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MWTease151 Another week has flown by and that glorious hump day is here to push us into the weekend. With Wednesday comes Sandra Bunino’s incredible feature – Mid-Week Tease – where us authors get a chance to share snippets of works in progress, new releases or back-listed titles of our own or of others! It really is a fabulous way to catch a glimpse of an author’s style and along the hop, you may find a new author that might soon become your favorite! 🙂


Two weeks ago, I shared a part of my story – HOPE – from the Girl Code anthology I worked on with DC Stone, Lea Bronsen and Cait Jarrod. Last week, DC Stone allowed me to share a peek at her story from Girl Code – PERSISTENCE. And this week, we get to see a bit from the talented Lea Bronsen and her Girl Code story – LIVE. You are so going to love this glance into Juls and just how she meets Reef. Enjoy!

There. On the other side of the pond, about three hundred feet from her bag, a shirtless guy wearing a cap sat on the shore with his back against a tree.

Looking at her.


He had toned muscles and unusually dark skin for a blue-eyed guy, making his clear gaze stand out like flashlights in his bearded face.

“What?” she called back.

“That place is dangerous!” He pointed to a few feet ahead of her. “You don’t wanna get your feet stuck in the mud!”

“Oh, I know!”




“I used to live here!”

“Uh-huh? What’s your name?”

What a weird conversation to have with a stranger. Her business was none of his. Shrugging him off, she spun in the water and swam toward her bag.

In the corner of her eye, the guy stood and walked along the shore, in the same direction as she swam.

Fuck. Her heart hammered in her chest.

Of course, he was faster. When he reached her bag, she was still fifty feet away.

She slowed down, treading the water with her chin lifted. “What do you want?”

“Pretty girls shouldn’t be alone in the woods.”

Though her instincts warned to be careful, she swam closer and sent him a hard look. It would take more to frighten her. Living on the street, she’d seen it all. She sniggered. “If you’re planning on hurting me, I’ve already been raped front, back, mouth, every orifice you can think of.” Her toes touched ground. She moved a little farther, arms flapping, until she could stand on her feet. “I’m beyond caring.”

He stared at her for a moment, clear blue eyes beneath the gray cap scrutinizing and thoughtful. She’d seen eyes like that before, but couldn’t place them. He sat next to her bag, his gaze sweeping the grass around him. “Where’s your towel?”

She stepped forward until the water sank to chest level. “Don’t have one. Now, go away. Leave me alone.” If he thought he was in for a nude show, he had to think again.

“What if I don’t want to?” Brows lifted in nonchalant mode, he picked a grass straw and placed it between his white teeth, flashing them to her with a teasing grin. “This is my forest. You’ll have to make me go away.”

“Your forest?”

His smile widened. He was a teaser, maybe not the kind of guy who’d hurt her.

She shook her head. “At least, look away.” Covering her breasts with an arm and her pubic area with the free hand, she treaded toward the shore.

He did look away—into her duffel bag. “What’s this?” Before she could react, his hand dove into the bag, rummaged inside, and brought out her colorful diary.

Oh, no. Her heart made a giant leap.

She waded faster, water rushing like small torrents around her waist. Her breath picked up from the efforts.

Grinning again, he waved it in the air. “Bringing Christmas presents to the picnic, are we?”

Fuck him. “Don’t touch that!” She stepped closer. The water reached her knees, splashed around.

“What is it?” He opened the first page, feigning deep concentration, then looked up. “What are these things? What’re you keeping them for?”

“Stop! It’s personal.”

His brows lifted. “It is? How interesting.” With a chuckle, he stood and took a few steps backward while demonstratively turning page after page.

What an asshole. She hated giving the impression she was desperate, but fuck if she’d allow a perfect stranger to read her diary. Still covering herself, she reached the shore and sprang out of the pond, water running down her naked body in rivulets.

He turned another page and squinted as if unable to see well.

Breathless, she hurried around her open bag and stopped in front of him. He seemed harmless, but she was so pissed and shocked, she could barely speak. “Give—it—to—me!”

He stood a head taller than her and twice her size in width. Limpid blue eyes gleamed beneath the cap. Chewing on his grass straw, he gave her a once-over and grinned. “You want it?”

“Y-yes!” Cool water drops prickled from her hair and landed on her skin, sending a shiver up her spine. “F-fuck-h-ead!

Holding her gaze, he closed the notebook with a bang and held it out to her.

Oops. In her hurry, she’d forgotten one vital thing. How was she going to take the damn thing when she needed both hands to cover her body?

He smirked. “Problem?”

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