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The Misbehaved Reviews

Book Magic—Under a Spell with Every Page

In The Misbehaved by Jessica Jayne, the only person in her family Natalea Jones has been able to rely on is herself. Her mother is a hopeless case that only turns to her when she’s desperate for money. Really, if it wasn’t for her best friend Drake Harte and his family, there’s no telling where she would have ended up. Having been an unruly girl growing up, getting into trouble that she was lucky to get out of. Not wanting to lose her friendship with Drake, she hasn’t acted on the strong feelings she has for him. But that’s all about to change, because Drake wants her and he’s not going to give up until he wins her heart.

The best friends to lovers trope is not one I read a lot of, but Ms. Jayne surprised me with this book. Right from the beginning, this story gripped my attention, as Natalea is very independent and certainly done well for herself. The heroine alone made me want to keep reading, because she hasn’t had an easy life, but somehow she’s managed to turn it all around. What has she gone through that has made her so close with Drake?

Both characters were engaging, and I loved the close friendship they had. The way they tease and flirt with each other made me smile, and had me cheering along with the secondary characters that believe they belong together. However, the dialogue was also intense due to the main characters back stories, especially the heroine’s, which brings a dash of suspense to the story. Her mother is trouble with a capital T, and yet, Natalea can’t help but come to her rescue. Yet, I liked that she finally said enough was enough. She couldn’t keep enabling her mother’s addiction, even if it brought trouble to her door. Trouble that Natalea might not be able to get herself out of.

Natalea is strong, brave, independent, and I could understand why she didn’t want to give into her feelings for Drake. Because if they didn’t work as a couple, then it was possible that she could lose him forever, and she couldn’t allow that to happen. However, I liked that she took a chance on Drake. She deserved happiness after everything she’s been through, and Drake was the perfect choice, as no-one knew her better than he did. While Drake, he’s confident, smooth, and would do anything for Natalea. His love for her comes through loud and clear in the dialogue, and I liked that he stood up to her mother to make the woman see that she could not keep doing what she kept doing to her daughter. It wasn’t fair to Natalea, not when she’s worked so hard for everything she has.

Scorching, fan-your-face sex scenes heated up the story, and prove how much Drake and Natalea love each other, even if the heroine couldn’t admit it to herself when she first took a chance on taking their friendship to the next level. Yet, Drake is very convincing and will do anything to prove she’s the one for him. That she’s the only woman he’ll ever want.

Overall, Ms. Jayne has penned a wonderful best friends to lovers story with warm and inviting characters that have made me eager to read more of this author’s work. The story was wrapped up nicely with Drake convincing Natalea about what he wants to happen next with their relationship. Who wouldn’t say yes with what he was bribing her with? I would recommend The Misbehaved by Jessica Jayne, if you enjoy the best friends to lovers trope, or a story that combines a dash of suspense with a hot romance.

My Book Filled Life—Review of The Misbehaved

This was a really fun friends-to-lovers story, which makes the story seem much more realistic because Natelea and Drake have known each other foreverrrrrrrr. It’s obvious they have chemistry, but we get to see them as friends first before everything between them changes. And the fact that his family already adores Natelea is just another bonus. Unfortunately, there’s an issue that pops up concerning Natelea’s mother that adds to the drama of the story, but that is resolved somewhat quickly, and that is what leads us to the HEA for Drake and Natelea. The only issue I have with the book is that I wish it was longer, I would have liked to see more of Drake’s and Natelea’s relationship develop from friendship to lovers.

Kimmie Sue’s Book Reviews—The Misbehaved

What a wonderful little book. This a quick read, that

won’t keep you up all night reading to get to the end.

Because this one book you cannot put down to the

end. And what a hot and steamy story it is too. I love

how Natalea and Drake have been friends for so

long, and each loves each other only they won’t tell

the other how they feel. As for Nat she is so afraid of

losing Drake she won’t go any further than friends.

But Drake is so determined he is going to when her

over and I laughed when he finally just throws her

over her shoulder and takes her to her office to have

this out with her once and for all. And that is when all

the fun begins. But as you know something is not

always perfect. For example: having a crazy family

member that could totally ruin everything for them.

Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do

like this book, please consider leaving a review. The

Authors  really like it when you do; they value your

opinions too.


Nice Ladies, Naughty Books—Review of The Misbehaved

Are you looking for a quick, down and dirty read?  Well, look no further because Jessica Jayne’s The Misbehaved is right up your alley!

This book featured strong and independent Natalea, who is our heroine.  She hasn’t had an easy life and The Misbehaved is her bar, her baby.  With barely any family worth speaking of, other than her bar she does have the Harte Family that claims her.  And our hero is the sexy fireman Drake Harte, who happens to be Natalea’s best friend.  They are both attracted to one another but since they value their friendship more, they have never crossed that line…until one night when things changed, drastically.  Unable to fight some wicked how chemistry that sparks between them whenever they are together, they both stop fighting and give in to some crazy HOT lust!  It’s nuclear!  WHEW.  The next day, before they get a chance to talk and cement their new-found relationship, something happens to test their relationship.  Natalea’s past comes back and we get to see the strength of the love that Drake has for her.  It’s heart-melting and romantic.  If you want a fast paced, sinfully sexy read in which two best friends become the very best of lovers, with a little bit of suspense and a whole lot of emotion thrown in, pick-up a copy of The Misbehaved!  It is a sweet and spicy treat!  Final Rating…..4 stars

Lilly’s Book World

This story caught my attention ever since I read the blurb. How can you cope with the attraction you have for your best friend? Is it worth risking a friendship for the sake of more? I would say no… Friends are priceless, lovers can be found. Or can they ? Natalea and Drake have to face this decision.

Good thing is that both characters know each other from many points of view (except the most important one I guess). Natalea has found in Drake more than a friend,  a strong man which has never let her down, while her family proved to be anything but a real healthy environment.

I loved how the chemistry between them started to show, I loved how it developed and … something else which I won’t tell or else I will not be able to keep this review without spoilers. Guys, a friendly advice: check it out! If the cover is not enough, read the blurb. If you’re not yet convinced, try reading the book anyway… trust a fellow reviewer!

Cat’s Reviews—The Misbehaved

“The Misbehaved” by Jessica Jayne is a fun, sexy read that had me wishing for more.  I really, really liked our main characters – Nat and Drake.  Nat loves Drake but fear of being alone holds her back from acting on it.  Nat is independent and works hard to give herself all the things she never had in her life.  Drake and his family are a big part of her life and her fear of messing it up holds her back from the one thing she truly desires – to be loved.  Drake, super sexy firefighter, loves her right back but, understanding her fear, has held back.  Their chemistry is so hot that they explode right off the pages.  Despite the brevity of this book, Ms. Jayne was able to convey each characters love and emotion as well as some background.  I felt I knew them and what made them tick.  On that note, I was wanting more – more of the love, more of the danger, more of just Nat and Drake and was disappointed the ending came so soon. Ms. Jayne writing style flowed and the story was good – had me smiling, cringing and laughing – not too shabby for a story that is only about 100 pages!   I highly recommend “The Misbehaved” – perfect for a lunch break read or a stint by the pool.

Pink Lace & Silver Buckles Book Blog—Nat’s Review of The Misbehaved

As usual, Jessica Jayne does not disappoint with The Misbehaved!

In this story, we meet Drake and Natalea (such a great name!), childhood friends who have remained inseparable into adulthood, and were somehow able to keep their friendship platonic. Neither of them realizing that they both actually wanted more than just friendship with each other. Natalea owns the neighborhood bar, The Misbehaved, which she named in homage of all the notorious female outlaws. Drake is a local firefighter- who all the women swoon over. Let me just say now that I LOVE books where the hero happens to also be a firefighter, so discovering that Drake is an actual hero was definitely a nice surprise.

In the opening scenes, we begin to see the playful nature of Drake and Natalea’s friendship- the way in which she teases him and he toys back with her, was a perfect prelude to what was about to develop between them. I don’t want to ruin anything for the readers, but this was one HOT book! It has all of the elements that I love in a steamy erotic love story. The scenes that were shared between Drake and Natalea left me breathless- they were so descriptive and real. The thing that I love was that it wasn’t just some hot sex shared between two strangers, there was a respect and love between them that really came across in the way that they touched and cared for each other’s needs. Extremely sensual mixed with the perfect amount of dirtiness!

The Misbehaved, also has some really suspenseful scenes involving Natalea’s absentee Mother, Joleen. What transpires pisses me off and actually makes me wish I could reach into the book and slap the “Mom” (I use that title very loosely). Being a Mother myself, and coincidentally reading The Misbehaved on Mother’s Day, caused some serious anger within me towards this woman. You will understand when you read the book, but she is seriously fuc**d up! How a Mother can not only put her daughter in danger- at any age, but bring that danger directly to her daughter’s front door, is absolutely beyond my realm of understanding. What I found so surprising was the way that Natalea still remained concerned for her Mother’s well-being after everything that takes place. I think it truly speaks to her character. Every daughter craves the love of her parents, and even after the life Joleen gave (and didn’t give) Natalea, and all that she puts her through, Natalea still shows sympathy for her. The support that Drake provides to Natalea through this difficult situation also speaks to his character and the adoration that he has for her is clearly evident- both through his actions and his words.

If you’re looking for a sexy read, that also happens to include a hot firefighter, don’t hesitate to pick this one up!

The Book Junkie Reads… Review of The Misbehaved

Sweet. Caring. Honest. Strong. This most certainly described Natalea. If you are looking for a good quick read. To take you mind off the day, week, month you are having. Especially if its rainy and cold where you are. I recommend that you find a comfy spot and enjoy The Misbehaved. It more than a friends to lovers.

Natalea knows she has the best thing in the world in her friendship with sexy and sin firefighter Drake Harte. She values the friendship far more than she value the crush she has harbored for years. Drake don’t quite see things that way. He has had enough of not having the one woman he wants.  That all changes.

Pick up your copy of The Misbehaved.

Behind Closed Doors Book Review of The Misbehaved

Natalea Jones, has struggled growing up with no father and a mother whose main goal is to gamble. Natalea has had to take care of herself from an early age.  Her best friend, Drake Harte, and his family have been like the family that she doesn’t have. After graduation Natalea builds her dream bar called ‘The Misbehaved’, with Drake and his families help.

The book begins as Natalie’s bar is helping sponsor Drake’s fire department reveal their new calendar, filled with the hot firemen. As Drake and Natalea interact you can feel the chemistry is pretty hot.  They have loved each other for a long time, but neither makes the first move as they are both worried about losing their friendship.  Finally, at the calendar reveal, Drake makes his move.

I really enjoyed this book and only wished it was longer.  I would also love to find out about Mackenzie and Cole.

Maybe book 2?

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