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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Alex Michael Turner

If you’re wondering who my inspiration was for Talon Manness in my story HOPE from our Girl Code anthology, wonder no more because I’m about to introduce him. I found him last year while doing the very hard research for a Totally Tantalizing Tuesday and well, I’ve never, ever forgotten him. He’s tattooed. He’s got a hard body. He’s got a boy-next-door face. He has a charming killer smile. Meet Alex Michael Turner – the man I looked at when I created Talon! If you aren’t familiar with him and following him on every social media forum, you’re definitely missing out. You can find him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@flexturner). And by the way – You’re very welcome! 🙂 ❤



I’m on it! 🙂

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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Anthony James Hill

I’m knee-deep in some serious edits for my story HOPE in Girl Code, which is panning out to be one of my favorite stories I’ve written. But the editing is quite intense, so the search for the perfect Tuesday tantalizer has been a great break for me!  This week I found an Austrian hottie that I’m excited to share with you. ANTHONY JAMES HILL. You can find him on Facebook and I suggest you check him out! Enjoy and Happy Tantalizing Tuesday!


How can you not love a man that loves his momma?!


Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Angel DeMacho

Every once and a while someone points out the perfect TTT specimen and I can’t wait until Tuesday! That’s what happen this past week. My good friend and fellow author – Lea Bronsen – brought Mr. Angel DeMacho to my attention. She shot me his picture and I do believe my jaw dropped to the ground. Once I was able to breathe again, I asked her for his name and she did more than provide me with his name. Lea sent several other photos and a blog that gave a little background information about him because the obvious question is: Where did this delicious man come from?

From what I can gather from Katie Morningstar’s blog, Angel is an Israeli/Spanish software engineer turned model. He speaks several languages, including English, French, Spanish, Hebrew and German. He’s a rather stunning man, who also appears to have quite the intellect. A whole package – so-to-speak. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram. Enjoy and you’re welcome! 🙂

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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Zack Dudley – YES!

Okay, so most of you know nothing makes me more excited than a cowboy! Yep, that’s right! I ❤ country boys, especially those in cowboy hats. This week for tantalizing Tuesday, I found a man that makes me squirm in my seat when I see a picture of him in a cowboy hat! He looks just as good without one (as you will see from some of his other pictures), but he wears cowboy so damn good it should be a sin! Enjoy – Zack Dudley! 🙂 You’re welcome. You can find Zack on Facebook.  (more…)

Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – David Byers

I’m late! I’m late! I’m late in getting today’s Tantalizing Tuesday out and I’m so very sorry. Crazy weekend with slumber party for my daughter and soccer, soccer, soccer. But I wasn’t going to let today go without some tantalizer. And I have a good one! For those of you – like me – that love a guy with tattoos and bikes, I have just your man – DAVID BYERS! Sit back and enjoy! He’s fabulous! And you can find him on Facebook or Twitter @DavidEmeryByers

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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Tyson Beckford

Spent several days last week in New York City for a conference. There’s nothing quite like NYC at Christmastime to put you in the holiday spirit. The ginormous tree at Rockefeller Center strung with 35,000 lights. The windows at Macy’s and Sax’s all done up to entertain. The chill in the air. The buzz of the people swarming around with their shopping bags. It’s officially the Christmas season to me.

While I was there I saw a billboard that contained our Tuesday Tantalizer. Tyson Beckford. He’s amazing to look at on the computer screen or on the television, but to see him so large on a billboard does him great service. He really is incredible… head to toe. Happy Holiday Season and Happy Tuesday!

tyson beckford 8

tyson beckford 7

tyson beckford 6

tyson beckford 5

tyson beckford 3

tyson beckford 4

tyson beckford 2

tyson beckford

Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Joshua Saari

Last week of summer for the kids down here! I’m one of those moms that has mixed feelings about it. I love the lazy days of summer, hanging out by the pool or going to the beach and enjoying the sunshine. But as most of you know, I’ve got a full-time career in the legal field, so having the kids in school tends to make my day job a little easier! 🙂 But enough about that!

It’s Tuesday AGAIN and I have a great tantalizer for you this week! JOSHUA SAARI! I’ve seen him around on posts and websites and it’s no secret why. He has a rough, edgy look with a shaved head, tattoos and a strong stern face… but when he does smile… Oh my! Enjoy!


untitled (4)









You can find Joshua on Facebook here! Hope you enjoyed today’s Tantalizing Tuesday! I know I did.



Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Zachary Vazquez

School is almost out. Hot and humid days are ahead. It’s June! Yes, it’s June and it’s Totally Tantalizing Tuesday. And I’ve got another post to scorch your day. Most of my tantalizers have been actors, musicians, sports players or models that most of us have only hoped for the opportunity to meet. This Tuesday is sort of special because I actually have the distinct pleasure of knowing this week’s tantalizer – Zack Vazquez!

I met him several months ago at one of my best friend’s birthday party. Hey, it’s not every day that I meet a hot male model… despite what my fantasies may be or what my stories may be about! 🙂 It’s easy to be swept away by Zack’s looks. He has the capability to look like the boy-next-door or your favorite bad boy (personally I prefer the bad boy, but you all already know that about me!). 🙂 There’s no doubt Zack’s attractive. And he takes very good care of his body. Corded muscles, cut abs, defined legs. He has one of those bodies that makes you want to drop to your knees and thank God life includes such works of art.


Yep! That appears to be a rosary and hey – I’m a recovering Catholic!

He’s done his share of modeling gigs that show off all his physical attributes. He’s been in magazines and even on the cover of a few Ellora’s Cave erotic romance books! (I need to get him to pose for one of my covers!) The boy can dance…seriously… he knows how to move his body in sensual and jaw-dropping ways. He’s pursuing an acting career that I honestly hope works out for him because he’s not just another hunk, he’s really a great guy! An incredibly hot guy, but a great guy just the same. And I hope he remembers me and my girls once his face is plastered all over those movie billboards!


Few things hotter than a firefighter!

This past Friday, my girlfriends and I met up him while we were out on the town. We got to thinking… wouldn’t Zack make a great Totally Tantalizing Tuesday post. So, we asked him and he seemed to be okay with being the object of tons of women’s affection, so-to-speak. Here goes, ladies! Mr. Zachary Vazquez! Enjoy!


I simply LOVE this picture despite not liking the Dallas Cowboys at all! Hat backward gets me. Every. Single. Time.





Cowgirl Up!








Hope you enjoyed this week’s Totally Tantalizing Tuesday! I know I did! If you missed DC Stone’s Man Candy Monday, you can still find it here. Enjoy your week!










Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Noah Mills

This last week has been sort of a whirlwind for me. I’ve had some craziness at work that has had me wrapped up instead of writing. But such is the life of the part-time author when the other job pays all the bills! 🙂 Anywho… it’s Tuesday and nothing beats that this week. I’ve got a real Canadian hottie to tantalize us this week. NOAH MILLS!

He’s modeled for Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Michael Kors.He’s also played on the television series 2 Broke Girls and played opposite Samantha in Sex in the City 2. He’s got a versatile face that looks handsome clean shaven or with facial hair. His eyes are fierce, his jaw strong and his hair is begging to have fingers run through it. He looked familiar but now I’m sure we’ll all remember his name. Enjoy!








And guess who Noah’s friends with????


That’s right! One of our favorites… David Gandy!