Today We Are “Conquering Theana”

When you enter the world of having your books published, you have no idea how many interesting people you will meet or how many intriguing stories you will be introduced to. I have the great pleasure of having Lillian Mackenzie Rhine and LaTeisha Newton at the Spicy Butterfly Garden today introducing us to their Evernight Publishing release, Conquering Theana and the world of Seurri City. After reading this post, you’re going to be as intrigued by this world and this story as I am! Welcome, Ladies!

First, I’d like to thank you a bunch for having us here. Lillian and I have been having a wonderful time sharing our new piece. We’d thought we’d do something a little differently this time and introduce you to the packs of the Conquering Series! Exclusive, for your readers.



Conquering Theana is the first story of the Conquering Series surrounding the fictitious Seurri City in the center of real-world Texas. Theana, the daughter of the alpha of the Dolphus pack, ran from Seurri when her childhood friend, Camden, laid claim to her as his potential mate. She knew that giving in would only lead to heartache, and she has no interest in having an alpha rule her. But then she comes across Gregori, beta of the Ulric pack, leaders of Seurri City, and her wolf goes haywire. She can’t fight the attraction.

That was enough to deal with, until she met Rafael, the alpha of the Ulric pack, and leader of Seurri City. Suddenly she finds herself fighting attraction to two men who are determined to have her by any means necessary. They claim rights to pack cohesion, a move that would force her to spend a week among their pack, a move that she knows is nothing about Dolphus-Ulric relations but having her. At their mercy she’s forced to face their desires, and her own. The question that looms, will Rafael and Gregori be able to conquer Theana?

Seurri City

About Seurri City

Seurri City is a fictitious city in the center of present-time, real-world Texas. This city is designed as an 8-point star and houses thousands of wolves and their wide open lands since they came out of the wood, so to speak, to humans. It is also the constant among all the Conquering Series novels, the homestead they all belong, or want to belong, to. If you want to explore the city of Seurri, be sure to check it out here!

Packs of Seurri City


convel pack







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