“Spray Paint Kisses” On My Blog

I have Bethany-Kris here today introducing us to her latest Evernight Publishing release, Spray Paint Kisses, and let me tell, just the blurb and excerpt have captivated me. Please join me in welcoming, Bethany-Kris. Blurb: He’s left his mark everywhere. She’s still trying to find a place to leave hers. Gage Masselin is a graffitiContinue reading ““Spray Paint Kisses” On My Blog”

“A Love Unfinished”

Bethany-Kris is visiting the Spicy Butterfly Garden today with her newest Evernight Publishing release, A Love Unfinished, Book 1 of the Clans of Fire. A Love Unfinished looks amazing and check out the incredible cover. Join me in welcoming Bethany-Kris and her new dragon series. Blurb: Over two decades ago, an attack on The ClanContinue reading ““A Love Unfinished””

Join the Club “A Mile High”!

A great big welcome to new Evernight Publishing author Bethany-Kris. She’s here today at the Spicy Butterfly Garden to share with us her new release, A Mile High, and yes, she’s about to take us to that club we’ve all fantasized about joining (and some of us may have already joined :)) A Mile High. Thanks for joiningContinue reading “Join the Club “A Mile High”!”