Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – JC Salter

I’m in the midst of a summer family road trip, weaving and winding through the mountains of Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky to get to the good ole Midwest. Though I’ve turned into a beach bum over my years of living in Florida, I’m a born and raised Midwestern having grown up in Ohio. And nowhere raises better looking men than the Midwest states! Today’s Tantalizing Tuesday is a Midwesterner himself, coming from Iowa: JC Salter. Go ahead, take a look! You won’t be disappointed!







One of the fastest ways to get my attention is to wear your baseball cap backward…



untitled (2)

If you didn’t know of JC Salter before today, I hope you are aware now! 😉 You can find him on Facebook! Hope you enjoyed today’s Tantalizing Tuesday! 🙂

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