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More Than Friends Reviews

4-Stars–Love this Friends-to-Lovers Tale by Liz@Fictional Candy

More Than Friends was the most fun I’ve had in under 50 pages in a while. I love these stories where the person you are meant to be with forever is actually the person who has been there the whole time.

Jeni and Brian have been friends forever, since they were children. Now he is in Ohio and she is in Florida, and her best friend is getting married. Unfortunately for Jeni, she’s just broken up with another man, and has no date. Good thing she always has Brian.

Jeni and Brian’s history has been so sexually charged that they can barely keep their hands to themselves when they see each other under normal circumstances. But this time Jeni has put a stop to all of that, but as soon as she sees him she knows the stop has to go. And therein comes the bet.

This story was terrific. Both of the characters were fun and enjoyable, and I didn’t have a single complaint about either one. The bet was awesome, but $500? Whoa!! That’s a lot of money! I think I would be drinking some warm milk and going to bed for the night before I thought about losing $500. But then, I don’t know Brian.

When they finally do pair up the sex is incredible. It’s hot. The story itself was passionate and exciting. It left me feeling happy and content, and maybe it’s the PMS talking, but yes, there might have been a tear of joy somewhere in there.

If you are a fan of these types of shorter stories, then I definitely think More Than Friends is one you should add to your list. I’m finding more and more than I am really enjoying these shorter adventures. This one in particular was perfect from start to finish, and I couldn’t have been happier. Jessica Jayne is definitely a new author to me, but I’m going to keep a close eye on her. I see she has another book out, and you can bet your butt I’m about to read it!


4-Stars–Smexy, Smexy, Smexy–@Fandom Fanatic Book Blog

Such a great little story! Short little novella, easy reading all in one sitting. Good story line, nice characterizations. Smooth prose. Perfect balance of smexiness vs story.

Now for the good stuff…

Loved Loved Loved the story line. Friends with benefits has always been one of those situations you fantasize about but is definitely the unattainable in the real world, but then again, we don’t all live in the real world now do we? I know I don’t. In my world, book boyfriends are real and so are amazing relationships!

But that’s what I loved so much about this story. It was the perfect unattainable relationship, that works.

Jen and Brian have been best friends since childhood. They are each others cheering section. They start having sex young, start a relationship, it doesn’t work out, but they stay best of friends with benefits and it continues to adulthood. Really good sex that they just can’t resist each other when they do get together. A midst relationships and breakups, they always have each other, in all ways. So why aren’t they together? Well, that’s the one teensy bit of drama the author threw in, but I am sure you can guess what it is. Because it always is.

This was a fun story. Hot. Smexy. The naughty parts were really good too. Just the right amount of passion and naughtiness.

Short smexy little read you will enjoy.

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