On The Run With “The Wolf on the Run”

Today, I welcome Jorja Lovett to the Spicy Butterfly Garden. She has allowed me to pick her brain regarding her latest release from Total-E-Bound, The Wolf on the Run, book 2 in The Wild Irish Wolves series, as well as sharing a little bit about herself and her writing. Welcome Jorja! 🙂

Give us the title and genre of your book and a quick 50 word or less tagline.

The Wolf on the Run is the second book in my paranormal romance series, The Wild Irish Wolves.

Alpha Rory is determined to protect his pack, including feisty Naomi. How can he get close when she’s intent on facing her demons alone?

thewolfontherun_800 (1)

This is a gorgeous cover. I love it!

Did you have any inspiration for this story or its characters?

I was on a road trip through Southern Ireland when I had the idea for my wolf pack. The rolling hills were perfect inspiration for the Olcan Hills shifter community to roam. Rory was an integral part of the first book and I really thought he deserved to have his own story told. (And I wanted to get him naked!)

I have the same “relationship” with some of my characters. I think one of the best parts of being an erotic romance writer is all the men we can get naked and not really get in trouble with our husbands! 😉

What was your favorite scene to write?  Why?

The strip scene! As the local policeman and Alpha of his pack, Rory is such a serious character. I wanted him to have fun. So, when Caleb volunteered their services during a hen night at the local pub it was a good excuse to indulge. (See previous answer)

Sounds exciting. Can’t wait to read it!

Give us an interesting and fun fact about your book and/or its characters.

There’s a scene in the book where Naomi and Mia have a run in with a particularly nasty assistant in a bridal shop. It’s based on my experience when I was shopping for my wedding dress, and payback for the woman who told me I’d have to cut out the cookies if I wanted to look good.

Seriously?! Some people have nerve! But it sounds like you got your revenge in the story! 🙂

As an author myself, I find one of the hardest parts to completing a story is coming up with a title that captures the true essence of the story.  How do you come up with the title to your stories?

I like my titles to give a clear indication to the reader what the book is about. Although, this book started off with the title, ‘Hidden in the Pack’ lol

What’s the best piece of writing advice you’ve received?  The worst?

When I was going through one of my ‘I’m useless’ phases, another author told me if I could give up writing I should. Of course, the characters and stories wouldn’t let me, so I shut up and started writing.

The worst piece of advice probably came from my husband. He’s forever providing random ‘ideas’ that I wouldn’t go near with a ten foot pole. I’m beginning to wonder if he had anything to do with this recent trend for dinosaur erotica…

What is the deal with dinosaur erotica? It’s been mentioned like four times this week and I’m pretty sure I’m missing something…

What has been your most rewarding experience since becoming a published author?

I’ve had my fair share of disappointments and publishers who didn’t live up to my expectations. Getting that first contract with Total-E-Bound for The Wolf on the Hill was a turnaround for me. I finally began to believe in myself when I signed with them. It helped that I made Are’s Bestseller list with that book too.

 What book (or books) are you reading now?

C.A Szarek’s Collision Force.

Do you have any unique talents or hobbies? 

I used to enjoy painting. I sold a few watercolours to local craft shops and even worked as a figurine painter in a factory for a while.

Three words that best describe you: Honest, quirky, dreamer.

Favorites of all Time:

Favorite Number? 5. There’s no rhyme or reason to this…it just is.

Favorite Food? Chocolate. It’s a food group, right?

God, I hope so! 😉

Favorite Song? Extreme – More than Words. I was with my first boyfriend when this came out and the perfect age to swoon at Nino’s good looks.

Favorite Movie? 10 Things I Hate About You. I love the humour combined with the romance and the soundtrack is pretty awesome too.

Favorite place on Earth? My bed lol I write there, sleep there, and make sexy times with my hubby there. Where else would I rather be? 😀

Favorite memory? We once did a tour of Scotland and England with our kids, and our guinea pigs! We got some strange looks from the hotel owners every time we carried our piggies in. More so from the people in the park we took them to for the day.

thewolfontherun_banner (1)

Before you go, can you please provide us with a tantalizing snippet from your book? 


Naomi came after Rory, pitting her stealthy grace against his sheer power. In his peripheral vision, he could see the wisps of her breath spiralling into the cold air as she forged ahead, determined to catch him. Rory snorted, sending his own white breath curling up into the atmosphere.

He led her over the hills, their claws making short work of carving up the cold, hard terrain. Naomi never lost ground. Even when he made a turn towards the woods on the boundary, she kept pace.

The chase awakened something deep inside him—that animal freedom with no responsibilities except the survival of himself and his pack. The spiky silhouettes of barren trees lined his path, like broad strokes of a black marker pen scratched against the silver sky.

He dodged in and out, never slowing, with Naomi always in pursuit. Occasionally, a pair of woodland eyes blinked at him from the darkness—a rabbit, a fox, observing their bizarre courtship.

Rory had no doubt the exhilaration of their illicit run would end in wild sex between him and Naomi. It was like a very enthusiastic bout of foreplay without actual touching.

They crunched through the leaf-littered forest floor until he tired of being the hunted. He looped back the way they came and stopped in a clearing. In all aspects of life he preferred to be the one doing the chasing, but at this moment in time he wanted nothing more than to be caught.

He shifted back into his naked, horny self. Naomi came to a skidding halt seconds later, scooting a bundle of leaves over his bare feet. “You can run, wolf lady, I’ll give you that. Now can we go back to bed?”

She shifted back to stand beautifully naked before him. “Not until you say it.”

“Say what?” He was hard as hell and ready for round two.

“That I’m as good as you.” She gave him a flirty smile. One which said she was looking forward to the future rather than staring back at the past. The run had obviously done wonders for her too.

“That was probably a fluke. I don’t think you could keep up with me on a normal day. You know, one where you haven’t seduced me on top of a car boot and made me carry you home first.” The play fighting wasn’t limited to their animal personas. Not when it proved such a turn on. Human or wolf, the scent of Naomi’s arousal would always draw him to her.

“I didn’t hear you complaining at the time. But, if you’re tired, just say and we’ll call it a night.” She shrugged her shoulders, making her boobs jiggle enough to bring his erection to full strength once more.

He stepped forward and brushed her wild hair from her face. “I’ll never be too tired for you, Naomi. I’ll race you back. This time the winner stays on top.”

She grinned, eyes twinkling as bright as the stars. “You’re on.”

This was one race he intended to lose.

Available from Total-E-Bound 4th October

On general release from 1st November

 thewolfontherun_banner (1)

About Jorja Lovett:

Jorja Lovett is a British author with both Irish and Scottish roots, which makes for a very dry sense of humour. Writing since she was old enough to wield a pen, it wasn’t until she joined her crit group, UCW, that she pursued her passion seriously.

Now, with Joe Manganiello as her permanent muse, if she can leave the pause button on her Magic Mike dvd long enough, she hopes to spend the rest of her days writing steamy romances.


Author Links: Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Website


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