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Excerpt from Legal Desire

“He’s waiting for you.” Alicia motioned toward the door. Her smile grew bigger than a child’s on Christmas morning. Raina grinned at her and turned her attention to the open door.

She rapped lightly on the doorframe. “Mr. Sage. Alicia said you needed to see me.”

“Come in,” a deep, gravelly voice grunted.

Walking through the doorway, she was taken by the elegance of his office. Spectacular. Done in cherry wood with grey and cranberry accented tones. One wall consisted of floor-to-ceiling windows, looking out over the bay and Vinoy Park. Breathtaking. But the bulk of a man sitting behind the desk struck her more. Her breath lodged as he scrolled through the screens on his computer. Now she understood the “panty-dropping” comment. Her panties itched to fall right off.

Holy moly!

He hadn’t looked up from his computer, but his firm website photo did him no justice whatsoever. Dark brown hair a few weeks overdue for a cut, sat in ruffled waves. Her fingers twitched at her sides, tingling to run through the unruly tendrils. A chiseled jaw led to angled cheekbones and held a strong nose. His light grey button-down shirt did nothing to disguise the wall of muscle underneath. This man took care of himself. Even his silver cuff links screamed sexy.

He raised his head. Crystal blue eyes made contact with hers. Raina gulped a mouthful of air. His eyes widened in surprise and then his gaze roamed over her, leaving a smoldering trail.

He cleared his throat and tilted his head left to right, stretching the muscles in his neck. “Ms. Dillon?” His voice came out like sandpaper, causing the hair on the back of her neck to stand in utter excitement.

“Y-yes.” She approached his desk and held out a trembling hand.

Damn it! Pull yourself together. He’s just a man! A damn good-looking man, but just a man!

“Raina Dillon. Please call me Raina. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

He stood, and dark grey slacks clung to strong, muscular thighs.

The bottom half of him was as impressive as the top.

 He grasped her hand in his firm grip. Warmth shot up her arm and coiled deep in her core. The instant attraction to him shocked her, as did her dampened panties. When was the last time she’d been so thoroughly turned on just from being in the presence of a man?

That’s right! Never!

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