Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Stuart Reardon

I consider myself a sports fanatic. I LOVE sports. I love playing sports and I love watching sports. Coming from the Midwest, the focus was mainly football and come August, I’m always ready to go for the season. But I feel I’ve been jilted!!! Why, you ask. Well, where I come from, rugby is rarely talked about and after doing some research for this week’s Totally Tantalizing Tuesday, I’ve come to find that the old rugby saying just may be true:

Football is for boys! Rugby is for men!

Hahaha! Let me introduce you to one of the hottest rugby players on the planet… and I don’t say that lightly! STUART REARDON! He’s hotter than Florida in mid-August. He looks bad boy through and through with a twinkle of a soft side in his hazel eyes. He’s gorgeous with a buzz cut or with a head of unruly hair. Clean shaven or a little scruff. Whatever! His body is Perfection with a capital P. If you don’t know him by now, I’m glad to cure that problem for you! Enjoy your Tuesday!











Could you imagine waking up to him every morning?! Good God!



936full-stuart-reardon (2)

About a million sinful thoughts go through my mind when I look at this picture!




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