Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Kevin Kiermaier

Hard to believe the days and weeks of summer go by so quickly. The kids start back to school in less than two weeks and then it’s back to the grind of school, homework, projects and so on. It’s been a great summer. Travel. Pool. Beach. Fun times with friends. Hope everyone has enjoyed theirContinue reading “Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Kevin Kiermaier”

Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – 6 Reasons to Watch Baseball This Season

I grew up in a sports family. We watched sports. We played sports. We lived sports. So, it is no wonder why I love the men of sports! Soccer! Football! Hockey! Rugby! Baseball! You name it! Since it’s the start of the regular season for baseball, I thought I’d kick off this Tuesday with my six hottest MLBContinue reading “Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – 6 Reasons to Watch Baseball This Season”