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We all love to read about it. Some of us love to write about it. And hopefully, we are living it! LOVE. I’m not one of those women that gets all gushy and crazy over Valentine’s Day. I feel love should be celebrated in some way every day! I don’t need roses or jewelry. But then again, I will admit… I do love chocolate! 😉


This year I’m participating in the Evernight Publishing Love Scene Blog Hop! The Grand Prize will be a $100 Visa gift card awarded by Evernight. The winner will be chosen randomly from comments left on the various blog posts along the hop…so make sure you leave a comment everywhere you go and leave your email address so we can get you your prize! Also, I will be doing a random drawing for a $10 Amazon or BN gift card from the comments left on my blog! Answer me this: What was the most romantic thing someone’s ever done for you?

I have three books and one short story in an anthology published by Evernight, so I had to think long and hard as to which couple could use a new love scene. It wasn’t an easy decision because I truly do love all the characters I’ve created. I live and breathe them while I’m writing them. But I thought I’d spark a little excitement for one couple that I don’t feel has received enough attention. Greg Snow and Tessa Mills from my book Board Approved book 2 in the Taking Advantage series. Click here for the blurb:


The biggest feedback from readers was that I didn’t draft the shower scene indicated in this excerpt below. I’ve included the last few lines of that chapter and am now giving you all what you asked for… the shower love scene! Enjoy!

“When I first met you yesterday, you were cussing like kindergartener.  Now, all I hear is fuck and cock,” he said with a laugh.

“True.  You are a bad influence on me,” she said with a thoughtful tone.  “Do you think we can get another round of bad influence in before I pass out?”  He pulled his head up from the spot on her neck that he showered with kisses.

“Seriously?” he asked, looking into her blue eyes.

“Seriously,” she replied, moving her hips against him.  He groaned and felt himself start to stiffen again.

“I haven’t even pulled out yet and you’re ready to go again?”  He ran his fingers along her cheek.  His thumb brushed gently over her bottom lip.

“Please,” she said with a giggle.  He lowered his lips to her and nuzzled her bottom lip between his teeth.

“You’re going to be the death of me, Tessa,” he whispered against her mouth.  “But I can’t think of a better way to go than buried inside you.”  He pulled out of her, tossed her over his shoulder and walked her to the bathroom, where he fucked her in the shower until she was incapable of standing.   Then he carried her back to his bed and slept like a log wrapped around her beautiful body.


Throwing Tessa’s naked body over his shoulder, Greg strutted across his bedroom toward his en suite bathroom. Her yelp made him chuckle, but it was her bite on his bare ass cheek as she dangled upside-down that made his cock thicken… again. Damn!

“You’ll pay for that,” he said. His voice was a mix of playfulness and desire.

“Where’re you taking me?” she giggled. She squirmed in his arms. Pushing the bathroom door open, he walked across the room and into the large shower stall tiled in multiple shades of blue and green Caribbean glass. He’d always loved his bathroom, particularly the shower that he’d actually designed with this type of fantasy in mind. Tessa would be the first girl he’d ever take in this shower. He twisted the knob and cold water pelted her bottom and the back of her legs. “Ahhhh! That’s freezing!” Her little hands pounded his low back.

“The cool water will do you good,” he said, teasing her. Lifting her upright, he held her under the spray of the shower allowing the water to turn warm and soak her from head to toe. The water rolled off her blonde ringlets and over her perky breasts. He caught a pert nipple in his mouth, lashing it with his tongue before biting it gently. The sound that escaped her caused his chest to rumble with lust. They hadn’t known each other very long, but she already had him by the balls… almost literally.

Pressing her against the shower wall, he lowered her until they were eye level. His hands grasping her hips. Her blue eyes sparkled with hunger as her legs wrapped around his waist, pressing her wet warmth against his length. She sighed.

“You said you wanted another round of bad influence,” he said in a teasing manner.

“Uh-huh,” she said in a whisper. Her eyes were hooded. The tip of his cock was poised at her entrance, begging to get inside of her. She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth and gave him a look that caused him to lose all sense of control. With his fingers digging into the flesh of her hips, he raised her just enough before impaling her fully on his cock.

“Ahhh! Christ!” he cried out. She gasped, releasing her bite on her lower lip and he took advantage. His mouth slammed into hers, his tongue sweeping between her lips and dancing with her tongue. His kiss was hard and energetic, as if they hadn’t just made love ten minutes ago. Their slippery chests pressed against each other causing a divine friction between them. His pelvis pounded into her, his cock slick from her juices and that of the shower. Her hips rotated against his own as her legs tightened around him.

“Greg,” she whimpered against his lips. Her hands clenched in his hair, pulling and grasping in desperation. Slipping a hand between their bodies, he pressed his thumb to her clit and she came instantly, shuddering around him. “Oh God! You’re amazing.” Her body went limp against the shower wall as he placed little kisses along her jaw.

“Oh baby, I’m not nearly done with you yet,” he said. He pulled out of her body and set her feet on the ground. Turning her around, he placed her hands on the wall, covering one of her hands with his own. The water rolled down her back and over her beautiful ass. He stood behind her for a few seconds admiring the view. She was gorgeous… every part of her. Holding his cock in his hand, he pressed inside her core, one slow inch at a time. Her legs trembled.

“You’re kidding, right? How long can you go?” she asked. Her body quivering under his. He slipped a hand down her abdomen and between her legs, circling her clit with his middle finger. Her head fell back against his shoulder as she cried out.

“I’ve got all night, baby. All night.” In fact, if he were honest, she had him all tangled up inside… he had the rest of his life and he no plans to waste a moment of it.

If you are ready to purchase it, you can find it here: Evernight!  It is also at Amazon, ARe and Bookstrand.

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39 thoughts on “Love Is In The Air… Evernight’s Love Scene Blog Hop

  1. First off I just love this book! This is the first book that I had ever read of yours and now I am hook! I just finished More than Friends and it was another great! The most romantic thing someone did for me was my boyfriend (now husband) he was outside next to my car (where I worked) He said he was just saying hi before I went to job # 2. We talked for a few minutes and then I open my car door to get in and when I opened it there set a ring box . I was shocked ! I went to open it and it was empty again shocked so I turned around to see if my boyfriend was still there and he was down on his knee with the ring in his hand and he asked me to marry him. Needless to say I said yes (once the shock wore off) but it was the most romantic thing ever. Thanks and have a great day!

      1. It was very hard I almost didn’t! The funny thing was after he proposed I was so shocked I smacked him!

  2. Love the excerpt. The most romantic thing that ever happened to me was my guy was always complaining that I never spent enough time with him because I was always reading. So one day when I got home from work he had cooked dinner, ran me a bath and then read me a book. I miss those days!!!!!

  3. I think the most romantic thing my husband does is actually that he excepts me daily flaws and all without complaining. Like me forgetting to cook dinner because I was reading.

  4. i think the first date i had with my husband was probably one of the most romantic things for me. we lived in a town that has a river that runs down the center of it and his family owns property on it. so he came to get me, he had a dozen roses (lavender-my fav.) and a picnic basket and cooler in the back of his pick up. so we get there and he makes me close my eyes at the driveway, once we stop i open them and he has lights and a blanket and music all set up. we ate and talked for hours and we danced under the stars. it was so romantic and sweet. then he took me home and kissed me goodnight. about ten minutes later the phone rings and i’m wondering what idiot is calling at 1 am and it’s him just calling to tell me what a nice time he had and that he looks forward to seeing me again and to makes sure i lock the doors. sweet huh! that’s just one of the reason i married him.
    so this is so long!

    tammy ramey

  5. The most romantic thing he does is give me some me time. That doesn’t seem romantic but being a stay at home mom of 6 kids between 3 and 14, time to myself is a gift. Thank you
    Sweet excerpt, too.

  6. My husband is really a romantic, but he does have moments of greatness, my laptop was giving me major problems last year and he came home one day with a brand new laptop for me just because! Sweet!

    Susanmplatt at hotmail dot com

  7. I’m sorry I have no romantic things, probably why I was only married 7 months before I divorced him oh so many years ago. I think that’s why I love reading romance so much.
    cjlps23 at gmail dot com

  8. In the third grade, I was given a Valentine by my teacher from a kid.. Turned out it was from a guy in another class, who thought I was nice. I was just so touched that this guy I did not know had noticed me

      1. Well last I heard he was heavily involved in drugs, which is a shame because he was just so sweet

  9. Awesome! What a hot, hot, HOT shower scene! Nicely done.
    I have to say my husband does romantic things for me everyday. Whether it’s bringing me my favorite coffee drink to the office when I’m having a crazy day at work or texting me funny messages. He always comes through, even after almost 24 years of marriage.

  10. Love the excerpt. I don’t know about anything really romantic that has happened to me. I’ve been concentrating on school and college for so long and it has really payed off but I’m a grad student and don’t have much time to date. So instead of romantic I’ll say that the nicest thing done for me recently was my parents sending me flowers and cards to tell me that they love me and miss me!
    thanks for the chance,
    Jenni Jacobs

  11. I haven’t really ever had a relationship so I suppose I can’t claim to have been romanced. The nicest thing someone has ever given me though is a hug and kiss on a bad day.
    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  12. The nicest thing for Valentine’s that comes to my head right now was a gift of red roses.
    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  13. The most romantic man thing my hubby has done for me was give my pearls at our wedding. I mentioned off handly that pearls would look great with my dress but I would have to borrow some. So he brought me some as a wedding present. it was amazing

  14. Hi! Happy Valentines! Nothing really. I dont really celebrate the holiday.Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

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