Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Zachary Vazquez

School is almost out. Hot and humid days are ahead. It’s June! Yes, it’s June and it’s Totally Tantalizing Tuesday. And I’ve got another post to scorch your day. Most of my tantalizers have been actors, musicians, sports players or models that most of us have only hoped for the opportunity to meet. This Tuesday is sort of special because I actually have the distinct pleasure of knowing this week’s tantalizer – Zack Vazquez!

I met him several months ago at one of my best friend’s birthday party. Hey, it’s not every day that I meet a hot male model… despite what my fantasies may be or what my stories may be about! 🙂 It’s easy to be swept away by Zack’s looks. He has the capability to look like the boy-next-door or your favorite bad boy (personally I prefer the bad boy, but you all already know that about me!). 🙂 There’s no doubt Zack’s attractive. And he takes very good care of his body. Corded muscles, cut abs, defined legs. He has one of those bodies that makes you want to drop to your knees and thank God life includes such works of art.

Yep! That appears to be a rosary and hey – I’m a recovering Catholic!

He’s done his share of modeling gigs that show off all his physical attributes. He’s been in magazines and even on the cover of a few Ellora’s Cave erotic romance books! (I need to get him to pose for one of my covers!) The boy can dance…seriously… he knows how to move his body in sensual and jaw-dropping ways. He’s pursuing an acting career that I honestly hope works out for him because he’s not just another hunk, he’s really a great guy! An incredibly hot guy, but a great guy just the same. And I hope he remembers me and my girls once his face is plastered all over those movie billboards!

Few things hotter than a firefighter!

This past Friday, my girlfriends and I met up him while we were out on the town. We got to thinking… wouldn’t Zack make a great Totally Tantalizing Tuesday post. So, we asked him and he seemed to be okay with being the object of tons of women’s affection, so-to-speak. Here goes, ladies! Mr. Zachary Vazquez! Enjoy!

I simply LOVE this picture despite not liking the Dallas Cowboys at all! Hat backward gets me. Every. Single. Time.




Cowgirl Up!








Hope you enjoyed this week’s Totally Tantalizing Tuesday! I know I did! If you missed DC Stone’s Man Candy Monday, you can still find it here. Enjoy your week!










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