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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Alex Michael Turner

If you’re wondering who my inspiration was for Talon Manness in my story HOPE from our Girl Code anthology, wonder no more because I’m about to introduce him. I found him last year while doing the very hard research for a Totally Tantalizing Tuesday and well, I’ve never, ever forgotten him. He’s tattooed. He’s got a hard body. He’s got a boy-next-door face. He has a charming killer smile. Meet Alex Michael Turner – the man I looked at when I created Talon! If you aren’t familiar with him and following him on every social media forum, you’re definitely missing out. You can find him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@flexturner). And by the way – You’re very welcome! 🙂 ❤



I’m on it! 🙂

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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Gary Taylor

When I first laid eyes on Gary Taylor, I had to pick my jaw up off the ground. He embodies a look that is so very appealing to me – that rough, outdoorsy, earthy kind of guy – that isn’t afraid to get dirty! 😉 He’s got soft eyes, a hard body and a genuine smile that melts you. I have yet to see a single picture of his that I haven’t literally drooled over. I featured him last year on my blog for TTT and my hits were through the roof because he has so many followers and it’s understandable. He’s freaking fantastic and he seems like a pretty cool guy too! If you’re trying to find him, you can find him on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you aren’t following him, you should be!

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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Anthony James Hill

I’m knee-deep in some serious edits for my story HOPE in Girl Code, which is panning out to be one of my favorite stories I’ve written. But the editing is quite intense, so the search for the perfect Tuesday tantalizer has been a great break for me!  This week I found an Austrian hottie that I’m excited to share with you. ANTHONY JAMES HILL. You can find him on Facebook and I suggest you check him out! Enjoy and Happy Tantalizing Tuesday!


How can you not love a man that loves his momma?!


Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Angel DeMacho

Every once and a while someone points out the perfect TTT specimen and I can’t wait until Tuesday! That’s what happen this past week. My good friend and fellow author – Lea Bronsen – brought Mr. Angel DeMacho to my attention. She shot me his picture and I do believe my jaw dropped to the ground. Once I was able to breathe again, I asked her for his name and she did more than provide me with his name. Lea sent several other photos and a blog that gave a little background information about him because the obvious question is: Where did this delicious man come from?

From what I can gather from Katie Morningstar’s blog, Angel is an Israeli/Spanish software engineer turned model. He speaks several languages, including English, French, Spanish, Hebrew and German. He’s a rather stunning man, who also appears to have quite the intellect. A whole package – so-to-speak. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram. Enjoy and you’re welcome! 🙂

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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Ryan Patrick

Hello April! I’m always amazed at how fast these months roll by. We are already seven days into April and with that hopefully comes beautiful spring weather – which in Florida means 85 degrees and sunshine! 🙂 I hope you all are warming up wherever you are!

For the first Tuesday of April, I found an amazing Tantalizer – Ryan Patrick! He’s a handsome devil that loves being a daddy to his little girl (Aw! We ❤ guys that taking being a daddy seriously!) and he has a small obsession with Oreos (I must ask – does he eat the Oreo together or pull the cookie apart and eat the icing first? Curious minds want to know!) You can find him on Facebook or on Instagram. Enjoy!

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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Shane Williams

Well, it’s Spring Break here and the kids are off for the week! Lots of outside playing and in and out of the house, but it’s usually filled with laughter. That being said, with the kids off school, my days seem to bleed one into the other and I have to actually look at the calendar to determine the day of the week. And lookey here – it’s Tuesday!

I’m bringing you a guy that I’ve seen mainly because I follow BT Urruela. They’ve done a photo shoot together and well, he’s worth checking out. He’s got a touch of boy next door – meets country hottie – meets bad boy – Oh My! Welcome Shane Williams. You can check him out on Instagram @eyeball_2015_  Trust me – his Instagram page is worth following. He’s not just eye candy, ladies. He seems to have a sense of adventure and a sense of humor. Enjoy!


Here is Shane and BT Urruela

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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Jeremy Aaron Mooney

I know that no one envies my job of finding good looking men to grace this blog for Tantalizing Tuesday! It is hard work – scouring the internet for just the perfect photos to keep you all coming back. Well, this week I found an incredibly handsome man by the name of Jeremy Aaron Mooney. I hope you enjoy… If you do, you can find him on Facebook.

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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Gerard Butler

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hope you all are wearing green today so you don’t get pinched. Or maybe you’re not wearing green because you want to get pinched! 😉 So not only do we get to drink green beer today, but it just so happens that St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Tantalizing Tuesday this year. In honor of kilt wearing men everywhere, I thought I’d find a hot somebody that not only wears a kilt well, but has a great accent (albeit a Scottish one)! 😉 Here’s hunky actor Gerard Butler!

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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Zack Dudley – YES!

Okay, so most of you know nothing makes me more excited than a cowboy! Yep, that’s right! I ❤ country boys, especially those in cowboy hats. This week for tantalizing Tuesday, I found a man that makes me squirm in my seat when I see a picture of him in a cowboy hat! He looks just as good without one (as you will see from some of his other pictures), but he wears cowboy so damn good it should be a sin! Enjoy – Zack Dudley! 🙂 You’re welcome. You can find Zack on Facebook.  (more…)

Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – David Byers

I’m late! I’m late! I’m late in getting today’s Tantalizing Tuesday out and I’m so very sorry. Crazy weekend with slumber party for my daughter and soccer, soccer, soccer. But I wasn’t going to let today go without some tantalizer. And I have a good one! For those of you – like me – that love a guy with tattoos and bikes, I have just your man – DAVID BYERS! Sit back and enjoy! He’s fabulous! And you can find him on Facebook or Twitter @DavidEmeryByers

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