Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Tim McGraw

Happy Totally Tantalizing Tuesday! Sitting at a stop light contemplating who would be this week’s Tantalizer, Southern Girl by Tim McGraw came on the radio and I started swaying to the music and singing along. Then I started reminiscing about the last Tim McGraw concert I attended and how freaking fabulous he looked in his white jeans and white (almost see through) t-shirt. And well… that sealed the deal! Anyone that knows me knows I’m a country girl at heart and Tim is one of my all time favorite cowboys! There are few men that pull off a cowboy hat like he does! Enjoy!

untitled (4)


Not all men can wear white jeans and look like that!


Look at his ripped arms!

untitled (5)

Uh huh! He’s 46! Yes, 46 and he has a body like that! Faith is one lucky lady!

"Quantum Heroes" New York Premiere


And he’s in a truck! Truck Yeah!


I’m ending it with another butt shot! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this Tantalizing Tuesday. Since it was one of his songs that partially inspired this post, I’ll leave you with a link to his video for Southern Girl. Click here! Enjoy!



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