Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Shane Williams

Well, it’s Spring Break here and the kids are off for the week! Lots of outside playing and in and out of the house, but it’s usually filled with laughter. That being said, with the kids off school, my days seem to bleed one into the other and I have to actually look at the calendar to determine the day of the week. And lookey here – it’s Tuesday!

I’m bringing you a guy that I’ve seen mainly because I follow BT Urruela. They’ve done a photo shoot together and well, he’s worth checking out. He’s got a touch of boy next door – meets country hottie – meets bad boy – Oh My! Welcome Shane Williams. You can check him out on Instagram @eyeball_2015_  Trust me – his Instagram page is worth following. He’s not just eye candy, ladies. He seems to have a sense of adventure and a sense of humor. Enjoy!

Here is Shane and BT Urruela

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