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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Colin Wayne

My dear friend, DC Stone, has this feature on her site ( called Man Candy Mondays and I love it. I thought… hmmmm… Is there really a better way to start a week? I think not. So, I’m borrowing the Man Candy Monday idea and turning it into Totally Tantalizing Tuesday! So now you can visit DC Stone on Mondays and me on Tuesdays to get your tantalizing man candy fix!  I’ll be making it a regular feature at The Spicy Butterfly Garden for 2014, but you get an early look at it today to help ring in the new year!! Yipee! Who’s the lucky guy to start off my new feature?! Well, if you know me at all, then you know him…COLIN WAYNE! Below are some of my favorite pics of him. If you want to see more or learn more about him, check out his site: … You won’t be disappointed! Happy New Year!


Yes, he pulls off a country boy beautifully!


He pulls off wet rather well too!



He likes football… and so do I! 😉


And he served our country… in the Army! God Bless America!

 (PS – I don’t claim any ownership to these photos. They were professionally done by the photographer named in the photo and readily available on Google. Enjoy!)

Who’s The New “Supernatural Kid on the Block”?

The hustle and bustle of Christmas is over and we can all sit back, relax and read! 🙂 For those that celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a joyous holiday. A few more days until we all get to welcome in the New Year! Hard to believe that 2013 is coming to a close and 2014 is just around the corner.

Today, I have Melissa Hosack back at the Spicy Butterfly Garden introducing us to her latest release, Supernatural Kid on the Block, book 2 of her Supernatural series. Welcome back, Melissa! 🙂

Character Development

Characters have a way of surprising readers. There’s nothing more fun than a surprise development or personality reveal from a favorite…or even a not so favorite. This can happen for authors as well. Such a thing happened for me with Kristie Taylor in my Supernatural series. In the first book, Deadly Encounters of the Supernatural Kind, Kristie was no more than a silly, airheaded cheerleader who helped motivate another character into a necessary action. In my newest release, the second book in the series titled Supernatural Kid on the Block, she really opened up to me. In Supernatural Kid, Kristie showed herself to be more than the one dimensional character she’d started as. She revealed that she was caring and loyal…and shockingly intelligent. I had such a fun time watching her character unfold. The main character, Camden, was fun to begin with. The two of them together was simply an absolute blast for me.



Check out an excerpt from this unlikely duo!

Kristie uncovered her eyes and stared up at him, fear in her expression. “Do you love me?”

“You know I do.” Camden’s words came out in a breathy, nervous whisper. He was worried as to where this was going.

“That’s what frightens me.” Taking a deep breath, she explained. “When your power rolled over me, I would have gladly died for you, no question about it. You have to fight that. These people could use it against you, use me against you. If they threaten me, you might do something stupid, like die for me…again. You can’t let that happen. Priya’s people depend on you. You’re a dragon. You’re immortal. I’m just a human, and I’m fragile. Don’t let yourself get hurt over something so irrational.”


“Promise me you won’t let that happen. I need you to promise your main target is Stefan, no matter what.”

“You are more important—”

“Promise,” she said firmly. “I won’t let innocent children suffer because your main concern is me. I won’t let you die.” She took a shaky breath and her eyes turned cold. “Promise me or I will leave you. It will be the hardest thing I ever have to do, but I will walk out of your life and never come back. If you love me, you’ll do this for me.”

“I do love you,” Camden said slowly, dread filling his stomach. He was trapped by her words. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her, but she was asking something nearly impossible.

“I know you do,” she said softly to his confession of love. “This new power can make that backfire on you. For just this week, I can’t be the top priority in your life.”

Camden sighed wearily and dropped his head into his hands. She was right, but he hated it. An insane idea popped into his head. Before he could curb it, he said, “I’ll do this for you if you do something for me.” On her puzzled nod, he dropped to a knee in front of where she sat. “Marry me.”

To find out Kristie’s answer, check out the full book here:

 author photo

Melissa Hosack’s website:

Spend Your Christmas with Caden

Christmas is in the air! The hustle and bustle of the holidays is here and we often find ourselves running around trying to tie up loose ends before jolly ole Saint Nick arrives with all our goodies. Hopefully, you’ve all asked for lots of great books to satisfy your need for romance and if there’s a Christmas flare to them, then that’s great! Today, I have Nikka Michaels at the Spicy Butterfly Garden and she’s here showing off her Cobblestone Press release, Christmas with Caden. Welcome back, Nikka, and Happy Holidays!

Good morning and thanks to Jessica Jayne for hosting me. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday.



Paige Anthony is annoyed at spending Friday night at the company Christmas party. She’s bored until she spots the son of the boss, Caden Davis dancing and is intrigued.

When Caden saves Paige from the advances of his brother, she looks at him in a new light. A few sexy dances later, she manages to forget the horrible beginning of the night. When she decides to leave, he offers to walk her home and admits he’s wanted her for a while. Will Paige’s attraction be enough to make her forget about holidays past and consider Christmas with Caden?

christmas caden banner


“Is this how you really dance? Because you can show me the real you, you know. After all, you did just middle school dance me. I want a Caden dance.”

His slow, wicked smile made her stomach flip and heat flood her skin. “You want me? You got me.”

Slowly he spun her in a circle, her back resting against the front of his body. His hands settled on her hips, squeezing gently as he nuzzled her ear. His fingers pulled the fabric of her dress taut against her nipples as the delicious friction intensified with every move. She bit back a low moan at the sensation.

“This is me. This is how I really dance.”

Shivering at the feel of his warm breath against her ear, she closed her eyes and let her body go loose, relaxing as she moved with the beat of the music. His hands smoothed up and down her sides, teasingly light as he moved with her, not guiding but simply moving with her.

Through the thin fabric of her dress and his shirt and suit pants, heat from his body added to the sweat that beaded on her skin. She could feel his hardness pressing against her ass when she rocked back into him, though he let her lead all their movement. The club had gotten more crowded as they’d danced. The look on his face when she glanced up at him was one of hunger, his heavy-lidded eyes gone dark, illuminated by the flash of the strobe light. With the top buttons of his shirt undone, he looked as though he’d just been dragged off the floor and ravished.

Paige wanted to be the reason he looked that way.


Cobblestone Press:


Nikka Michaels lives in the often rainy Pacific Northwest where she spends her time cooking, laughing and crafting romantic tales to satisfy her craving for HEAs.



Facebook Page:


Finding Love in Sin’s Haven

Please give a warm welcome back to Carlene Love Flores! Sometimes you find those people that are just warm and welcoming and even though you don’t know them that well, you just want to hug them. That is Carlene to me! She’s a doll and she writes amazing stories. Today, she’s here to tell us a little about latest Evernight Publishing release, Sin’s Haven, her third book in her Sin Pointe series. And oh what a series it is! Welcome back, Carlene! (((Hugs)))  🙂

Hello! I’m always excited to visit the Spicy Butterfly Garden; it’s so pretty here and there are great romance book finds tucked all over. I’m here to add a little bit about my newest release, the third book in the Sin Pointe series, Sin’s Haven. This story is one of my favorites and that’s because of how entertaining the hero is. He’s gentle but a risk-taker, quirky but down to earth, and he’s one of those guys who has absolutely no idea how sexy he is. I hope you enjoy Ben’s story and I wish you all Happy Holidays!


Sin’s Haven (A Sin Pointe Novel, Book 3) Blurb:

When Sin Pointe webmaster, Benjamin Wright, is publicly humiliated on his birthday, he knows he’s never gonna be able to show his face around the guys again. But an angelic hostess who lets him sleep it off at the club seems surprisingly eager to help him out. Is his luck changing or does she just feel sorry for him?

Hazel Temple, bagel mistress by day and club hostess by night, feels horrible for inadvertently playing a part in Ben’s embarrassment and vows to make it up to him—by telling him they had a sizzling hot one night stand. Still recovering from losing her fiancé to suicide, she worries about Ben when he discovers her lie. Is she bound to hurt the men she cares about?

A Sin Pointe camping trip provides Hazel her chance to get Ben’s groove back.

Will her webmaster be the one to rock her world?

Sins Haven

Sin’s Haven Excerpt:

Finally, after finding out he seemed to be the only person there, he tossed the last paper towel he’d used to clean up his mess and plopped down on the toilet seat where he sat now. What he wasn’t prepared for was the note he found tucked into his shirt pocket. He patted it and pulled it out carefully.

“Holy crap. No way.”

He read it again.

Apparently he’d had relations with her, pretty good ones at that, but had no recollection of it. What was her name? He couldn’t remember but it started with an H according to the note. Crap. He’d had hot, amazing sex last night with her? With Haven?

He closed his eyes, and tried to remember more, considering dropping his pants and inspecting his stuff. He didn’t go that far but adjusted himself in his briefs, now conscious that he’d been inside a beautiful woman who he’d somehow brought some pretty decent pleasure to. More amazing than that, she hadn’t been turned off when she’d seen him. God, this was the weirdest feeling in the world.

But straining to remember more was no use. It only gave him a worse headache, not a name of the woman he’d slept with so carelessly. Or any remembrance of touching her. No way would he have not touched her. Ah, he did remember feeling something. He was an idiot. She’d sung him happy birthday, which would have been cool if he hadn’t just been crowned king of the losers by Erby. Wait, before that. The chorus of his favorite song as he’d sat there in silent chaos had touched him, even if he hadn’t let it show.

Somehow, after all that, he’d gotten close enough to kiss this other woman. Back on that well-meant futon. But how in the world did a guy like him end up hooking up with a woman like Haven?

She probably felt bad for him.

Story of my life, he thought.

Where was she now? Was she okay? They’d been in the office together. Which meant she could have seen him tossing his nachos. Surely she’d written the note and left in time to spare them both that lovely experience. And apparently, she was well. Better than well.

He shook his head, trying to understand last night. The problem was, his pride might be swelling on one hand but on the other, he felt like a huge ass wipe. He’d slept with a woman whose name he couldn’t remember and oh yeah, he didn’t do that kind of thing. It wasn’t anywhere in his nature. Jaxon and Stefan made women melt at the mere thought of the things those guys could do to them. Unless a chick was super into a personalized website or slick Facebook banner, Ben didn’t have much woo factor to offer. And a one-night-stand-to-blow-your-mind was definitely not on his menu. He wouldn’t have slept with Erby on their first date and he’d known her for six years! Okay, maybe he would have last night…

“I suck and ow,” he said, holding his head in one hand while his elbow dug into his knee. Closing his eyes, he tried to remember Haven’s hands on his legs, maybe playing with his knees. It was a hot fantasy, but he got nothing. “Great, just great,” he muttered and then stood up and flushed, even though he hadn’t even dropped his trousers.

It was time to make his way out.

But what if she was out there, waiting?

An apology. That’s what he owed her. A big ole I’m sorry. This woman might have been pleased with her experience but she should know he wasn’t that kind of guy.

As he dragged his reluctant feet from the stall, her kiss popped onto his lips. He remembered. She’d tasted like sweet cherries. He was so screwed. He knew he’d messed up and had no idea how to deal with this which meant avoidance until he figured it out. What would Jaxon do?

“You’re not Jaxon, dip wad. You’re Saint Benjamin,” he told himself as he swallowed, and followed the narrow hallway from the back office up to the café.


He needed some and if she was up there, he could invite her to have a cup with him. And maybe talk. Nerves brewed heavy in his stomach as he pushed open the curtains that divided the club from the café. Why in the world he chose that very moment to start worrying about condoms was beyond him. But he fumbled for his wallet and found the one he kept still tucked into his bill fold.

“Oh shit.”

Check out Carlene’s books here:

and here:

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“Untangle Me” With Favorites & A Giveway

Yipee! I have the great pleasure of having SJ Maylee back at the Spicy Butterfly Garden. She has a new Evernight Publishing release, Untangle Me, and is talking to us about some of her favorite indulgences. She also has a lovely giveaway to celebrate her new release. See the link below. Welcome back, SJ! 🙂

The hero of UNTANGLE ME is a successful businessman. With all his wealth, extravagances are easy to come by. I believe luxuries don’t have to be costly or out of reach. Here are my top five inexpensive favorite things:

1. Spritz of lavender water on my pillow. Certain smells can take my stress away. There’s nothing like my mom’s cooking or a fresh cup of coffee, but when I need to quiet my mind and breath deep, a simple spray of lavender can help my mind let go and relax.

2. Chocolate. Any kind of sweet yummy chocolate is an indulgence. It doesn’t take long to enjoy a little morsel either, but they take me to a happier place.

3. A snazzy drink. For me it will probably be a cup of coffee from my favorite local coffee joint. I make an excellent cup of coffee at home, but there’s something about going out and having it done for me that makes it better.

4. Watch something funny. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old favorite or something new. Every week, I take the time to sit down, put my feet up, and laugh.

5. Call a friend. I have several friends that live several states away. Although I might not have seen them this year, a few minutes on the phone will bring us right back together and will do wonders at stripping away my stress.

These are just a few of my favorites. One of them is Ivy’s favorite too. She’s the heroine in UNTANGLE ME. You’ll have to read the story to find out which one and the heart breaking reason why she needs it. I wish I could talk about it more. I love this story and I hope you will too.

Untangle Me


Ivy’s revenge on the people behind her family’s downward spiral is simple and it’s working. There’s no need to long for help from the wealthy business owners who turned their backs on her father. Ivy may be worn out, but she’s finding herself again after joining the local BDSM club.

Seth has it all. He has homes around the world and the little red speedster he dreamed of as a little boy, but none of the things he can buy satisfy him, not the socialites hanging on his arm or the submissives falling at his feet. Then, he hires Ivy to plan his next event.

Seth and Ivy enjoy each other’s company in and out of the planning stages for Seth’s charity event. Their playful bets lead them to a first date. When their secret kinks are revealed, the pair fall deep, but it’s not meant to last. Past hurts come back to haunt Ivy. Now, it’s time for Seth to use all he’s learned, regardless if he can win back the girl.



Where was Seth?

Once in the center of the dance floor she turned in a circle, looking every direction.


From the center seat at the bar, Seth’s direct stare held her captive. A new song excited the crowd and cheers surrounded them, but neither of them paid it any attention.

His jacket and tie were gone, giving her a closer look at his all-male body. The top button on his white shirt was undone. She wanted to undo the rest and get a glimpse at what lay underneath. Round shoulders tapered to his waist. She bit her lip as she imagined his length.

He made no move to come to her, his elbow still rested on the bar. He was a man waiting for the world to come to him.

Not the world. Her.

The comfortable confidence and the heat shining in his eyes turned her on. She swayed her hips to the hypnotic beat. Her hands felt their way up her thighs, around her hips, and an inch past her waist, he got up and walked towards her.

In no time, his feet stepped in between hers and together they rocked to the music. The drums and base from the band pushed a rhythm into her body, driving her desire. Their fingers interlaced. She snuggled closer and breathed in his clean musky scent.

She wanted to touch him, but he kept a hold on her hands. He pushed them both behind her, causing her back to arch and her breasts to press deliciously into his hard body. Heat rolled through her. She let her head fall back, exposing her neck.

His lips brushed across her collarbone. They continued to rock back and forth, their hips swaying and rubbing together. He took her wrists in one hand and his other stroked down her neck, over her shoulder, caressed the side of her breast, and around her waist to land on her butt. He squeezed her ass and pressed her into the hard ridge of his cock. She lowered her chin and moaned as she took in his expression filled with raw desire. A slow devilish smile lit his features and sent a tremble through her.

The song ended and another began while they continued their dance. He let go of her hands and she wrapped them around his neck. Both of his hands molded her ass. She nuzzled his neck, taking a nibble and a few kisses as she breathed him in. She wanted more.

Lots more.

She made her way closer to his mouth. Before she stole a kiss, she looked into his eyes. His brown eyes had darkened to the color of night, matching his hair. She sucked on her lower lip.

“You know what you’re doing, right?” he asked.

“I know I want you.”

“The Masters work the back rooms on club nights. But we can stay on the dance floor all night, if you want.”

“You’re talking about the one on one rooms?” She sucked in a breath.

“I don’t think this crowd is prepared to see what I want to do to you.”

“Can we go back there? I want to go back there.” She looked directly into his eyes.


Evernight Publishing:


All Romance eBooks:




S.J. Maylee fell in love with storytelling at a young age and with it came a deep-seated desire for everyone to find their happily ever after. She’s finding the happy endings for her characters one steamy story at a time.

When she’s not reading or writing, you can find her caring for her garden, laughing with her two young sons, or dancing to her husband’s music. She’s a PMP (Project Management Professional), Nia instructor, and coffee addict.

As a writer she has a tendency to break hearts, but she always glues them back together.



Facebook Page:





To celebrate the release of UNTANGLE ME, SJ is giving away one $15 Amazon Gift Card.


The Benefits of “Moving On With His Yoga Instructor”

As an avid yogi, I know there are many benefits to the practice of yoga. It strengthens the body, increases flexibility and allows for the gaining of peace of mind. According to Morgan King’s new Evernight Publishing release, Moving On With His Yoga Instructor, (part of the Moving On series) it appears there may even be another benefit to yoga! 😉 Please welcome back to the Spicy Butterfly Garden… Morgan King!

Yoga Instructor


Blake is the Yoga Instructor of Jamie’s dreams. He is gorgeous, funny, smart, and with a body to die for. There is no way he’d be interested in someone like Jamie, or so the voice inside Jamie’s head says. The voice that listened to all those nasty things his ex, Dan, said.

Jamie is soooo cute, and shy. Blake just wants to give him a big hug, protect him and then fuck him in that very sexy arse of his. How can he convince Jamie to give him a chance, especially when it becomes clear Blake has his own insecurities that he will need Jamie’s help to overcome?

When Dan decides he was a fool to let Jamie go do Blake and Jamie trust and love each other enough to be what the other needs?

Yoga banner



Blake didn’t need an excuse to kiss Jamie, but he wasn’t going to waste the opportunity. He’d been dying to get his hands on Jamie since the moment he’d seen him standing outside the coffee shop. Looking extra cute in a pair of tight jeans and checked shirt.  He’d only restrained himself, because he sensed that Jamie wasn’t quite comfortable in his presence yet. They’d built up a good rapport while texting each other, Jamie had been blatantly flirting with him, but Blake knew it wasn’t the same in person, especially if Jamie’s confidence levels were a little low.

No surprise given the idiot that his ex-boyfriend clearly was.

With infinite pleasure Blake raised his eyes to look at the idiot ex, his own lips still pressed firmly against Jamie’s. He let the smile that remained hidden by the meeting of mouths reach his eyes. If this Dan wanted a fight, Blake would happily wipe the floor with him in Jamie’s defense.

A soft moan from Jamie brought Blake’s attention back to the man he was kissing. Jamie may have been reluctant to take the initiative, but not so much anymore. His lips were moving against Blake’s, and one of his hands had come out to rest on Blake’s arm, stroking his soft underarm erotically.

Blake’s dick, which had inflated a fraction since first leaning close to Jamie, and then risen to half-mast when the confrontation got heated, was now fully erect, tenting the slacks he was wearing. He shifted his hips trying to relieve the ache, then thought what the hell and twisted his hips so that if that idiot happened to still be watching he’d get a good view.

In response to Jamie Blake did with his tongue what he really wanted to be doing with his dick and thrust it into Jamie’s mouth. Warm, wet, sweetness greeted his entry. Delicious. Jamie seemed equally keen on the taste of coffee that must be coating Blake’s tongue, for he sucked with the power of a brand new Dyson.

The kiss was sloppy and slightly uncomfortable with the table between them. Blake didn’t care. He realigned his hips with the table and began rubbing himself against the edge. Shit, that was fantastic. It was all fantastic. He was going to get carried away if he wasn’t careful. It wouldn’t take much for him to come right there in a room full of people. Shit. Fuck.

Blake broke the kiss abruptly, pulling away to slump back in his chair, his breathing harsh. Well, that had shown Jamie’s ex.

And scared him off. A glance around the room and out through the front window confirmed he was no longer in sight and that everyone had gone back to their conversations, if they had in fact ever been attracted to watching the drama Jamie and Blake had both been involved in playing out.

Jamie was watching Blake wide-eyed. The hand that had been stroking Blake’s arm was now covering Jamie’s mouth. One finger rhythmically tracing his bottom lip.

“Please stop,” Blake practically growled. He couldn’t help himself. He was barely clinging onto his control as it was.

“Stop what?” Jamie asked having ceased the motion automatically to talk.

“Nothing.” Blake said closing his eyes.

“Did I do something wrong?” Jamie asked, obviously not satisfied by Blake’s one word answer.

God, the last thing Blake wanted was for Jamie to get the wrong impression. “No, you were touching your lip with the finger that had been stroking my arm. If you’d gone as far as sliding that digit inside your mouth, like it was my tongue, I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself from kissing you again.” Blake opened his eyes, drilling a stare at Jamie. “We would have been kissing ‘til I’d fucked you senseless.”

Blake watched, delighted, as Jamie’s jaw dropped and his eyes went nearly as wide as his mouth. Jamie must have realized how he looked, for he gave himself a little shake before replying. “Would you like to take me home and fuck me then?”

It was Blake’s turn to go slack-jawed. Now that he hadn’t expected from his little beauty.

“I just thought we could skip the cinema and dinner and go straight to your place, if you wanted to, that is.”

Of course Blake wanted to fuck Jamie. He was desperate for him, his cock still fully hard. He wasn’t sure about them going back to his place though. Only the other night he’d been fantasizing about having Jamie there, but actually inviting him back seemed somehow harder, more monumental. Much easier if they could go to Jamie’s place. “How about we go to your place?”

“Mine?” Jamie asked. “My place is half an hour away, and you live close to town, don’t you? We could pick up my car and drive to yours if you like?”

“I’d really love to see your place.” He really would, he wanted to see more of Jamie, take a look at his things, get more of an impression for what made him tick.

“Mine?” Jaime asked again his tone increasingly disbelieving.

“Yeah, I’m nosey and can look at all your stuff.” Blake gave a stilted laugh, even though what he said was true.

“But you told me all about your place, and how great it is, and the shower you had fitted.” Every time Jamie’s face lost some of its flush one of them would say something to make it pinken again. Had he been having shower fantasies, too, Blake wondered. It was almost enough to make Blake blurt out an invitation to his, but the words wouldn’t come. Showering together would have to wait. There was plenty of other stuff he wanted to do with Jamie; learning about each other could be very hands on as far as Blake was concerned. What did it matter where it took place?

“You know I’m just in a cheap one bedroom rental since moving out of Dan’s place.” Jamie spat out Dan’s name.

Up ‘til now the ex had remained nameless. After meeting the man Blake knew why.

“And your place is closer.” Jamie paused, his fingers starting to drum on the table. “Is there some reason you don’t want me to come back to yours?”

“It’s a mess?” Blake asked it as a question trying to make it a joke, not sure what else he might be able to say to take away the issue of not wanting to go back to his place. Jamie didn’t laugh. When Jamie compared their too places it did seem completely illogical to pick Jamie’s over his. It shouldn’t matter where they went, except he’d made it matter.

For no good reason.

Blake hated that he had a hang-up.

Jamie pushed back his chair and stood up.

“Wait,” Blake said desperately. “Let’s go for a drive, just see what happens.”

“No, it’s all right I get it. You do actually want to fuck me, but you don’t want a relationship with me, so going back to your place could be tricky, much easier to go to mine, where you can just leave when you’ve had enough.”

Blake stood as well and grabbed Jamie’s arm as he turned to leave. He was immediately shaken off. Jamie took a step away and then turned back to look at Blake.

“Before, I might actually have jumped at the chance for hot sex no strings. Dan used to make me feel I was never good enough for him, especially in bed, so it might have been cathartic. But I actually liked you. Really liked you. I made the silly mistake of wanting and hoping for more.”

“It wasn’t a mistake. I just don’t…”

“Don’t what?”

“Don’t invite guys back to mine.” Fuck, Blake cursed in his head. That sounded lame even to his own ears. How had this date gone both so right and so wrong, so quickly?

“And I thought I was messed up and not ready for another relationship.”

Blake let Jamie have the last word. He didn’t really have a choice. He was an idiot. His throat was all choked up. He pinched the bridge of his nose as he stared after Jamie’s retreating back. For once he didn’t look down to watch Jamie’s retreating arse.

Buy Link:



Moving On… The Series


The Moving On… Series is all about stories where one of the characters is trying to get past a previous relationship that was either a bad break up or negative on the whole. They and the reader discover how it is possible to move on with the right person. Or the right kiss.

As someone who has had to learn the hard way that just because you love someone unconditionally doesn’t mean a relationship will last forever, I have written the books in this series to celebrate that second chance at love and moving on to a better relationship.

About Morgan:

Well I like to see myself as an infinitely patient single mother and charity manager by day and reader and writer of erotic romance by night. I love all genres of romance, but have a special tendre for historical stories having been seduced by Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer at a young age. I even named my dog Darcy.

My son is a very imaginative five year old, so when the characters aren’t having conversations in my head I’m voicing the character of a witch, dragon, pirate or possibly knight. Yes, I always get to be the bad guy for some reason! We live in the rural East of England not far from the forest so there are always plenty of opportunities for adventure.

Where to find Morgan:

Twitter:  Morgan King @EroticWritings

Embrace “The Highlanders Curse”

Today, I welcome Katalyn Sage to the Spicy Butterfly Garden. She’s here to tell us a little about herself and her book, The Highlanders Curse – Book 1 of the Legions of Fate series. She’s allowed me to pick her brain on a variety of topics, including her book and writing, so let’s see where it takes us. Welcome, Katalyn!

Give us the title and genre of your book and a quick 50 word or less tagline.

The Highlanders Curse (Legions of Fate, Book 1) – Time Travel Romance

Sometimes Fate needs a helping hand.


Did you have any inspiration for this story or its characters?

A few years ago, I fell in love with the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Since that is the first time travel romance I’ve read/listened to, I’d say that my inspiration to write a Highland romance ignited because of that series. At first, I didn’t know for sure that it was going to be a time travel, but the heroine was just so different that I discovered it as I went.

What was your favorite scene to write?  Why?

That’s a hard question! There are so many scenes I love writing, but I think I’d have to choose the last scene. As I wrote the story, I wasn’t exactly sure where the characters were going to take me, so by the time I was typing up the last bit, I had tears in my eyes from wanting the hero and heroine to make it.

I had a similar experience with tears when I wrote the ending of my book, In Flames. Sometimes the characters just get you and it can be emotional! 🙂

Give us an interesting and fun fact about your book and/or its characters.

The Highlander’s Curse is my first foray into writing 1st person. I did a mix between 1st and 3rd, and I absolutely love how it turned out. Also, while writing the book, I got help from an honest-to-God Highlander. Since he’s lived near where much of the story takes place, he could describe the way fog rolls in and out, and many of the unique names Scots have for things, which helped me really envision the scenes playing out in my head.

Oh that sounds so cool! A real Highlander! 🙂

As an author myself, I find one of the hardest parts to completing a story is coming up with a title that captures the true essence of the story.  How do you come up with the title to your stories?

For this particular book, it was easy. I got to know my hero, Cailen MacKinnon, years ago, and I learned about his fears and weaknesses. It is because of him that I knew to title it The Highlander’s Curse. I’ve known the title for many of my other books from the get-go, but I’ll admit, sometimes it doesn’t come to me until I’m well into writing it, or even after I’m done. I usually look at the characters and their strengths, weaknesses, and/or special abilities. From there, I can usually come up with a title I’m happy with. 

What’s the best piece of writing advice you’ve received?  The worst?

The best: To never give up. There will always be people that don’t like your book, but for every person that doesn’t like your style of writing, there are countless others that enjoy the story you’re telling, and the way you tell it.

The worst: On this one, I’d have to go with trying to change the author’s voice. We all write differently, so why change the way the writer’s voice comes through on the pages?

Great best advice! Putting yourself out there is never easy, especially when you absolutely LOVE your characters and someone else doesn’t. But you can’t let those that don’t like your books keep you from writing for those that do!

What has been your most rewarding experience since becoming a published author?

I’m one of those bookworms that loves the smell of books. The way the pages fan past your thumb and the way the pages and ink smell…pure bliss. For me, my most rewarding experience is seeing and holding my books in my hands.

That is a pretty incredible experience!

What book (or books) are you reading now?

Right now, I’m reading Rapture by JR Ward. Normally I’d list more books I’m in the middle of reading, but I’ve had to slow down so I can try to write as well. 😉

Do you have any unique talents or hobbies?

I can make a water-drop sound with my mouth. Haha, that’s weird, I know, but it makes little ones laugh. I also like to play video games (even though that’s suffered a bit since I started writing). I’m a Tomb Raider girl, I own every game. I’m also a nerd. I love super hero movies and anything supernatural.

As a mom myself, those weird talents often come in handy for entertaining the kids!

Three words that best describe you: Friendly, happy, and shy.

Favorites of all Time:

Favorite Number? 18

Favorite Food? Hawaiian Garlic Chicken with Hawaiian Macaroni Salad (yum!)

Favorite Song? Right now, I’d have to say “Say Something”

Favorite Movie? The Avengers

Favorite place on Earth? Home

Favorite memory? It’s hard to choose just one, so I’d have to say every day with my husband and baby.

Before you go, can you please provide us with a tantalizing snippet from your book?


I couldn’t breathe suddenly, the desire in his voice rolling through me like a caress.

He laid me down on the ground, his hand running up my body. “Dinna expect me tae be so well-mannered anymore.”

His words, along with that menacing growl in his voice, stoked a fire in me. I was useless except to peer up at him as he laid his body on top of me and melded his mouth with mine. I closed my eyes, relishing in the feel of him. He was rough and angry, and very, very ready for sex. Maybe as much as I was.

Wait, he hadn’t wanted this. He’d turned me down. Forcing my lips from his, I breathed, “I don’t want this from you out of pity.”

“Shhh.” He kissed me again. “Pity has naethin’ tae dae wi’this. We both ken I’ve wanted ye. I’ll no’ deny us any longer.”

My Highlander’s hands rubbed and grasped at me, and I did the same. He was all muscle. All strength. All male. Running my palms up his arms, I stopped every few inches to just enjoy every flex of muscle I felt: across his shoulders, along his back, and down his chest and stomach.

He was beautiful. And he was all mine.

My fingers wrapped around his cock, and he jumped, a groan escaping him as he pulled back from me. “Easy lass,” he breathed, holding something in front of my face. “Now, exactly how does this work?”

I focused on the shiny silver vibrator in his hand, and moaned. “It doesn’t matter. Just keep doing what you’re doing. It’s good.” So good. I wanted more. I needed more.

“Hmm.” Cailen peered down, holding his weight on one fist, with only his hips and legs still lying against me. “Maybe we should stop.”

“No! No, no, no!”

“Will ye tell me then?”

“Ugh. Fine. You just twist it.”

“Show me.”

“Cailen, please?”

“Show me, or I’ll stop now.”

I groaned, snatching the bullet from him and turning half of it, making it vibrate.

He nabbed it back from me, and gaped at it before narrowing his eyes on me. “How?”

How did it vibrate or how did it help? My head fell back against the ground and I sighed. I reached up and guided Cailen’s hand to the junction of my legs, pressing the silver bullet against me. I’d tried not to, but the feel of it had me squirming like crazy. My Highlander was motionless with the most miraculous expression on his face.

He caught me looking, and cleared his throat. “This really…It really pleases ye?”

“Mmm.” I smiled. “What do you think?”

“I think I’ve ne’er seen anythin’ like this.”

“Like this?” I asked, pointing to the bullet. “Or like me?”


The toy hit a particularly sensitive spot, and I moaned and wiggled again.

“What am I tae dae wi’it?”

“Just what you’re doing. Oh God, Cailen. I want more.” I was already breathing rapidly. My entire body started quaking and I arched up to kiss him. “Let me touch you.”

The Scot’s eyes widened slowly. “Ye want tae touch me?”

“Like I did before. Please.”

He changed positions and I reached up his kilt, gripping his shaft. At the first pump, Cailen arched and the vibrator left my skin. “Sorry. Och, dae it again.”

Oh really? “You like that?”

“Aye. Dae it again.”

His barked command nearly sent me over, but I reined it in, fascinated by this rugged Highlander who, until now, had been so strong and sure of himself. I wielded that power over him in this moment. I didn’t want to give it up, and I didn’t want him to know that he held the same over me.

The Highlander’s Curse Blurb



Scarlett wasn’t really looking for love, but a chance encounter with a dark stranger sent her reeling back to the eighteenth century, into the arms of a Highland rogue.


Cailen left home years ago in search of his brother and the witch who cursed him. When a young woman barrels into his life, he’s both surprised and enthralled by her. Though she can never belong to him, he’s content with believing she could be, at least for a time.


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