Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Adam Levine

It’s mid-October and for some of you, the leaves are changing and the temperature has turned cooler. It should officially be autumn! How I miss that season! Living in Florida, we have variations of summer! I’m not complaining… I do ❤ the beach! But I get a little homesick in October and November because this time of year has always been my favorite. I am traveling this Thursday to New Jersey for the New Jersey Romance Writers Conference and I’m excited on many fronts… getting to hang out with my writer friends and getting to enjoy a taste of fall! 🙂

But until then… let’s enjoy this week’s tantalizer… Adam Levine! If you don’t know who that is, you’ve been living in a closet for the last decade! He’s the sexy and tatted lead of Maroon 5 and a constant on The Voice. This one is for you, Stacie! ❤











Style: "Neutral"

Good God! That’s all I can say!


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