Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Ryan Patrick

Hello April! I’m always amazed at how fast these months roll by. We are already seven days into April and with that hopefully comes beautiful spring weather – which in Florida means 85 degrees and sunshine! 🙂 I hope you all are warming up wherever you are!

For the first Tuesday of April, I found an amazing Tantalizer – Ryan Patrick! He’s a handsome devil that loves being a daddy to his little girl (Aw! We ❤ guys that taking being a daddy seriously!) and he has a small obsession with Oreos (I must ask – does he eat the Oreo together or pull the cookie apart and eat the icing first? Curious minds want to know!) You can find him on Facebook or on Instagram. Enjoy!

10301541_596052520521312_112418910200705645_n 10428649_606379589488605_8644448967737520170_n 10526091_537824383010793_2384697559105488924_n 10649882_578630175596880_3235031476846395302_n 1507557_651280308331866_7793730268943940281_n 10676255_620535438073020_4257929516416501811_n 10978534_662102553916308_2228054081038893809_n

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