” & Giveaway

Today, I welcome Evie Knight to the Spicy Butterfly Garden. She’s here today to introduce us to her new Evernight Publishing release, Ariel’s Song. Not only is she giving us a sneak peak into her wonderful story, but she’s also got a killer giveaway going on. Don’t miss out! Welcome, Evie! So glad to have you here.

Thank you so much, Jessica, for hosting me today and letting me share with your readers my new release titled, Ariel’s Song.

To celebrate the launch of my new release, I have a tour wide giveaway and I’m also gifting an ecopy of Ariel’s Song to one lucky commenter at each blog stop.


About Ariel’s Song:

Colin Hoskins, famous classical violinist, is tainted by his past. Angry at life, unable to move beyond the betrayal of his dead fiancé, he’s sworn off performing or falling in love ever again. All Colin wants is to be left alone, except no one listens. Especially the pretty little assistant he can’t fire and his body burns to claim.

Stranded in a foreign country, bankrupted heiress Ariel Parks needs a job to fund her way home. Assistant of sorts to the musician she’s fantasized about for years sounds like a dream job. She never imagined the gorgeous genius would be a reclusive beast. But the real problem is the way every nerve in her body tingles at the mention of his name.


Sneak Preview:

Ariel regained her composure. “No questions. However, I think we need to set some ground rules.” She crossed the room to the bay window opposite from him. “If I’m going to be your assistant, there are some things we can’t do.” She ran her index finger along the edge of the window then placed her tote on the side table next to it. “For starters—” She turned and bumped into his strong chest.

“Enlighten me,” Colin said.

Her heart skipped a beat as she lifted her gaze to him, lingering on his mouth before she met his eyes. Ariel fought the need to kiss him again. How would she ever pull this off when he looked at her with those eyes? Colin trapped her between the bay window and him. He hadn’t touched her yet, but the heat radiating from him being so close ensnared her all the same. Ariel shifted on her feet, trying to set an inch or two of distance between them.

“For starters what, Ariel?” Colin placed a hand on either side of her, making it harder for her to escape. At her silence, he asked, “Are you going to answer me?”

“This.” Ariel rested a hand on his chest, to push him away, his warmth burning her palm. “If we’re going to work together, there won’t be any touching.” Her fingertips tingled at the thrum of his heartbeat. Colin glanced at her hand on his chest. Shit. She curled her fingers into a fist. What was she doing feeling his hard muscles?

“You mean you don’t want me to touch you like this?” He gripped her waist, and she jerked at the unexpected contact.

The heat of his grasp on her waist seeped through the thin layer of her clothes, stirring her insides. “Yes.” She shook her head. “No.”

Colin angled his head, closing the distance. “What else?” he asked, his lips a breath away from hers.

She closed her eyes. “There can’t be any more kiss—”

He closed his mouth on hers, not demanding, just giving. Colin drew her in, teasing until she asked for more. Ariel didn’t have the willpower to resist him, not when he kissed her like this. Not when she’d fantasized about being in his arms for ages. Damned temptation. Nothing went as planned. She ran her hands up his arms, yearning to touch his hair, allowing herself the small pleasure. Ariel tangled her fingers in his hair, pressing her breasts against his chest.


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She lives in sunny Southern California.

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More Bark Than Bite

Today, we welcome Melissa Hosack to the Spicy Butterfly Garden. She’s going to tell us a little bit about what she finds to be the hardest part of writing as an author. Then she’ll give us a little insight into her new release, More Bark Than Bite. Welcome, Melissa!

As an author, the hardest parts of writing for me are the query letters and blurbs. I have no problem finding the inspiration to write out a couple hundred page story, but summing my book up in one page feels like an impossible feat. I’m sure I’m not alone in this ritual, but I have my husband go over these things for me multiple times. Does this even make sense? This is a phrase I’ve used on a repeated basis. I know I’m not the only author who has such issues, so I give a big round of applause to each and every author for their efforts in this very challenging aspect of the business.

Check out the blurb for my newest release More Bark Than Bite and know it was the most challenging part for me!


More Bark Than Bite follows a reporter’s inquiry into a serial killer investigation that leads through the world of the supernatural. Reporter Morgan Phillips jumps on the opportunity to further her career when a killer plagues her city. Under the guise of needing assistance, she places herself along the predictable route of police officer Graham Audrick.

Knowing that Graham is attracted to her, Morgan attempts to charm information out of him. She gets in way over her head when her sly flirtation turns into a full out seduction by Graham. Not only is she now emotionally involved in the case, but she also discovers that the killer she’d desperately wanted information on is a werewolf bent on revenge against humanity. This supernatural murderer also has an abnormal obsession with Graham. Now worried about simply staying alive another day, Morgan learns that Graham has a few secrets of his own that may be just as dark as the killer’s.


The Trouble With Dating Cops…

Morgan wasn’t sure Graham would forgive the horrible thing she’d done. She’d betrayed his trust. She’d given away information that could help the murderer slip through the police’s grasp. Basically, she’d taken something that could turn into a beautiful relationship and flushed it down the toilet for fifteen minutes of fame. She felt like the crummiest person on the face of the planet.

She was so caught up in her own concerns that she jumped with a gasp when the back door to the station flew open and banged against the side of the building.

Graham stood in the doorway, his shoulders bunched in aggression. “How was I to know she’d spill to the press?” he snarled to someone just out of view.

The angered voice of the police chief came from the darkened hallway inside the building. “She is the press! You’ve jeopardized this entire investigation! I hope the sex was worth it, because you have totally screwed any secrecy we had about our operations. You’re lucky I only pulled you off this assignment. I should fire you!”

Morgan cringed at the heated words heaved in Graham’s face. This was her fault. Graham had been kicked off an assignment because of her big mouth.

“Stop thinking with your dick and start thinking with your head!” the chief yelled.

Without a response, Graham stormed from the building, slamming the door behind him.

Morgan flinched, shrinking back against her car. When Graham started toward her in an angry stalk, she rushed out an apology. “Graham, I’m so sorry. I never meant to–”

“Get in the car,” he growled, his hand gripping her elbow roughly.

With a yelp, Morgan freed her arm and climbed into her car. She held her breath anxiously, waiting to see if he was going to join her or if he was simply going to send her away. She let her breath out slowly in relief when he climbed into the passenger seat. If he got in the car, that meant he was at least going to hear her out.

“Drive,” he instructed, his eyes dark and angry.

Morgan turned over the engine and shot him a weary look. The air was thick with an uncomfortable silence that she was too afraid to break.


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Mid-Week Tease – WIP – Cowboy Bent – #MWTease – #Nanowrimo

Mid Week Tease Button

I’m glad to be participating in Author Sandra Bunino’s Mid-Week Tease! I’m a little later than usual in posting my #MWTease, but better late than never. Though I’m not sure my excuse is adequate, I’ve been hustling to catch up on my word count for #Nanowrimo and well, that’s kept me very busy.You all know I love this feature because it gives us authors the opportunity feature a snippet from our work! I’ve always found it pretty cool to read parts of authors works, whether past, present or WIPs because it gives you insight into the author.

This week I’ve decided to post a snippet from the opening of my #Nanowrimo piece that I’ve titled Cowboy Bent. In this short scene Becca gets a flat tire on a country back road while trying to locate a produce farm. The Florida heat is steamy in early August and changing a tire is no easy feat. But she manages to get halfway through the process when a truck rolls up. Becca’s a little nervous because she’s in the middle of nowhere, but once she gets a glimpse of Drew Hayworth…her mind travels to other places! 😉 Enjoy!

“Need some help with that tire, Blondie,” the husky male voice said with a chuckle. His feet hit the gravel and his door shut. His boots shuffled across the roadway. She needed to get a good look at the person who may kidnap or kill her… maybe even snap his picture on her phone so the cops would have something to go by. Becca stood up by her car.

Holy shit! Coming towards her was the most beautiful man she had ever laid eyes on. She gripped the side of her car to keep her knees from buckling her to the ground. He was tall. Easily six foot three. His blue t-shirt clung to his chest making it obvious he had a hard and muscular body underneath. His dark blue jeans hung low on his hips and were faded on his thighs with what looked like dirt smudged on the legs. Clearly, he worked outside. But even covered in denim, he couldn’t disguise his powerful legs, his jeans clinging to his muscles. And his eyes…Good God! His eyes were the most piercing blue she had ever seen. They were gorgeous, like the deepest part of the ocean. His blue baseball cap sat backward on his head and she caught a glimpse of his dark brown hair. Then he smiled at her and she lost all her ability to breathe. All sorts of crazy thoughts zipped through her head. Becca shook her head trying to bring herself back from the fantasies this man sparked in her mind.

“First, my name’s not Blondie,” she said kind of snarky. Where the hell did that come from? He chuckled… again. “Second, I know how to change a tire just fine. Thank you very much.” But he didn’t stop crossing the street.

“I think Blondie suits you,” he said with a snicker. He rounded the front of her car and stood next to her admiring the several lug nuts she had already removed. “And it does appear you know what you’re doing. I’m impressed.” He looked at her again and his gaze moved from her face down her body and back up until he locked eyes with her. The look in his eyes made her heart slam against her chest.  “I’m definitely impressed!” Becca felt the heat rise in her cheeks. He winked at her.

“Blondie doesn’t suit me,” she said, trying to gain some ground with him. “How would you know what suits me?” Boy, did this guy have some nerve. He may be hot… okay, very hot, but he wasn’t allowed to nickname her, especially before knowing her.

“You look like a Blondie to me,” he said matter-of-factly. “But if you would prefer I call you by your name, you’ll have to give it to me. Otherwise, Blondie it is!” Taking the dangling wrench out of her hand, he knelt next to her and finished removing the lug nuts. With every twist of the wrench, Becca could see his bicep and tricep muscles ripple. A tattoo peeked out from the sleeve of his t-shirt. She’d love to see more of it. Hmmm… did he have tattoos anywhere else on his body? Becca was sure she was losing her mind. She shook her head again. This guy was working a number on her brain today. Maybe it was this Florida heat.

“My name is Rebecca,” she said quietly. Something about him made her want to tell him her name. “But everyone calls me Becca.” He looked up at her from the grass and smiled.

“Okay, Becca,” he said, drawing out the sound of her name. The way her name rolled off his tongue sent a chill down her spine despite the raging Florida heat. Visions of him above her, kissing her, whispering her name as he made love to her played in her head.  Clearing his throat, Becca returned to reality and her cheeks once again heated from the fantasies in her head.  He smiled. “My name is Andrew. And everyone calls me Drew.”

This is how I picture Drew Hayworth:


P.S. In last week’s Mid-Week Tease, I teased a snippet from my short story, Panther Ridge, that I submitted for Evernight’s Alpha’s Claim Anthology. Guess what? It got picked up! Yay! I’ll keep everyone posted on when to expect that Anthology out!

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