Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Chase Rice

What? It’s Tuesday already! Where the hell is this summer going? I can’t believe we are on the second side of July and that I’ve been doing Totally Tantalizing Tuesday for more than half the year! Phew! It’s tough work trying to find guys that get your heart rate up! 😉

This week I’m bringing you one of my favorite new country hotties. Yep, you know me… if he’s got jeans, a baseball hat on backward and a guitar, I’m all over it. Check out Chase Rice. He’s got a new song out Ready Set Roll and a new album. He’s tearing up the charts and breaking hearts along the way!

chase rice
Uh huh… yeah… bought it!



Hat backward! Check! Red solo cup with beer! Check! Tight shirt! Check! Tight ripped jeans! Check!






And if you’re wondering what his stage presence is, check out his Ready Set Roll video!

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