Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Anthony James Hill

I’m knee-deep in some serious edits for my story HOPE in Girl Code, which is panning out to be one of my favorite stories I’ve written. But the editing is quite intense, so the search for the perfect Tuesday tantalizer has been a great break for me!  This week I found an Austrian hottie that I’m excited to share with you. ANTHONY JAMES HILL. You can find him on Facebook and I suggest you check him out! Enjoy and Happy Tantalizing Tuesday!

How can you not love a man that loves his momma?!

156310_149892938392166_553400_n 9438f7b20245cbe59fe8914cc40913f7 77ae7abc9f57a70935a60119900a5ed8 547774_564755323572590_1636119389_n 1477914_597885316926257_1320912460_n 1544313_704426666272121_7984480136605586814_n 10998892_797223500325770_8730036667800240625_n b789c9b16b308623e0e9567ccad86e65

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