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I’m glad to be participating in Author Sandra Bunino’s Mid-Week Tease! I’m a little later than usual in posting my #MWTease, but better late than never. Though I’m not sure my excuse is adequate, I’ve been hustling to catch up on my word count for #Nanowrimo and well, that’s kept me very busy.You all know I love this feature because it gives us authors the opportunity feature a snippet from our work! I’ve always found it pretty cool to read parts of authors works, whether past, present or WIPs because it gives you insight into the author.

This week I’ve decided to post a snippet from the opening of my #Nanowrimo piece that I’ve titled Cowboy Bent. In this short scene Becca gets a flat tire on a country back road while trying to locate a produce farm. The Florida heat is steamy in early August and changing a tire is no easy feat. But she manages to get halfway through the process when a truck rolls up. Becca’s a little nervous because she’s in the middle of nowhere, but once she gets a glimpse of Drew Hayworth…her mind travels to other places! 😉 Enjoy!

“Need some help with that tire, Blondie,” the husky male voice said with a chuckle. His feet hit the gravel and his door shut. His boots shuffled across the roadway. She needed to get a good look at the person who may kidnap or kill her… maybe even snap his picture on her phone so the cops would have something to go by. Becca stood up by her car.

Holy shit! Coming towards her was the most beautiful man she had ever laid eyes on. She gripped the side of her car to keep her knees from buckling her to the ground. He was tall. Easily six foot three. His blue t-shirt clung to his chest making it obvious he had a hard and muscular body underneath. His dark blue jeans hung low on his hips and were faded on his thighs with what looked like dirt smudged on the legs. Clearly, he worked outside. But even covered in denim, he couldn’t disguise his powerful legs, his jeans clinging to his muscles. And his eyes…Good God! His eyes were the most piercing blue she had ever seen. They were gorgeous, like the deepest part of the ocean. His blue baseball cap sat backward on his head and she caught a glimpse of his dark brown hair. Then he smiled at her and she lost all her ability to breathe. All sorts of crazy thoughts zipped through her head. Becca shook her head trying to bring herself back from the fantasies this man sparked in her mind.

“First, my name’s not Blondie,” she said kind of snarky. Where the hell did that come from? He chuckled… again. “Second, I know how to change a tire just fine. Thank you very much.” But he didn’t stop crossing the street.

“I think Blondie suits you,” he said with a snicker. He rounded the front of her car and stood next to her admiring the several lug nuts she had already removed. “And it does appear you know what you’re doing. I’m impressed.” He looked at her again and his gaze moved from her face down her body and back up until he locked eyes with her. The look in his eyes made her heart slam against her chest.  “I’m definitely impressed!” Becca felt the heat rise in her cheeks. He winked at her.

“Blondie doesn’t suit me,” she said, trying to gain some ground with him. “How would you know what suits me?” Boy, did this guy have some nerve. He may be hot… okay, very hot, but he wasn’t allowed to nickname her, especially before knowing her.

“You look like a Blondie to me,” he said matter-of-factly. “But if you would prefer I call you by your name, you’ll have to give it to me. Otherwise, Blondie it is!” Taking the dangling wrench out of her hand, he knelt next to her and finished removing the lug nuts. With every twist of the wrench, Becca could see his bicep and tricep muscles ripple. A tattoo peeked out from the sleeve of his t-shirt. She’d love to see more of it. Hmmm… did he have tattoos anywhere else on his body? Becca was sure she was losing her mind. She shook her head again. This guy was working a number on her brain today. Maybe it was this Florida heat.

“My name is Rebecca,” she said quietly. Something about him made her want to tell him her name. “But everyone calls me Becca.” He looked up at her from the grass and smiled.

“Okay, Becca,” he said, drawing out the sound of her name. The way her name rolled off his tongue sent a chill down her spine despite the raging Florida heat. Visions of him above her, kissing her, whispering her name as he made love to her played in her head.  Clearing his throat, Becca returned to reality and her cheeks once again heated from the fantasies in her head.  He smiled. “My name is Andrew. And everyone calls me Drew.”

This is how I picture Drew Hayworth:


P.S. In last week’s Mid-Week Tease, I teased a snippet from my short story, Panther Ridge, that I submitted for Evernight’s Alpha’s Claim Anthology. Guess what? It got picked up! Yay! I’ll keep everyone posted on when to expect that Anthology out!

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3 thoughts on “Mid-Week Tease – WIP – Cowboy Bent – #MWTease – #Nanowrimo

  1. Congrats on your Anthology acceptance Jessica! And I loved this week’s tease. I have an aunt who can fix cars better than most men I know. Always thought it would be so cool to be able to fix my own oil. I may have to have you loan me Drew for a day for some lessons 🙂

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