Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Marco Dapper

It’s Tuesday again and you all know what that means… Totally Tantalizing Tuesday! It’s a tough job. I know you all are shaking your head right now, but I have to spend quality time scouring through sexy photos of men to find just the perfect guy to bring to you each Tuesday. And I love when I find new Tuesday Tantalizers! This week’s selection is Marco Dapper… and he’s beautiful! He’s sexy and has a killer smile… and yes, ladies, he also has amazing abs! He’s most known for his role as Carmine Basco on the Young & the Restless, but he appears to have some films under his belt as well.



images (6)imagesRP96UNIG


images (7)
Did I say a killer smile? I love this picture!





images (4)



If you want to find out more about Marco Dapper, you can find his Facebook page here! Or you can tweet him @Dapperguy1

NOTE: I do not own any of these photos. There were easily obtainable on Google images, which is where I found them! 🙂






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