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Today I am excited to be taking part in Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads event taking place from June 1 through June 30th. Check out The Misbehaved my featured contemporary romance and read an excerpt. Be sure to click on the TRR link to enter to win.

The Misbehaved Cover
The Misbehaved

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
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Friends to lovers—can Natalea Jones and Drake Harte break through their friendship barrier and find happiness?

Natalea Jones has had a rough life. An absentee father. A gambling-addicted mother who seems to show up only when she needs something—preferably money. Natalea survived her childhood and teenage years because of her best friend, Drake Harte, and his family. Even though she’s been in love with Drake for years, she refuses to let her lust get in the way of their friendship. Life without Drake is not possible and sex would certainly complicate things.

Drake Harte is not only known as the most eligible bachelor and firefighter in Gamble Park, Florida, he’s also known for sexing the ladies and leaving them. Only he knows the reason he can’t make a commitment to the women throwing themselves at him—he’s in love with his best friend. It’s time he either goes for it or moves on…and he’s going after Natalea with everything he’s got.

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It appeared many of the women tonight were hoping to make history of their own or at least to misbehave with one of the firemen expected to appear. Most of the women in their tight jeans and skintight T-shirts were here to see her best friend, Drake Harte, take the stage in his turnout pants, suspenders and not much else as next year’s Mr. December.

“Nat.” Drake’s deep, familiar drawl echoed as he swung open the main door.

Speak of the devil.

He sauntered in, as if on cue, as Tim McGraw’s Real Good Man played over the speakers. Impeccable timing, as usual. Drake moved with a swagger few women were immune to, including her. She and Drake may have grown up together playing tackle football and wrestling in his parents’ orange groves, but even her heartbeat accelerated every time he walked into a room.

“Hey, Drake.” She jumped down from the stage and waved him over to a seat she had reserved for him. He maneuvered through the horde of patrons. Natalea didn’t miss the way women’s heads turned as he made his way to her. Some called his name and he smiled a sexy smile that made them sigh. She scooted over to where her bestie would sit for the next few minutes until show time.
Straddling the empty stool, he placed his immense hands on the bar top and pushed his torso over to plant a smacking kiss on her cheek.

The soapy, clean masculine scent that was all Drake invaded her nostrils and she inhaled deeply, attempting to keep it a part of her soul. That smell was home. Her home. Yes, she lived upstairs, but no matter what sort of crazy shit happened in her life, he grounded her, returned her to reality.

©Jessica Jayne 2016

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at The Misbehaved. Now head on over to TRR and answer a question about Misbehaved to win a copy.


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