Let’s Talk About Sex & The Conquering Series

To go along with LeTeisha Newton’s Wednesday visit to the Spicy Butterfly Garden, her co-author to the series The Conquering, Lillian Mackenzie Rhine is here today to continue giving us insight into their new Evernight Publishing series. Their first book, Conquering Theana is already out. Lillian gives us some insight into the series all the while talking about one of our most favorite topics… sex. Welcome, Lillian! Let’s talk about sex! 😉

Sex is a vital part of life and the living. Intercourse and procreation populates the world, so it is a subject that we all can relate to. In nearly every piece I have written so far, sex and intimate experiences are a
vital part of the plot. That does not mean that I am an erotica writer however I do like to show how sexual situations can sometimes cause a shift in the storyline. In my new, co-written wolf shifter series, The Conquering Series, my fellow co-author, LeTeisha Newton, and I cover a lot of different styles of sex
from ménage to even the tough subjects of sexual abuse. In this post, I will cover the three different styles of sex present in the first three books of the series.

  • Conquering Theana (Book 1) – Menage: According to Merriam-Webster, a ménage is a domestic arrangement or household. Nothing sexual there. When a lot of people hear the term “ménage” they think of “ménage a trois” which also is not a sexual term surprisingly enough. Its actual meaning is household of three but when it comes to sexuality, it means three sexual partners having sex together as one unit. M/M/M, F/F/F, M/M/F, M/FM, F/F/M. An actual ménage can go from 3 members to more than 3
    which takes us into the orgy arena but for our purposes in Book 1, it is a trio and the category is M/F/M.


Writing ménages can be challenging at times especially if there is more than one ménage scene. As a writer, you want to make sure that every member of the party has a spotlighted roll in the sex and with hands, cocks, pussys, and mouths everywhere, it can be a bit taxing. In the case of Book 1, it worked in our favor that she took one ménage scene (the initial scene) and I took the final ménage scene. Sharing is caring right?

  • Conquering Camden (Book 2) – Dom/sub: With this particular sex genre I am going to speak from opinion only versus fact. Dom/sub is a very broad arena. It can include BDSM or not. To be a Dominant,
    one must be able to overpower their submissive either physically, sexually, mentally, and/or emotionally. In the case of our Book 2, our hero dominates his sub for the simple fact of letting her release her control of every situation, hence allowing him to carry the brunt of her stresses. It is really a caring relationship and most will argue the biggest bond you can have with a lover because you must ultimately trust someone to allow them to dominate you.


Writing this particular type of sex was a challenge for me because it can get technical at times with
terminology and certain tools needed. Again, my co-author and I meshed well for the simple fact that she was able to bring the technical aspect and I could hit on the emotional aspect of the sex.

  • Conquering Convel (Book 3) – Fetish/Voyeurism: I placed “fetish” in front of the term “voyeurism” instead of Dom/sub because, again in my opinion, Dom/sub is a lifestyle where voyeurism is for sexual
    titillation in a lot of cases. To be a “watcher” is a very interesting fetish because in all actuality, we all have a bit of voyeurism in us all. In Book 3, our main character is constantly looking at the world from the
    inside of his mind. He is very self-critical and it gets him into a lot of issues of insecurity but he is an alpha so he must play the role. When it comes to mating, he has a thing for admiring the female physique, some more than others. When in close, intimate quarters it can prove almost uncontrollable for his libido.


Writing about a voyeur means there is a lot of internal thought processes going on. A lot of fantasies and
obsessions. The fun part is writing the scene when his conquest realizes she’s being watched and likes it. Then we get into exhibitionism but that’s another tale.

In recap, sex makes the world go round literally. The days of vanilla and missionary sex are over as people seek to spice it up. But, hey, any form of intimacy between two or more bonded lovers can be amazing. Yes, even missionary.

Conquering Theana is out on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance, Bookstrand, and Evernight (some websites have the book discounted).


Theana ran from Seurri City, home of the wolf shifters now public to humans, to escape a mating with her childhood friend. She wasn’t in the mood for a mate, or the trappings of politics. Then she meets Rafael, alpha of the strongest pack in Seurri, and his beta, Gregori. Suddenly she can’t catch her breath, or keep control of her emotions.

Rafael and Gregori refuse to let Theana get her own way, or deny the love they could share. Perhaps two men for their feisty mate are definitely better than one. Now to stall the would-be childhood suitor, and stop an all out war between the packs—but love is worth fighting for.

Conquering Camden is planned to release through Evernight in June 2014 and hopefully Conquering Convel will come out three months after that. Thank you for reading and leave a review for the book and a comment about this post.



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