Mid-Week Tease – HOPE from Girl Code – #MWTease #GirlCode


Woohoo! I’m back in the Mid-Week Tease saddle! It’s been quite awhile, but I’m SUPER excited to be back on Sandra Bunino’s feature where us authors get to post a snippet of a story – published or in the works! I’m excited because I’ve been working on a great project with an amazing group of authors – D.C. Stone, Lea Bronsen and Cait Jarrod. And guess who wrote the introduction to this amazing book? Yes, one of my all time favs – Julie Ann Walker! Yes, I know, right?


Now that we are in the editing stages of Girl Code, I’d like to share a little snippet of my story – HOPE. But first, here’s the blurb to give you a little background on my story:

Josephine “Joey” Lockhart hides behind her camera—and has since she was young—because it’s safer to view the world through a lens than to actually have to face it or live it. Growing up in the small town of Pearl, Ohio, with an alcoholic father and an enabling mother, the only thing she can be is quiet, reserved and withdrawn unless she’s with her “sisters.” After high school, she escapes to Florida, where she lives a comfortable and modest life doing what she loves—taking photos, but there’s a fun-loving, adventurous and strong woman hiding under the past that plagues her. In walks Talon Manness, who seems to not only have a knack for bringing her out of her shell but also causing her heart to race frantically for real for the first time in her life, but Talon has his own issues. Can they work through their pasts toward a future together? Is hope enough?

Setup: Talon and Joey had spent the day four-wheeling in some fields near the Manatee River. When they get back, Joey starts a water fight with the hose. 😉

Aviary Photo_130713389140311744

“Truce,” she yelled from behind the tree. She peeked out around it. Her hair hung in matted clumps. Black smudged under her eyes from her mascara. He snickered and then sprayed in her direction again. Her head ducked behind the tree again.

“Come on out, Joey. This hose can stretch pretty far. I don’t want to come out and get ya, but I will.”

“I’m already soaking wet.” Her voice sounded shrill.

“Then getting wetter should be no big deal.”

“I can’t get any wetter. It’s a waste of your time.” She peeked around the other side of the tree and he blasted her again. “Arrggh!” He quaked with laughter.

“I told ya not to do it. I warned ya. Now you’re going to have to pay the price.” He yanked the hose and started dragging it in the direction of the tree. It was unlikely that it would reach all the way to where she stood but she didn’t know that.

“Okay. Okay.” She made tentative steps out from behind the tree, her hands in the air as if she were under arrest and he were a police officer pointing a pistol at her. Hmmm, now that’s a fantasy they could play out. She sloshed with each step she took both from the sopping nature of her shoes and that of the ground around her. They certainly made a mess of his yard.

Her gaze pled with him, pulling at his heartstrings and stirring his erection. Uh huh, that’s the look he wanted on her face right before he made her come, made her lose her mind.

Twisting the nozzle of the hose, he switched it from its jet stream setting to a fine mist. Her steps faltered when she noticed his movement, but she didn’t stop walking. Her eyes narrowed with purpose. He pushed on the trigger, water spraying in a cone, misting her face and the front of her already sopping tank top. Water droplets ran down her face and dripped onto her shirt and bare arms. She’d been right – she couldn’t get any wetter. Damn, she looked hot all wet and determined.

He dropped the hose and stepped toward her until their bodies collided. His hands immediately speared into her wet, tousled hair and he slammed his mouth on hers. He was on fire for her. Her fingers gripped his t-shirt, pulling him even closer. Her slick mouth slid over his in a gasp and his tongue penetrated between her lips. Licking into her, he tasted her as their tongues danced against one another.

If you enjoyed this snippet, please add Girl Code to your Goodreads TBR list here. We expect a late Spring release. I can attest that the other three stories in the anthology are more than worth the read.

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16 thoughts on “Mid-Week Tease – HOPE from Girl Code – #MWTease #GirlCode

  1. That was so much fun to read! I’m so glad you’re teasing from this book. I’ve been anxious to read it. 🙂 Love the changes you’ve made to your site too. Very pretty.

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