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Love Thy Neighbor 

unnamed (2) Winner in the 2015 Pages From the Heart Contest

Ren Haynes is fresh out of college with an engineering and bachelor degree–ready to take on the world. He’s been a love ’em and leave ’em kind of guy through college, but now he wants to settle down into a relationship and he knows just the girl – or he should say woman.

Stacey Williams’s ex left her for a younger version, even though she’s only thirty-one. Down on her luck after her divorce, she struggles to put herself back out there in search of love again. She may be a popular romance novelist, but she isn’t living any of the scenes out of her books… that is until Ren returns home from college and shows her that not only is she still desirable and sexy, but she’s most certainly lovable.

Flying High

Country Bent

Aloha Awakening


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