There’s “Trouble in Trespass” With “River Reckoning”

I’m thrilled to have fellow Floridian and Evernight Publishing sister, Jenny Lyn, back in the Spicy Butterfly Garden. Today, she’s telling us about her newest EP release, River Reckoning, which is part of a series entitled Trouble in Trespass. Welcome back, Jenny! So glad you are here. BOOK SUMMARY ~ RIVER RECKONING (TROUBLE IN TRESPASS): Bond Mason’sContinue reading “There’s “Trouble in Trespass” With “River Reckoning””

Love Is Worth the “Burn”

Welcome Jenny Lyn! Today, Jenny swings by the Spicy Butterfly Garden to tell us about her new Evernight Publishing release, Burn. Look at this cover!  It’s hot and so is this book!  Don’t miss it! BLURB: Eight years ago, life was good for Tate Reilly. Living in Atlanta and attending college, her dream of becoming aContinue reading “Love Is Worth the “Burn””