Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Kellan Lutz

Typically, when one of my best buddies, Author DC Stone and I double team a lucky guy for Man Candy Monday and Totally Tantalizing Tuesday, we plan it. However, this week it just seemed like our brains (and perhaps our libidos) were working in unison when we selected this week’s eye candy. That’s right! This week is dedicated to Kellan Lutz! And I must admit, my efforts in finding photos to post were worth every single second.

He’s acted in some television shows like CSI, Summerland and Six Feet Under back in 2004 and 2005. He played in some movies in his early years, but it was his role as Emmett Cullen in the Twilight movies that really brought him to the forefront. At 29, he’s been in several roles, but one of his biggest adventures appears to be his role as Hercules. I might add… he’s definitely trained well for that role. His body is to die for! And he will be in the next The Expendables. He is one busy dude! But he also seems to have a soft side despite the Herculean body!  Enjoy! And don’t forget to click DC Stone’s Man Candy Monday post if you want to see just a little more of Kellen Lutz! 🙂





Hercules! Hercules!




OMG! This picture is freaking adorable!



He looks good as a blondie! He looks good as a brownie!



First time ever I’ve wanted to be a piece of watermelon!





This is exactly how I like my men! Cap, hoodie and a little scruff! Delish!








Hell Yes!

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