Let’s Talk About Sex & The Conquering Series

To go along with LeTeisha Newton’s¬†Wednesday visit to the Spicy Butterfly Garden, her co-author to the series The Conquering, Lillian Mackenzie Rhine is here today to continue¬†giving us insight into their new Evernight Publishing series. Their first book, Conquering Theana is already out. Lillian gives us some insight into the series all the while talkingContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sex & The Conquering Series”

Today We Are “Conquering Theana”

When you enter the world of having your books published, you have no idea how many interesting people you will meet or how many intriguing stories you will be introduced to. I have the great pleasure of having Lillian Mackenzie Rhine and LaTeisha Newton at the Spicy Butterfly Garden today introducing us to their EvernightContinue reading “Today We Are “Conquering Theana””