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In the midst of the craziness of the Evernight Publishing Birthday Bash, I felt as if I needed to share with you one of my current WIPs. As most of you know, I love this blog post feature that Author Sandra Bunino hosts and allows me, and others, to participate in every week. Mid-Week Tease allows us authors to share a snippet of a new release, a backlisted title or a WIP. Aside from having the opportunity to share a little part of my work, I also get to read snippets of other authors and get to be introduced to amazing authors and books.

This week I’ve been putting a lot of effort in my final book in the Taking Advantage series – tentatively called Board Discretion. If you’ve read book 1 – Board Stiff and book 2 – Board Approved, you’ve been introduced to both the main characters in book 3 – Mark Olson and Suzie McCormick. Please keep in mind… it is a WIP so it’s unedited at this point… be kind! 😉

Mark is the owner of several car dealerships in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area. He is also a member of the board of directors for Advantage Insurance Company. Mark is forty years and has been painting the town and sowing his wild oats – so to speak – for the last couple years after escaping a fifteen year marriage that lost its love. But all of his friends are settling down and Mark is wondering if maybe a second chance in love is possible.

Suzie is the executive assistant to the CEO at Advantage. She’s in her early thirties and has been burned more than once in love. Though she’s thrown herself at various men in an attempt to find the right one, she’s been very unlucky. But Mark has always paid her attention and she’s more than attracted to him. Will his playboy in a mid-life crisis reputation get in their way?  We’ll see…

“That’s it, baby. Come apart for me,” he whispered, watching her facial features contort in ecstasy. Slipping a finger to her opening, he hovered over it, teasing her hole with his finger.

“I need you,” she begged, hiking her leg over his hip and giving him better access to her pussy. Her cream leaked on to his fingers and coated his hand, the scent of which wafted to his nostrils and made him eager to taste her.

                “What do you need?” he asked, licking and sucking the long column of her neck.

                “I need you inside me,” she pleaded.

 “Like this?” he asked, slipping his middle finger inside her hot channel. Her pussy clamped down on his finger as it intruded her body. His thumb circled her clit, then pressed on it and her body quivered.

“More,” she solicited. He smiled against her skin as he slipped a second finger inside her. Fuck! She was tight! The thought of filling her tightness with his cock made him unimaginably harder.

“How’s that, baby?” He penetrated her cunt with two fingers, all the while watching her body react to his ministrations. Her head hung back, cascading her straight blonde hair down her back. Her eyelashes caressed her flushed cheeks, her tiny nostrils flared and her lips separated with each stroke of his fingers. Her fingers dug into his biceps, almost to the point of pain, but he didn’t care.

He’d fantasized a number of times over the years of knowing her what it would be like to bring her to the precipice of an orgasm and then fling her over it. Now was his chance! No one had to know about this rendezvous in the dark bathroom of the Beach Club. His seat on the Board of Directors would be safe, but he needed this…needed her.

If you haven’t read the first two books in the Taking Advantage series, below is information on how to find them!

If you want to add Board Stiff to your TBR list, you can find it here on Goodreads:  http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17969401-board-stiff

If you want to add Board Approved to your TBR list, you can find it here on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18214843-board-approved

Both Taking Advantage books are 40% off right now at Evernight!


If you are ready to purchase Board Stiff, you can find it here: Evernight!


If you are ready to purchase Board Approved, you can find it here: Evernight!

They are also at Amazon, ARe, B&N and Bookstrand.

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