Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Kevin Kiermaier

Hard to believe the days and weeks of summer go by so quickly. The kids start back to school in less than two weeks and then it’s back to the grind of school, homework, projects and so on. It’s been a great summer. Travel. Pool. Beach. Fun times with friends. Hope everyone has enjoyed their summer too!

Speaking of summer… one of America’s favorite pastimes carries through the summer! That’s right… I’m talking about baseball. Growing up in Ohio, I was raised a Cleveland Indians fan, but living in the Tampa Bay area for the last decade, I’ve adopted the Tampa Bay Rays. It’s been fun watching them grow! Their in the toughest division in the American League, having to face the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees repeatedly throughout the year. And they’ve held their own.


As you know, I’m a sports buff, so I don’t really need a ton of reasons to watch a good game of any sport. But I will admit it does help when a team has some eye candy and well, the Rays have several guys worth oogling! 😉

This week’s tantalizer caught my attention while I was watching a Rays game at Tropicana Field this season. We were only a few rows up from the dugout and he turned around to look into the stands and I lost my ability to breathe for a few seconds. His eyes are AMAZING!

3ae31f902d615525f1741f224ff89913 (2)

He’s beautiful to look at, he seems to have a huge heart and he’s proven he’s an incredible baseball player, but what won me over even more is his roots are in the Midwest (Ft. Wayne, Indiana)! Yep, I told you… the Midwest raises the most remarkable individuals! 😉 Please welcome Tampa Bay Rays outfielder, KEVIN KIERMAIER!

In the Rays fashion show fundraiser!













Thank you @KKiermaier39 for being so darn adorable! Go Rays!


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