Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Hot Firefighters

I’ve been putting some focus on my book, In Flames, which most of you know involves a very hot firefighter, Matt Riley. He’s one of my favorites – in part because he’s a remarkable character and in part because – well, I have a huge a crush on firefighters. Not only are they first responders that put their lives on the line for complete strangers, they do tend to be incredible hot.

I also have a short story in the Evernight Publishing anthology – Alpha’s Claim – that involved a firefighter – Nathan. Something about them. Some of these guys are male models posing as firefighters and some of these guys are actual firefighters posing for a firefighter calendar. Not so easy to decipher, if you ask me! Happy Tantalizing Tuesday! 🙂 Looks like it’s time to burn my house down!

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