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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Jamie Dornan

Yes, I was one of those people that didn’t think Jamie Dornan was Christian Grey. I read all three books and pictured him entirely different. I’m also one of those people that read a bunch of reviews of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie and lowered my expectations of the film. Well, I went to see it on Friday night and I was pleasantly surprised for a few reasons. I’m not ranking the movie as one of the best movies I’ve ever seen because it’s not. But I enjoyed it for what it was. It stuck to the book – for the most part. Dakota Johnson did a fabulous job as Anastasia. The sex scenes were pretty steamy for a rated R movie and yet tastefully done. And well, I ❤ Jamie Dornan even if he wasn’t how I first envisioned Christian. He’s a handsome devil!

So here’s several shades of Jamie Dornan. Mr. Grey will see you now! Laters, baby!

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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Kyle Clarke

Well, it’s Tuesday, February 17 and Valentine’s Day has come and gone. I hope this year brought you all sorts of sweets and treats from your love.

This week’s Tantalizing Tuesday is focusing on a former U.S. Army Captain – Kyle Clarke. He’s scrumptious. He can go from rugged looking to clean cut to mysterious. Hope you enjoy this week’s tantalizer. If you want to learn more about Kyle, you can find him on his website, Twitter (@kyle_clarke) or Facebook.

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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Hot Firefighters

I’ve been putting some focus on my book, In Flames, which most of you know involves a very hot firefighter, Matt Riley. He’s one of my favorites – in part because he’s a remarkable character and in part because – well, I have a huge a crush on firefighters. Not only are they first responders that put their lives on the line for complete strangers, they do tend to be incredible hot.

I also have a short story in the Evernight Publishing anthology – Alpha’s Claim – that involved a firefighter – Nathan. Something about them. Some of these guys are male models posing as firefighters and some of these guys are actual firefighters posing for a firefighter calendar. Not so easy to decipher, if you ask me! Happy Tantalizing Tuesday! 🙂 Looks like it’s time to burn my house down!

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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Bobby Creighton

The first month of 2015 blew right by. Bye Bye January! Hello February! And for the first Tantalizing Tuesday in the month of love, I’m giving you Bobby Creighton! Yes, ladies… you’re welcome!


Cowgirl Up!

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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Jason Momoa

We received the Road to Paloma today. (Yes, my husband and I still get the DVD Netflix. I’m telling you the selection is so much better.) And I had just looked at the Red Road website to see when season two starts, so needless to say, I have Jason Momoa on the brain. I did a segment of Jason last year after seeing him in Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo.


You can find that post here. It was at that point that I fell in love…erm lusty love… with Jason. And it has continued. If I had to pick the one movie/tv star of my dreams, Jason Momoa would be it. Hands down… or tied behind my back… I’m not picky! Ha! Okay, but seriously, here he is…


The only King in Game of Thrones is Khal Drogo – as far as I’m concerned!


Aww… and he’s hanging with another one of my favs – Chris!

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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Seattle Seahawk’s Russell Wilson and New England Patriot’s Tom Brady – Who’d You Rather?

So this past weekend it was determined – the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots will be playing in Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Arizona on February 1st. The great part of this matchup is that both teams have a quarterback worth ogling and drooling over. This week I’m offering up two tantalizers: Russell Wilson (Seahawks) and Tom Brady (Patriots). Who’d you rather???? I’m torn….

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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – John Quinlan

Oh, it’s Tantalizing Tuesday and I have one of the romance world’s favorite cover models. Yep, today, the John Quinlan is here and he was kind enough to answer some questions for us, as well as, provide us with some drool-worthy photos! I will say John may look like a brooding alpha male, but he is genuinely a very sweet guy! Please give a very warm Tantalizing Tuesday welcome to John!

unnamed (24)

How many times a week do you work out? How many hours a day? What does your workout consist of?

I train 5x per week and if I am getting ready for a show or photo shoot i will increase it to 6x per week. I never train longer than 1 1/2 hours at a time and my training consists of a cardio and weight lifting combination regimen like a boxer.

unnamed (25)

Every year, people make New Year resolutions to start working out, but few seem to stick with it. My gym is packed the month of January and finding a cardio machine is next to impossible, but it dwindles by the first of February. What drives you to stay with fit?

I have been doing it so long it becomes routine like brushing my teeth in the morning. Just like Dwayne Johnson says, starting my day off right with an early morning workout puts me in the right frame of mind and makes me feel good. I am ready to face the days challenges when I walk out of the gym in the morning feeling accomplished.

unnamed (21)

Any suggestions to those that have good intentions but can’t seem to stay motivated?

Make it fun, if it’s not fun you will never stick with it. I enjoy my training on a daily basis. People want the over night changes but in reality I am here to tell you that will not happen. Consistency and patience is the key to achieving your fitness goals. Make a life change to be more fit and healthy and your body and mind will thank you for it.

Are you a sports fan? If so, what is your favorite sport to watch? Favorite team? What is your favorite sport to play?

Of course I am a huge sports fan living in Boston, Massachusetts which is one of the biggest sports cities in the United States. I enjoy watching football the most with the New England Patriots being my favorite team. My favorite sport to play is any sport that my children are engaged in at the moment.

unnamed (26)

Biggest adversity faced in life so far. How did you handle it?

The strruggle to keep going despite being knocked down so many times. It tests your will and mental toughness. The voice in my head says, “how bad do you want this?” My answer always remains the same, “get rich or die tryin.” I will never quit, I will never give up until I reach the promised land.

unnamed (20)

I know you’re a family man with beautiful children to tend to. How do you organize your life so that work and social elements don’t interfere with being a father?

It is very hard and at times it hurts me because there are things that I have had to give up and sacrifice on this journey. I think of all the cookouts, birthdays, special events and fun things that I have been absent from all these years. I know in the end it will all come full circle with success and I will be 100% close with them when all my goals are conquered.

What do you find most attractive in a woman?

Self confidence. Insecurity is such a turn off. I’m not gonna lie, I am a huge fan of tattoos and body jewelry also. Hey, you asked Jessica 🙂

That I did!

unnamed (27)

Favorite movie of all time?

Wedding Crashers

I love that movie too! It’s hysterical!

What do you wear to bed?

Depends, sometimes a lot and sometimes nothing at all. 😉

unnamed (23)

What one word best describes you?


What one place in the world would you like to visit that you haven’t been?

Puerto Rico

Favorite moment of 2014?

Being selected by Peter Karalekas as a character for a life changing mega project.

Congratulations, John! When do we get to hear about it?

What can we expect from John Quinlan in 2015?

Something very special, see you on Entertainment Tonight!

If you want to find John, he’s on Facebook and Twitter @JohnJQuinlan. John will be attending the RT Booklovers Convention in Dallas in May. If you are in the area, make sure you stop by and visit him!

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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Charlie Matthews

Happy New Year! It’s the first Tuesday of 2015 and you know what that means, another year of Totally Tantalizing Tuesdays. Yay! And I’m stepping up my game a bit this year. For some of these posts, I’m attempting to interview the amazing men that have posed for all the glorious photos we ogle.

This week I’m featuring the utterly adorable Serbian American model, Charlie Matthews, and he agreed to answer some questions for us inquiring minds. When I found him, I was taken by a few things. 1 – He’s adorable. 2 – He appears quirky and fun. Sure, he does serious photography, but he’s seems like he’d be a really cool guy to just hang out with and laugh. 3 – He’s Serbian American, which so am I, so I thought that it would be neat to feature someone with a similar heritage as mine. Dobrodošli, Charlie!


Did you always want to be a model? How did you get into the field?

Yes! A friend of mine was a model at the time. We talked about it and he got me in!! I was pretty happy about it. It’s my dream job, the best what ever happened to me.


How many times a week do you work out? How many hours a day? What does your workout consist of? What motivates you to continue with your routine?

Almost everyday when I’m free. Mostly I’m 3 hours there because I always wanna do better! I also discipline myself by eating right.


Are you a sports fan? If so, favorite sport to watch? Favorite team?

I am. Football all the way. Chicago Bears are my favorite.


What inspires you to get out of bed every morning?

Just life by itself. Always keep going. Fight for your dreams.


What do you find most attractive in a woman?

The eyes. (Speaking of eyes – do you see his eyes? They’re amazing!)


Favorite move of all time?

The Hobbit


Favorite moment of 2014?

I don’t have a favorite moment, but spending time with my family is always the best!


The most perfect Clark Kent ever! 🙂

What can we expect from Charlie Matthews in 2015?

Well, all I can say is that I’m gonna do a lot more Photoshoots. (We eagerly looking forward to the results of those photoshoots.)

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You can find Charlie Matthews on Facebook. Like him. He’s also on Twitter @CharlieM015 and Instagram. He seems to be a great guy. Shoot…he answered my questions with no hesitation and has been nothing but friendly and polite through this process. Thanks, Charlie! I owe you!

Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Antonio Brown from the Pittsburgh Steelers

If you’ve ever read my bio or many of my other posts, you know that I am a huge sports fan, especially a football fan. Growing up dead in the middle of Cleveland and Pittsburgh, you had a choice – Browns or Steelers. You couldn’t like both because the rivalry runs deep. It’s in the blood of the people from that area. I fell to the Pittsburgh Steelers and haven’t regretted it once!

After winning yet again another AFC North title on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals, I had a recommendation from a friend to do a #TTT on Antonio Brown (#84) of the Steelers. Now that was a great idea! 🙂 For those of you that don’t follow football or aren’t familiar with the Steelers, Antonio is a Wide Receiver and Punt Returner. He is the NFL Receptions Leader and the NFL Receiving Yards Leader this year. Bring it Ravens! 🙂 Enjoy!

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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Ohhh, It’s Cold Outside

During this time of year, there are many things I miss about being up north. There’s something about the crisp air, snowflakes fluttering to the ground and houses decorated like the Griswolds that make it feel like Christmas. Don’t get me wrong… after Christmas I’d be over it… but I do miss those things. I also miss seeing hotties in their winter caps. I don’t know – there’s something about a guy with his knit cap pulled tight over his head that is sexy. It’s even sexier when he pulls it off and his hair is a ruffled mess. Ahhh… I miss that! So today, I’ve dedicated this Tantalizing Tuesday to hot guys in winter caps!

Merry Christmas, my friends!

untitled (2)

This guy’s eyes are unbelievable!

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