Embrace “The Highlanders Curse”

Today, I welcome Katalyn Sage to the Spicy Butterfly Garden. She’s here to tell us a little about herself and her book, The Highlanders Curse – Book 1 of the Legions of Fate series. She’s allowed me to pick her brain on a variety of topics, including her book and writing, so let’s see where it takes us. Welcome, Katalyn!

Give us the title and genre of your book and a quick 50 word or less tagline.

The Highlanders Curse (Legions of Fate, Book 1) – Time Travel Romance

Sometimes Fate needs a helping hand.


Did you have any inspiration for this story or its characters?

A few years ago, I fell in love with the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Since that is the first time travel romance I’ve read/listened to, I’d say that my inspiration to write a Highland romance ignited because of that series. At first, I didn’t know for sure that it was going to be a time travel, but the heroine was just so different that I discovered it as I went.

What was your favorite scene to write?  Why?

That’s a hard question! There are so many scenes I love writing, but I think I’d have to choose the last scene. As I wrote the story, I wasn’t exactly sure where the characters were going to take me, so by the time I was typing up the last bit, I had tears in my eyes from wanting the hero and heroine to make it.

I had a similar experience with tears when I wrote the ending of my book, In Flames. Sometimes the characters just get you and it can be emotional! 🙂

Give us an interesting and fun fact about your book and/or its characters.

The Highlander’s Curse is my first foray into writing 1st person. I did a mix between 1st and 3rd, and I absolutely love how it turned out. Also, while writing the book, I got help from an honest-to-God Highlander. Since he’s lived near where much of the story takes place, he could describe the way fog rolls in and out, and many of the unique names Scots have for things, which helped me really envision the scenes playing out in my head.

Oh that sounds so cool! A real Highlander! 🙂

As an author myself, I find one of the hardest parts to completing a story is coming up with a title that captures the true essence of the story.  How do you come up with the title to your stories?

For this particular book, it was easy. I got to know my hero, Cailen MacKinnon, years ago, and I learned about his fears and weaknesses. It is because of him that I knew to title it The Highlander’s Curse. I’ve known the title for many of my other books from the get-go, but I’ll admit, sometimes it doesn’t come to me until I’m well into writing it, or even after I’m done. I usually look at the characters and their strengths, weaknesses, and/or special abilities. From there, I can usually come up with a title I’m happy with. 

What’s the best piece of writing advice you’ve received?  The worst?

The best: To never give up. There will always be people that don’t like your book, but for every person that doesn’t like your style of writing, there are countless others that enjoy the story you’re telling, and the way you tell it.

The worst: On this one, I’d have to go with trying to change the author’s voice. We all write differently, so why change the way the writer’s voice comes through on the pages?

Great best advice! Putting yourself out there is never easy, especially when you absolutely LOVE your characters and someone else doesn’t. But you can’t let those that don’t like your books keep you from writing for those that do!

What has been your most rewarding experience since becoming a published author?

I’m one of those bookworms that loves the smell of books. The way the pages fan past your thumb and the way the pages and ink smell…pure bliss. For me, my most rewarding experience is seeing and holding my books in my hands.

That is a pretty incredible experience!

What book (or books) are you reading now?

Right now, I’m reading Rapture by JR Ward. Normally I’d list more books I’m in the middle of reading, but I’ve had to slow down so I can try to write as well. 😉

Do you have any unique talents or hobbies?

I can make a water-drop sound with my mouth. Haha, that’s weird, I know, but it makes little ones laugh. I also like to play video games (even though that’s suffered a bit since I started writing). I’m a Tomb Raider girl, I own every game. I’m also a nerd. I love super hero movies and anything supernatural.

As a mom myself, those weird talents often come in handy for entertaining the kids!

Three words that best describe you: Friendly, happy, and shy.

Favorites of all Time:

Favorite Number? 18

Favorite Food? Hawaiian Garlic Chicken with Hawaiian Macaroni Salad (yum!)

Favorite Song? Right now, I’d have to say “Say Something”

Favorite Movie? The Avengers

Favorite place on Earth? Home

Favorite memory? It’s hard to choose just one, so I’d have to say every day with my husband and baby.

Before you go, can you please provide us with a tantalizing snippet from your book?


I couldn’t breathe suddenly, the desire in his voice rolling through me like a caress.

He laid me down on the ground, his hand running up my body. “Dinna expect me tae be so well-mannered anymore.”

His words, along with that menacing growl in his voice, stoked a fire in me. I was useless except to peer up at him as he laid his body on top of me and melded his mouth with mine. I closed my eyes, relishing in the feel of him. He was rough and angry, and very, very ready for sex. Maybe as much as I was.

Wait, he hadn’t wanted this. He’d turned me down. Forcing my lips from his, I breathed, “I don’t want this from you out of pity.”

“Shhh.” He kissed me again. “Pity has naethin’ tae dae wi’this. We both ken I’ve wanted ye. I’ll no’ deny us any longer.”

My Highlander’s hands rubbed and grasped at me, and I did the same. He was all muscle. All strength. All male. Running my palms up his arms, I stopped every few inches to just enjoy every flex of muscle I felt: across his shoulders, along his back, and down his chest and stomach.

He was beautiful. And he was all mine.

My fingers wrapped around his cock, and he jumped, a groan escaping him as he pulled back from me. “Easy lass,” he breathed, holding something in front of my face. “Now, exactly how does this work?”

I focused on the shiny silver vibrator in his hand, and moaned. “It doesn’t matter. Just keep doing what you’re doing. It’s good.” So good. I wanted more. I needed more.

“Hmm.” Cailen peered down, holding his weight on one fist, with only his hips and legs still lying against me. “Maybe we should stop.”

“No! No, no, no!”

“Will ye tell me then?”

“Ugh. Fine. You just twist it.”

“Show me.”

“Cailen, please?”

“Show me, or I’ll stop now.”

I groaned, snatching the bullet from him and turning half of it, making it vibrate.

He nabbed it back from me, and gaped at it before narrowing his eyes on me. “How?”

How did it vibrate or how did it help? My head fell back against the ground and I sighed. I reached up and guided Cailen’s hand to the junction of my legs, pressing the silver bullet against me. I’d tried not to, but the feel of it had me squirming like crazy. My Highlander was motionless with the most miraculous expression on his face.

He caught me looking, and cleared his throat. “This really…It really pleases ye?”

“Mmm.” I smiled. “What do you think?”

“I think I’ve ne’er seen anythin’ like this.”

“Like this?” I asked, pointing to the bullet. “Or like me?”


The toy hit a particularly sensitive spot, and I moaned and wiggled again.

“What am I tae dae wi’it?”

“Just what you’re doing. Oh God, Cailen. I want more.” I was already breathing rapidly. My entire body started quaking and I arched up to kiss him. “Let me touch you.”

The Scot’s eyes widened slowly. “Ye want tae touch me?”

“Like I did before. Please.”

He changed positions and I reached up his kilt, gripping his shaft. At the first pump, Cailen arched and the vibrator left my skin. “Sorry. Och, dae it again.”

Oh really? “You like that?”

“Aye. Dae it again.”

His barked command nearly sent me over, but I reined it in, fascinated by this rugged Highlander who, until now, had been so strong and sure of himself. I wielded that power over him in this moment. I didn’t want to give it up, and I didn’t want him to know that he held the same over me.

The Highlander’s Curse Blurb



Scarlett wasn’t really looking for love, but a chance encounter with a dark stranger sent her reeling back to the eighteenth century, into the arms of a Highland rogue.


Cailen left home years ago in search of his brother and the witch who cursed him. When a young woman barrels into his life, he’s both surprised and enthralled by her. Though she can never belong to him, he’s content with believing she could be, at least for a time.


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Website: www.katalynsage.com

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