Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Daniel Osborne

I’m a busy gal! You all know it. Work full-time as an attorney. Am a wife and a mother of three children under 7. And on the side, I write. I spend my time doing what I love, so I’m not complaining at all. In fact, I’m bragging! As part of my writer’s blog, I host Totally Tantalizing Tuesday and well, I must say, my research for each week’s post has been some of the most fun I’ve ever had! 🙂

This week, I’m bringing you Daniel Osborne. Who is he? Yeah… I asked the same question at first. He is on a reality TV show call The Only Way is Essex. Never heard of it? Me either, but then again, I don’t get to watch too much television these days. However, I think I’ve just found a reason to check this out! 🙂




untitled (2)











Hope you enjoyed this week’s Totally Tantalizing Tuesday! It’s been fun! If you want to check out more information on Dan Osborne, check out his website

(P.S. I don’t own any rights to these photos. They are readily available on Google Images.)



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