Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Shawn Dawson

I’ve been busy wrapping up a manuscript for submission and I finally wrote those two little words THE END! Exciting stuff and a great way to start the week. And what do you know… it’s Tuesday again! God, I love Tuesdays! This week I discovered a beauty of man and I’m excited to share him with you. SHAWN DAWSON! If you’re not aware of him, you’re about to get familiar. If you already know who he is, then just sit back and enjoy!



And people ask me why I love football! 😉


Shawn Dawson 9 (11)

Shawn Dawson 4 (15)


Shawn Dawson aka Camden Brooks (3)
I absolutely LOVE this picture! LOVE IT!

Shawn Dawson aka Camden Brooks (2)


Shawn Dawson 9 (4)


Shawn Dawson 9 (29)

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Tantalizing Tuesday! I know I had a glorious time searching for just the right photos to post of Shawn! He has a ton! You can find him on Facebook here! You can also Tweet him @ShawnSDawson

NOTE: Unfortunately, I can’t take any claim to these photos. I found them all on Google… but they do make me want to consider photography as another career option! 😉


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