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Excerpt from In Flames

“Is this why you’re here, Gracey,” Matt asked.   He took a step closer to her.  “Did you come here to scold me some more?  To tell me to grow up?  To question how I feel about you?”  His hands grabbed her by the shoulders and pressed her against the side of his truck bed.   She gasped.  He stood mere inches from her.  His mouth watered to taste her.  Her sweet strawberry scent enveloped him and made him a little lightheaded.  “Or did you come here with hopes that I would slam you against my truck, hike up your dress and sink deep inside you with my now rock hard cock?”  Gracelyn inhaled sharply at his words.

Matt lowered his mouth harshly on hers.  His lips molded to hers until his tongue was able to push through her lips.  He thrust his tongue deep into her mouth… exploring and tasting her.  One hand weaved into her hair and held her head still so he could continue to explore her mouth just the way he wanted.  Her arms wrapped around his neck.    His other hand slid down her side and inched up the skirt of her dress.  Gracelyn moaned softly as his hand made contact with her thigh.  Slowly, his hand edged up her thigh to her pelvis.

“You don’t fucking disappoint, do you, Gracelyn?”  He groaned into her mouth as he felt no panties on underneath her dress.  His fingers grazed over her mound.  “Did you have panties on at Brier Hill?  And you better answer that with a yes.” he said penetratingly.  The idea that she ran around in a dress to a work social function with no panties on both infuriated and excited him.

“Yes,” she said breathlessly.  Her legs spread a little.

“So this no panty situation is just for my benefit?” he whispered.  She nodded her head slightly.  He smiled.   He loved the idea that she came to him with no panties in the hopes of getting fucked.  She was hot… for him!  That thrilled him!  He slid a finger between her soft folds.  She gasped.  “Jesus Christ, you are so wet.”  His cock twitched in his shorts.   He had to have her.  If he walked away from her at this moment, he would surely lose his mind.  His mouth found hers again.  And he kissed her deeply.  Her hands raced down his chest to his shorts.  She slid one hand down and inside his shorts and freed him.  “Is. That. What. You . Want?” he asked between breaths and kisses.

“God, yes,” she cried.

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