Love Is Forever When “Eternal Hearts” Are Involved!

Today, I’d like to welcome one of my favorite chicas, Tamsin Baker, back to the Spicy Butterfly Garden.  Tamsin allowed me to ask her some questions in order for all of us to get to know her and her latest Evernight Publishing  release, Eternal Hearts.  Eternal Hearts is apart of a series entitled Third Bite written by Tamsin Baker.  I, myself, have read Eternal Hearts and enjoyed it immensely.  If you like vampires and ménage relationships, Eternal Hearts is the book for you.  It’s fun.  It’s sexy.  And there’s romance!  I look forward to reading the rest of this series!  🙂  Check out Tamsin’s interview below, as well as, a sexy excerpt of Eternal Hearts.


Give us the title and genre of your book and a quick 50 word or less tagline.

Eternal Hearts

Historical, Menage MMF, Vampire

Michael and Nathaniel have been lovers for 500 years but they feel incomplete without their third and final mate. They find who they need in the feisty and beautiful Lady Margaret. Let the fireworks begin!

What was your favorite scene to write?  Why?

I have to say the opening one. 200 words into the manuscript, my two men are up against a wall. I had to stop and email some author friends to make sure it was okay to continue!

Loved it!

I will tell you, Tamsin, I enjoyed that first scene too!  That’s the way to start an erotic romance novel!  🙂

Are there any aspects of yourself in any of the characters in your book?

Hmm, I’m pretty independent and feisty and so is Margaret. But that’s about it.

As an author myself, I find one of the hardest parts to completing a story is coming up with a title that captures the true essence of the story.  How do you come up with the title to your stories?

This one literally popped into my head about half way through. I tend to just wait for it to come to me.

I love it when the title makes itself known!

Three words that would best describe you.

Blunt, Nice, Loving.

 Do you have any unique talents or hobbies? 

Well, I do multi task quite well. But I’m a Gemini.

Multi-tasking is definitely a talent for most women.  We don’t really have a choice!  😉

Do you have any tips or advice for authors trying to get published?

Yes- never stop writing and talk to/email/facebook as many other authors as you can.

I agree wholeheartedly.  

Before you go, can you please provide us with a tantalizing snippet from your book?

“You fucking bastard!” Michael spat at Nathaniel, his thirst so high his fangs were extended and wouldn’t retract.

Nathaniel ignored him as they walked through the streets searching for someone to feed on. Michael knew that he needed blood, now. Anyone would do.

His skin was clammy, and his thirst burnt his throat. It felt like someone had set his oesophagus alight.

He and Nathaniel had been searching for a sweet smelling female for him to feed on when he had smelled Margaret. He had moved before he had decided he needed to follow her. Never had he smelled anyone like her, the magnetic pull, irresistible. Even with Nathaniel in the beginning, he had never felt anything like it.

Michael groaned and dug his fingernails into his hands. He couldn’t decide which emotion was stronger. To feed or fuck? Thanks to deprivation and the arrival of their mate, he needed both so badly.

They heard a woman scream and took off at a run. They found a dirty smelling gentleman forcing himself on a woman who looked like a whore in an alley. It was easy to see that she was not complying.

Nathaniel reached the woman at the same time as Michael grabbed the disgusting man.

Michael sank his fangs into the man’s throbbing artery, and sweet, lovely blood flowed into his starved body. He groaned and pulled the man closer, his cock hardening.

He drank and drank, his thirst unquenchable, and for once, Michael didn’t care. This man did not deserve to live.

Nathaniel stepped up behind him and gently but persistently pulled his head back.

Michael found a shred of humanity still left in his soul. So he disengaged, and the unconscious, but still alive, man slid to the ground. He looked around. The whore was gone. Nathaniel must have taken her back to the house she came from.

His thirst now quenched, his rock-hard cock now had priority. He looked at his mate. His beautiful, generous, far too controlled mate.

“I need you.”

Nathaniel laughed and stepped closer. He dropped his hand down to Michael’s cock and rubbed it hard.

Michael’s breath hissed out between his teeth, and his eyes slid closed. If his mate would just continue doing that, he would come in no time. But no, his mate had other ideas.

Nathaniel whispered into his ear. “I don’t want another alley-way fuck, my love. We have found our third. Let us go home and celebrate.”

Michael shook with his desire but forced it down. His lover was right, and they both deserved more than what his body had in mind.

He turned in Nathaniel’s arms and kissed him. He slid his tongue along Nathaniel’s and rubbed his body against Nathaniel’s hardening one.

“You are right. We are soon to be complete. Let’s go.”

Michael grabbed Nathaniel’s hand, and they ran home. Once there, they kissed and licked every inch of each other’s skin and took turns fucking each other.

They were insatiable, the nervous energy working through their systems in different ways. Michael wanted to go back to Margaret and claim her, turn her so that they could be together forever. But he also knew why Nathaniel wanted to wait, and a small part of him silently thanked his mate for being the reasonable one.

The both came several times before sunrise, finally collapsing due to sheer exhaustion and the bliss of knowing they had found their third.

Before Michael passed out that night he realised Nathaniel was right. Margaret needed to join them willingly. Fall in love with them. And that would mean they would have to woo her, God help us.

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Bio: Tamsin Baker is an Aussie girl who only found erotic romance about ten months ago. Before that she read sexy romance, skipping the plot looking for the ‘good bits.’ Since then she have written and obtained 14 contracts of varying lengths with erotic romance and erotica. She absolutely LOVES reading and writing it! She have two other jobs, kids and a hubby too, but writing is a passion that she has to indulge, for fear of insanity.

M/M is a passion of hers so even in her menage stories, there is always M/M. Female domme is a fun one to write too, but she is open to all genres. One step at a time she is learning to read more and write more. Soon she’ll have stories published in every sub genre of erotic romance – or that is her aim anyway.

What’s All The Fervor About? Check out The Alpha’s Ardor and Find Out!

It is my great honor to welcome Rebecca Brochu and her latest Evernight Publishing release, The Alpha’s Ardor to the Spicy Butterfly Garden.  This book has been tearing up some of the best seller’s lists!  As of today, it is #34 on All Romance’s Bestselling list – #23 on Bookstrand’s Bestselling List – In the top 40 on Amazon for Gay fiction and #4 on Evernight’s Bestsellers list, as well as, an Editor’s Pick!  Now, I’d say that’s something worth checking out!  Thanks for coming by, Rebecca!  🙂



Wolves of Flathead, 1 

Declan Adair and his twin brother Lachlan are wolf shifters with no home or pack and a dark past that makes them hated by other weres. Hunted and forced to separate, Declan finds himself chased north and straight into Flathead, a large sprawling territory that is home to a single massive pack.

Unsure and more afraid than he wants to admit, Declan’s situation is only made worse by his undeniable attraction to the Flathead pack’s alpha, Law.

Law is everything an alpha should be: powerful, controlled, and surprisingly enough to Declan—kind. And when Law seems to want Declan just as much as Declan wants Law, it’s unbelievable. With a past full of hurt and the knowledge that the only one he can trust is his twin, Declan is torn between the way he knows the world works and the possibility that the alpha’s ardor might just be real.

Be Warned: m/m sex, knotting



Declan froze for a long moment, but when Law moved to pull away, regret heavy on his face, he surged up off the ground, wrapped his arms around Law’s neck and pulled him back down into a bruising kiss.

Law was the one to gentle it, the one to pull back an inch or so despite Declan’s attempts to keep him close and to sweep his tongue lightly across the seam of Declan’s lips. Declan parted them instantly, eagerly, and met the slick, hot slide of Law’s tongue with his own. Law’s stubble rasped against Declan’s face, and he knew the skin there would be rubbed raw if it kept up, but he didn’t care. The feel of it, the slight rasping itch of it, sent heat spiraling through him, made him buck his hips up and into Law’s. The move caused their cocks, both bare and beginning to thicken, to rub together in a way that made Law groan low in his throat and press down against Declan harder.

Declan spread his legs wider in response, let Law settle down against him completely even as he whined low in the back of his throat. Law shushed him with gentle sweeps of his tongue as he ran long fingered hands through Declan’s disheveled hair. Their hips rocked against each other rhythmically as they kissed and a mix of sweat and pre-cum slicked the way for their cocks sliding against one another in the growing dampness between them.

Declan felt the coil in his gut begin to tighten, felt the heat of it in the base of his spine, and he could tell from the way Law’s hips were beginning to falter that he was close too. Declan couldn’t suppress the sharp bolt of fear that flared through him in that instance. Once this happened there would be no going back. Law tensed and froze on top of him and when he broke the kiss they were currently wrapped up in, Declan could see the confusion and concern in his face clearly.

“Little wolf?” Law questioned him softly, gently.

“Will this be alright? Will this be enough for us to be in the pack?” Declan blurted the words out and knew instantly that he’d said the wrong thing from the way Law’s face went dark and his shoulders rigid.

“What the hell are you talking about, Declan?” His voice was hard and surprisingly cold. Declan shivered slightly and wished he could curl in on himself, wished he wasn’t so vulnerable and open the way he was nestled underneath Law’s hard body.

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Author Bio:

I am proud to say that I live in a small town in North Carolina, surrounded by fields and fresh air. Naturally I spend most of my days crouched in front of a keyboard or curled up with a book.

As an avid video game and anime enthusiast, it is an understatement to say that I have a vivid imagination. With a collection of games, dvd’s, and books that number too many to count I am often neck deep in some fantasy world.

I am also the proud owner of two haughty cats and one encouraging dog.

I first stepped into writing through the dangerous world of fanfiction. If not for the wonderful people that I met there I would have never had the courage to submit my first novella.

I truly do owe it all to the readers.

Thank you so very much.

Evernight Publisher:





Who’s Your “Master”?! Raven McAllan Is!

I’d like to give a great big welcome to Raven McAllan!  She has swung by the Spicy Butterfly Garden and allowed me to ask her some questions about being an author and her latest Evernight Publishing release, Master.   Welcome Raven!


Give us the title and genre of your book and a quick 50 word or less tagline.


Cade and Anna are caught in the same nightmare and Anna’s only way to cope is to reject him and her need to submit.

When she is forced to confront her fears, can Cade and Anna find common ground, or is the nightmare simply going to continue?

Did you have any inspiration for this story or its characters?

I really have no idea. In fact as I’m a total pantster, I didn’t know where it was going until the words were on the paper so to speak. At times I wondered if we’d ever get a good ending in any way at all.

The idea of someone who knows what they want, or thinks they do, but doesn’t know how to achieve it, always intrigued me, and both Anna and Caden have that problem. It was hard at times, and I cried with them, as I tried to unravel their past and their present. Does that sound silly? The only way I can write is to listen to my characters and do as they say. I can’t have a plot, because it never works out. I know where I hope it will go, but how I’m going to get there? No idea. Which doesn’t actually answer your question which I guess is no… grin

Doesn’t sound silly at all.  It is hard to understand unless you are a writer what it’s like to have characters living in your head.  We think we direct the story, but often times the characters do tell us what they want!  🙂


What was your favorite scene to write?  Why?

It’s only a tiny part of the story, but it’s where Anna storms out after giving her boss her ex and her mates a piece of her mind. I could so see her, and feel her indignation, anger and sadness over what had happened. No I’m not telling you what, because it’s a spoiler. Let’s just say, once she calms down, she dishes out retribution… I like a feisty heroine.

 Give us an interesting and fun fact about your book and/or its characters.

The house Anna goes to, is based on a house we holiday in. The owners were ‘tickled pink’ I used it. I’m not sure if they know I changed one of the bedrooms into a dungeon though!

That’s awesome! 

As an author myself, I find one of the hardest parts to completing a story is coming up with a title that captures the true essence of the story.  How do you come up with the title to your stories?

Usually the story suggests the title, and most times I have a title before I write. Master actually went through three title changes, and it was Evernight Publishing who came up with this, which sums the story up perfectly. I love it.

What was your most rewarding experience since becoming a published author?

Having someone ask me if I was that woman who wrote hot books 😉

To be less flippant, it’s the lovely deep down satisfaction that I’ve written something that other people want to read. I can’t please everyone, and I know that, but if one person says, “Oh I enjoyed that.” Well it’s great. I couldn’t not write, so being able to do so and get published is a dream come true.

I agree wholeheartedly.  It is quite amazing when someone tells you they loved your book!

What book (or books) are you reading now?

A crime novel Eye for an Eye by Frank Muir. Actually I’m rereading it. It’s set in St Andrews where my daughter went to uni. When I bought it the guy in the bookshop told me I’d want her home immediately. I must admit, I’d say, do you know so and so and she’d reply, “Oh yeah that’s the short cut I use. The one we call raper’s alley.” Yeah Hmm… Anyway haven’t read it for seven or eight years, so re reading it now. It’s a stomach clencher I tell ya.

I’ve also got Wolf on The Hill By Jorja Lovett all lined up as soon as I’ve written the blog 🙂

Do you have any unique talents or hobbies? 

I used to be able to touch my nose with my tongue? snigger Sadly old age has taken its toll, or my tongue is shorter, because I’ve just tried it and it didn’t work. I always say my hobbies are cross stitch, fine wine and travel…

We’d get along great!  Aside from the cross stitch, I love fine wine and traveling too!

Favorite Food? Chocolate

Like I said… we’d get along great.  Chocolate should be another recommended food group!  🙂

Favorite Song? Mrs, Robinson

Favorite Movie? Bull Durham

Favorite place on Earth? Simitai Great Wall Of China. To stand there, hear the silence and just ‘be’. It is amazing.

Before you go, can you please provide us with a tantalizing snippet from your book? 

Well I hope its tantalizing…


“Were you looking at my ass?” Anna demanded. He noticed the tell-tale blush on her cheeks and did a mental high five. So she might sound annoyed, but her body was showing different. Maybe this was going to be an interesting meeting.

“Oh yes. Nicer than I remembered.”

“Bastard.” There was no anger in her voice. “Dickens, meet Cade. Friend, Dickens, he’s a friend. Well, until I tell you otherwise.”

Cade held his hand out, hoping the Old English Sheepdog understood what friend meant, and that Anna hadn’t taught the dog that when she said friend he attacked. Luckily, she hadn’t. The dog padded over to him, sat on his haunches and offered a paw, which Cade took, before he scratched Dickens behind the ears.

“See, he likes you.” The unspoken words for now hung in the air. “Okay, you’d better come in. Shut the door, please.”

Cade did as she asked and followed her and the dog across the hallway and into another room. He looked around him, surprised at what he saw. When they’d lived together, their home had been all cool, calm colors, minimalistic and modern. This was the very opposite.

“Er.” He waved his hand towards the soft squidgy-looking settee. “It looks comfy.”

Anna turned to him and smiled. He’d bet his new Shibari cord she had no idea what her smile did to him. Every fiber of him wanted to grab her, hold her clit to cock, and kiss her senseless. Before he used that new rope on her and showed her how beautiful she would look dressed—or undressed—only in that. His body shook with the effort of remaining where he was and having the poker face he was famed for.

“It is. Try it out while I get some coffee.”

The way she spoke, as if his input into the proceedings was irrelevant, made him grit his teeth. Her next words made his blood boil.

“Then you can tell me why you felt you had to come and stalk me at home.”


Master is available from: Evernight    Amazon    ARe   Bookstrand


If you’re like me and want to know a bit about the author, well here are the nosy links…


Raven lives in Scotland, along with her husband and their two cats—their children having flown the nest—surrounded by beautiful scenery, which inspires a lot of the settings in her books.

She is used to sharing her life with the occasional deer, red squirrel, and lost tourist, to say nothing of the scourge of Scotland—the midge.

A lover of reading, she appreciates the history inside a book, and the chance to peek into the lives of those from years ago. Raven admits that she enjoys the research for her books almost as much as the writing; so much so, that sometimes she realizes she’s strayed way past the information she needs to know, and not a paragraph has been added to her WIP.

Her lovely long-suffering husband is learning to love the dust bunnies, work the Aga, and be on stand-by with a glass of wine.


You can find out more about Raven here…

http:/ / (my page)       (author page)



You Are “Under Orders” To Enjoy Doris O’Connor

I’d like to welcome, once again, Doris O’Connor to the Spicy Butterfly Garden!  She has a new release from Evernight Publishing, Under Orders, that is racing up the bestselling charts and she wants to share it with all of us.  Today, Doris has interviewed her two main character, Jonathan and Anna.  Sit back and enjoy the camaraderie between Doris, Jonathan and Anna!  It’s a treat… I promise!


Thanks so much for having me here today Jessica, to tell you more about my newest release Under Orders.

I hope you don’t mind but I brought my hero and heroine along. They were most insistent.

“Of course she won’t mind, Doris.” Jonathan flashes his most charming smile and Anna rolls her eyes.

“Well, she might. It is kind of rude to invite ourselves along, Jonathan.” Anna smiles and he simply looks at her. You know that stare his kind do so well, where you’re not sure if they’re even breathing. I shift on my seat and take a moment to truly appreciate that man’s physique. As per usual he is dressed in a designer suit that accentuates his broad shoulders. Muscles flex as he lifts a hand to brush an errand batch of his dirt blond hair out his eyes—those amazing cornflower eyes. A woman could lose herself in them, as she stares up at him, and slowly dissolves into a puddle of goo.

Okay, maybe that’s just me and Anna then…


I clear my throat and he shifts his attention to me and I am glad I’m now sitting down.

“Okay, then, being that you are here I should ask you two some questions about the book, shouldn’t I?”

Yes, that’s what you should be doing, girl, not ogling the hero you created.

Jonathan smiles and reaches across to take Anna’s hand in his. A look passes between them and I feel as though I’m intruding.

“Okay, here goes. Jonathan, you’re a vampire. How does that work in your position as CEO, and have you ever used your powers to persuade people to do what you want?”

Anna purses her lips and I grin at her. Jonathan simply smiles, and I wonder why I feel hot all of a sudden.

Just as I feel as though my limbs do not belong to me anymore Anna elbows him and I blink to refocus. That was odd.

“Behave yourself, Jonathan. Forgive him, Doris. He is just making a point. Jonathan is very good at reading people and he can erase your memory, but he can’t make you do something you don’t want to do.”

The man in question grins at me and winks, and I can’t help but wonder whether that is just what he wants her to believe.

“So, all this talk of you summoning folks to the office and them not remembering what they did, what that’s about then?” I have to ask and my toes curl inside my boots when his smile turns sinful. Yeah, I reckon he wouldn’t need any strange vamp powers to get anyone to do what he wanted them to do.

The man oozes sex appeal and confidence without even trying. He simply shrugs his shoulders and squeezes Anna’s hand.

“That all seems a long time ago now, and besides a gentleman never tells tales.”

He shows an adorable set of dimples as his smile deepens and I force myself to tear my gaze away from him.

“Is that why you went along with the instructions when it was your turn to be summoned, Anna?”

Jonathan huffs out a laugh and Anna giggles.

“Well, I didn’t follow instructions exactly. There was no way I was going to wear a set of vibrating panties to a business meeting, no matter what he said.”

“Kinda glad she didn’t. It was so much more fun without them, and of course, I did get them on her eventually.”

He reaches into his pocket and Anna sits up straighter and grasps the arm rests of her chair. I can’t hear anything over Jonathan’s low chuckle, but I’m pretty sure I know exactly what is going on. Poor Anna’s cheeks heat and I’m sure mine must be the colour of beetroot too.

Time to ask my next question and pretend I don’t notice him reaching into his pocket again. Anna’s breaths speed up and I fumble with my papers.

“You two have history. Did that help or hinder your relationship?” I address Jonathan, not daring to look at Anna, but he gives me that sinful grin again and points to Anna.

“I think you ought to answer that, my sweet.”

His voice has dropped an octave and it’s my turn to squirm in the seat. Anna’s skin is flush with arousal and she screws her eyes shut and takes deep breaths in through her nose and out through her mouth, as though to get her bearings. I’m surprised she isn’t leaving indents on the chair considering the white knuckled grip she has on those arm rests.

When she finally speaks her voice is a breathy whisper.

“I-I … shoot. I … oh damn.”

Oh damn indeed. Have you ever seen a woman come apart in front of you, fully clothed, whilst the man tormenting her just sits there and smirks? I shouldn’t watch, but can’t seem to help myself, and I make a mental note to get some of those vibrating knickers for myself.

By the time Anna has herself back under control, I feel as though I have run a marathon. Jonathan pulls her across to kiss her, and I reckon it’s time to leave them be.

“I guess, you worked it out then,” I mumble. Jonathan releases Anna long enough to look at me.

“Forgive us, Doris. We’ve just remembered we’ve left the oven on at home.”

With a gust of wind that scatters my remaining papers into the air like confetti, they disappear in front of my eyes.

Erm, okay then…



Blurb: Who ever heard of being ordered to wear vibrating panties to a business meeting? The visiting CEO may be sex-on-legs-gorgeous, but Anna knows a sexual harassment case when she sees it. No one is going to order her to entertain Jonathan Symmonds—no one but her own body it seems.

Jonathan proves a hard man to resist. When he reveals his secret identity, this daughter of a slayer ought to be running for the hills not play submissive to his dark side.

Will passion and a shared past be enough to keep them together, or is their bond doomed to end at the stake?

Be Warned: bondage, public exhibition


Clearly it had been way too long since Anna had last gotten laid if her body could respond to a complete stranger in this fashion of reckless abandonment.

He turned his attention back to the room, and Anna released the breath she’d been holding. Brian glared at her, and that uneasy feeling in her stomach returned. She squared her shoulders and stared him down, before Jonathan’s hand on her thigh pulled her attention back to him.

“I would like to thank Anna for her diligent attention to detail in drawing up these reports.” He shifted his hand higher during those few words, until he reached the top of her stocking. Digging one finger underneath he caressed the soft skin of her inner thigh, and Anna forced herself not to squirm and give the game away. “She has been most thorough, and the results will show once and for all who is responsible for this current … mishap.”

He smiled briefly, and looked toward Brian. The older man shrank in his seat. His Adam’s apple bobbed wildly as though he could barely hold onto his saliva. Beads of sweat broke out on his ruddy complexion, and Anna was half expecting the pencil he clutched to splinter under the strain of his white knuckled grip.

“I also feel the need to make it clear that Anna acted under direct orders from myself and her immediate superior.” He nodded toward Anna’s boss, and Leonard Peterson shifted to stand behind Brian, his expression as grave as she’d ever seen it.

“No one here should have any reason to hold the findings of this report against Anna.” Again he paused, and his penetrating gaze swept around the room until he seemed satisfied that he had everyone’s undivided attention. At the same time he shifted his hand higher up the inside of her thigh, until his knuckles brushed against the damp fabric covering her slit. Anna bit her lip to stop herself from moaning. The feather light touch seared her core, and her internal muscles clenched in need. The fabric grew wetter, and he was bound to notice. She risked a peek at his profile, and the slight elevation to his bottom lip told her that he knew exactly how turned on she was.

He took a deep breath and brushed his forefinger against her clit, pressing down just enough to make the little nubbin tingle in anticipation. That smirk of his deepened, when she couldn’t help her involuntary jump in response.

“Likewise no one in this room has anything to fear from these findings, unless they have not been acting in the company’s best interests. If you have indeed been mishandling funds then now would be a prudent time to own up to this fact.”

Again he paused, and Anna held her breath. He looked every inch the ruthless and dangerous business man he was reported to be. His harsh features had drawn tight, his high cheek bones accentuated under the artificial lighting that filled the room, despite the blaring sun outside the windows overlooking London’s skyline. He held himself perfectly still, the muscles bulging in tension under the light summer suit he wore. Only his finger moved in slow, measured circles, designed to drive Anna to the brink of insanity. She grasped hold of her armrests again, and coughed to hide her moan as that finger slipped under the elastic of her underwear and teased her entrance.

“I-I—” Brian shot out of his chair and looked as though he would have made a run for it, had Leonard not grabbed him by the suit lapels and pinned him against the wall. The door burst open, and two burly security guards took over and dragged Brian from the room. Anna was barely aware of the ensuing commotion, because Jonathan chose that moment to thrust two fingers knuckle deep inside her channel. Her pussy walls tightened around the digits, and Anna shut her eyes against the rising sensation deep within. There was something so deliciously naughty about the CEO finger-fucking her under the table.

The barely functioning rational side of her brain urged her to scream, to do something. He was taking liberties with her body that he had no right to take, but the other horny as hell part of her told that side to shut the fuck up, even as Jonathan added his thumb to her clit, pushing her closer and closer to release.

“Leonard, get Anna a glass of water. She is looking a little flushed.”

Her eyes flew open at the amused words, and she knew her cheeks must be as red as the roses in the vase across the room, when her boss stepped close enough to her to see exactly what was happening under the table. Jonathan did not release her. If anything he stepped up his assault, curling his fingers in such a way that he massaged her sweet spot deep inside.

Leonard cleared his throat repeatedly, and the water splashed over the side of the glass he was pouring for Anna, masking the wet sounds of Jonathan’s fingers thrusting in and out of her sopping cunt. She would leave a visible stain on her skirt and chair at this rate, but Anna could no more stop herself from climbing towards bliss than she could stop breathing. She dug her fingers into the arms of her chair and bit her lip so hard she drew blood, as her orgasm hit her with the full force of a speeding train. Irrespective of where she was, or perhaps because of it, waves of pleasure crashed over her, as her body shook in delicious aftershocks. Jonathan did not withdraw his fingers until the last of her shudders stopped, and when she opened her eyes it was to find the room empty, bar the three of them.

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Author Bio:

Glutton for punishment would be a good description for Doris… at least that’s what she hears on an almost daily basis when people find out that she has a brood of nine children, ranging from adult to toddler and lives happily in a far too small house, cluttered with children, pets, dust bunnies, and one very understanding and supportive husband. Domestic goddess she is not.

There is always something better to do after all, like working on the latest manuscript and trying not to scare the locals even more than usual by talking out loud to the voices in her head. Her characters tend to be pretty insistent to get their stories told, and you will find Doris burning the midnight oil on a regular basis. Only time to get any peace and quiet and besides, sleep is for wimps.

She likes to spin sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die for, and heroines who give as good as they get. From contemporary to paranormal, BDSM to F/F, and Ménage, haunting love stories are guaranteed.

STALKING LINKS:                                                                                  

Website Blog Twitter  Facebook Pinterest  Evernight Publishing

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Author Chain Interview – Insight Into Jessica Jayne

One of my very talented Evernight Publishing sisters, Ella Grey, asked me to partake in a “chain” interview.   You know.. like the old “chain letters.”  A writer tags another writer and all of us answer the same questions.  There are no warnings of bad luck or growing warts if you don’t participate, but it is definitely fun to see how others in your field do what they do.  Authors are interesting folks and each one is unique in what they write, why they write and how they write it.

Make sure to check out Ella’s answers

Next stop on the chain is Stephanie Berget.

My answers are below:

What are you working on right now?

I’m working on a few things right now.  I have started writing a contemporary erotic romance involving a Florida cowboy.  I’m planning on making it into a series because this cowboy has two brothers as well.  The brothers work and run their family citrus farm.  And of course, they need love, so I have found them some love interests!  I’m a sucker for a cowboy hat!   🙂

I’ve also had a short story accepted for Evernight’s Romance on the Go line entitled, Board Stiff.  It will be a part of a short series called Taking Advantage.  The series captures a snapshot in the love life of three younger men that sit on the board of directors for an insurance company called Advantage.  It’s been a blast to write.

I’m also working on a sequel to my first published novella, More Than Friends.  The demand was high for more of Jeni and Brian’s story, so I am just starting on that.  I also have a short story that I just completed and submitted.  Let’s just say… I’m not sitting around twiddling my thumbs!  😉
How does it differ from other works in its genre?

I think it differs because it’s written by me!  😉  I write contemporary erotic romance.  There is a lot in the genre, especially right now.  But each writer has a distinct voice and style and that’s what separates all of us.
What experiences have influenced you?

I am a survivor of sexual assault.  By far, that was the most influential event in my life.  I was young when it happened and it shaped my perceptions of myself, men and sex.  I had many years of counseling and a lot of determination to move beyond the actual incident itself.   Though it was a horrible thing to experience, it made me who and what I am today… and I’m good with that because I like me.
Why do you write what you do?

I write erotic romances because I also like and read them.  I know since I started reading this genre, I’ve learned so many things… some of which I use in my own relationship.  😉  And of course, what woman doesn’t love romance?!
How does your writing process work?

My writing process is rarely the same.  Usually, a scene pops into my head.  I let it play out a bit… write some notes.  Then, I sit down and write out the scene.  Sometimes the characters are not quite developed… or I don’t know what the underlying conflict is.  I just know this scene.  From the scene, a story develops.  On occasion, I’ll go back to the beginning and write from there.  Other times, I hop all over the place and then weave the story together.  Most of the time, I have to go back and tweak the original scene that started it all, but I’ve yet to take out the original scene from my stories.
What is the hardest part about writing?

To be honest, the hardest part for me is finding the time to write.  I work a full-time job that involves some travel.  I have three children six years old and younger.  I have a husband, a dog and a house to run.  I am a social butterfly with lots of friends.  And I love to spend time with my family.  So, my days are busy.  I force myself to write 45-60 minutes a day.  A lot of days, I write more than that.  Some days I just write 45 minutes and it’s all crap!  🙂

Aside from the time aspect, my only other struggle is finding the right title for a story!  You need something that not only captures the story, but will also capture the readers’ attention.
What would you like to try as a writer that you haven’t yet?

I have not written a full-length novel yet.  My Florida cowboy story is going to be full-length and I’m excited about that!
Who are the authors you most admire?

I’ll admit… I’m a huge fan of Sylvia Day.  I LOVE the Crossfire series.  I’m also a big fan of Olivia Cunning, Alice Clayton and Cherrie Lynn.  I’ve always loved reading their books.  I’ve enjoyed Laura Kaye.  Since signing on to Evernight Publishing, I’ve also become a huge fan of Jenika Snow.  Her stories are great and she writes like a fiend.  She has a new book out almost every week!  🙂

From an old school perspective, I’ve always admired Ernest Hemingway’s storytelling.
Who are new authors to watch out for?

Stephanie Berget.  Our Evernight Publishing releases came out right around the same time, so we became fast buddies.  I’ve read her book, Sugarwater Ranch, and I love it.  She’s got some serious talent!
What scares you?

Spiders!  Plain and simple!  I don’t care if my husband has to use a magnifying glass to see it in order to kill it.  If it’s a spider, I scream and jump up on whatever I can to make sure it doesn’t get near me!  My husband will then walk in the room with a tissue and a smile and ask me where it is.  He calls it my “spider scream.”  😉

Hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me, Ella and Stephanie!

In Flames Heats Up the Wet and Wild Blog Hop


So excited to have joined the Wet and Wild Blog hop sponsored by Skye Warren. School’s almost out! Summer is almost here! It’s time to hit the beach or the pool and soak up the sun. If you’re anything like me, that means you need some good books to read! I often look back on my high school and college days and remember how excited I was to hit the book store and find a few good reads to get me through the summer. Now all those options are at our fingertips… literally.

If you’re looking for a scorching read about a sexy firefighter to start your summer off hot, then I’ve got the book for you… my latest release from Evernight Publishing… In Flames! 

in-flames1m cover

Read the blurb below:

Gracelyn Riley married a firefighter.  She knew that came with risks.  But she never imagined herself widowed in her early thirties with two children to care for on her own.

As a fireman, Matt Riley was at the scene when his brother, Chad, was killed.  He suffered greatly from survivor’s guilt and depression after the accident.

The last year has been difficult for both Gracelyn and Matt.  They’ve relied on each other to get through the tough times.  With the anniversary of Chad’s death upon them, Gracelyn and Matt once again turn to each other for comfort and support.  They find it in each other’s arms.  Will their desire for each other consume them?  Can they overcome the guilt and scrutiny of those around them to find love again…together?

inflames banner

 And here’s an excerpt from In Flames to give you a little taste:

“Is this why you’re here, Gracey,” Matt asked.   He took a step closer to her.  “Did you come here to scold me some more?  To tell me to grow up?  To question how I feel about you?”  His hands grabbed her by the shoulders and pressed her against the side of his truck bed.   She gasped.  He stood mere inches from her.  His mouth watered to taste her.  Her sweet strawberry scent enveloped him and made him a little lightheaded.  “Or did you come here with hopes that I would slam you against my truck, hike up your dress and sink deep inside you with my now rock hard cock?”  Gracelyn inhaled sharply at his words.

Matt lowered his mouth harshly on hers.  His lips molded to hers until his tongue was able to push through her lips.  He thrust his tongue deep into her mouth… exploring and tasting her.  One hand weaved into her hair and held her head still so he could continue to explore her mouth just the way he wanted.  Her arms wrapped around his neck.    His other hand slid down her side and inched up the skirt of her dress.  Gracelyn moaned softly as his hand made contact with her thigh.  Slowly, his hand edged up her thigh to her pelvis.

“You don’t fucking disappoint, do you, Gracelyn?”  He groaned into her mouth as he felt no panties on underneath her dress.  His fingers grazed over her mound.  “Did you have panties on at Brier Hill?  And you better answer that with a yes.” he said penetratingly.  The idea that she ran around in a dress to a work social function with no panties on both infuriated and excited him.

inflames banner

You can buy In Flames at the following links:

In Flames at Evernight

In Flames at Amazon

In Flames at All Romance

In Flames at Bookstrand

As part of the Wet and Wild Blog hop, there are a ton of awesome giveaways and prizes at each stop.  Grand prizes for this blog hop are incredible and shown below.  Make sure you leave a comment here and on the other blogs you visit with your email address so you can be contacted if you win a prize.  At the bottom of this post is a link to my Rafflecopter giveaway.  I will be giving away an ebook copy of my new book, In Flames, and a $10 egift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble.   Plus, most of the other amazing authors on the Wet and Wild blog hop are also giving away fantastic prizes.  You don’t want to miss out on any of this!  🙂


Once you’ve finished here and left me a comment, please be sure to visit all the other great authors available on the Wet and Wild Blog Hop by visiting

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A Window Into Hazel Gower’s Letters to Her Soldier

Hazel Gower is one cool chick and I’m pretty thrilled to have her at The Spicy Butterfly Garden today showcasing her latest book from Evernight Publishing, Letters to Her Soldier.  Hazel has provided us with a glimpse into the story of Caleb and Bianca.  I can’t wait to dive into this one myself.  Enjoy!


Blurb  :

Can you fall in love with someone through their letters?

Bianca  Gardiner’s best friend Greta asks her to write a letter to her brother  on the front line, she just never expected a response. Yet Caleb asks  for more. Bianca uses the letters as a confession each week, pouring  out  her soul and divulging information she normally wouldn’t share with  anyone.

Warrant  Officer, Caleb Sutten fell in love with Bianca through the letters she  sent him over five years. Each sweet word helped to keep him sane. But  every time he comes home for leave, Bianca goes into hiding.

Not this time.

From  the moment they’re together, their passion ignites. Caleb will stop at  nothing to pull her out of the dark and put her into his arms, where  she  belongs.


“I don’t know why you can’t pick your brother up, ” Bianca said on the phone with her friend Greta.

“We’re  getting a surprise ready for him.  You know it’s his birthday  next  weekend.  We’re doing a big combined welcome home party.  It’s  taking a  lot to organize.  ” Greta paused.  “Because I’m off next  weekend for the  celebration, I couldn’t get this weekend too.  And I  thought you might  like to pick him up since you’ve been sending him  letters for the last  couple of years. ”

Bianca  groaned.  “Sending letters is totally different than talking  and seeing  him in person.  The last time I saw Caleb, I was a chubby  little girl  who followed him around everywhere. ”

Greta  laughed.  “Well, you’re not anymore.  You can’t keep avoiding  him.   Don’t think I haven’t noticed that every time he gets leave, you  go  MIA.  He’s home for a while now teaching new recruits, so you won’t  be  able to avoid him the whole time.  Unless you move. ”

Bianca wondered if her work would okay a transfer.  She was their star wedding cake maker.

“Don’t even think about it, Bianca.  I will hunt you down and drag you back. ”

Sighing in defeat, Bianca looked around the airport for Caleb.  “Fine, but he doesn’t know what I look like.  I haven’t se—”

“Yes, he does.  I’ve been sending him pictures of us, of you. ”

“You what?” A bunch of people turned to glare at Bianca.  “You did what? I told him no when he asked for pictures. ”

“Why on earth would you do that?”

Scrubbing  a hand over her face, Bianca looked up at the arrival board  to see  Caleb’s plane had landed a good ten minutes ago.  “I was scared.  I  didn’t know what picture to send.  I look nothing like the girls I  remember he liked to date.  I’m not five-seven with legs that go on   forever, a blonde, or a size under double digits.  I don’t think I ever  will be any of those things.  I’m a wedding cake maker and designer,  and  I like taste testing my food too much. ”

There  was quiet on the other end of the line for a moment before Greta  replied.  “You do realize the way to a man’s heart is with food. ”

“You  can say that because you’re a size ten, and your mother taught  you how  to cook.  Hey, aren’t you supposed to be at work? That’s why I  had to  come and pick Caleb up instead of you?”

Bianca  was met with another silent reply, and a niggling feeling came  over her  that Greta was up to something more than just a welcome-home,  birthday  surprise for Caleb.

“Sorry.  Busy working and getting the surprise ready to go.  Talk later.  Bye. ”

The  uneasy feeling got bigger as Bianca put the phone back in her  bag.   Straightening her shoulders, she looked around again.  Army men  come out  of the gate in full uniform, and she slowly walked forward.   “Oh my,  they do look so good. ”

An older lady next to her chuckled and asked, “Yes, they do.  Any of them yours?”

Bianca  shook her head and started to say no when Caleb walked out with two  other men.  Tall, he stood well over six feet with broad shoulders and a  tight muscular body.  Bianca couldn’t see much of his dark olive skin  in his Army uniform.  His hat covered his jet black hair and his  piercing deep dark brown eyes set above a strong masculine jaw.

Caleb searched the crowd before his gaze stopped on her.  He stalked forward.  “Hey, beautiful. ”

Bianca  stared at him, stunned, as he pulled her to him, and his mouth  come  down on hers.  He held her tightly as his lips crushed hers and  his  tongue traced her lips, asking for entry.

With  her mind going a million miles a minute, it took her a moment  before  she moaned, wrapped her arms around Caleb, opened her mouth, and met his  tongue with hers.

He pulled away, leaving her panting, and she wondered if she’d fallen into some parallel universe.

Caleb smiled down at her, showing perfect white teeth.  “Ready to go.  Just need to grab my backpack. ”

Speechless,  she nodded as he grabbed her hand and walked over to the  baggage  carrousel.  She trailed behind him probably looking like a  stunned  mullet.  Caleb didn’t let go of her hand when he grabbed his  big  backpack, shoved it on one shoulder, and then pulled her toward the  exit.

“Where did you park?”

Bianca pointed to her left, not trusting her voice to talk.

“Do you still have the little white sports car?”

She froze, and he stopped and looked back at her.  “How do you know I have a Honda Integra?”

A  huge grin spread over his face.  “The first picture I got from Greta  was of you with the car your parents bought you.  She told me all  about  how you corrupted her to go racing in it. ”

Bianca watched his eyes light up as he moved to box her in against the car behind her.

“That’s not the best part.  The picture she sent is of you laid back on your car, posing in only a white bikini. ”

She gulped, and thought of the best way to kill her best friend…scratch that, ex-best friend the next time she saw her.

Where to buy Letters To Her Soldier:


All Romance



hazel me      About Hazel Gower

I’m a mother of four terrors between the ages of two and  seven. In my spare time, the little I have, I write and take off into my own worlds. I started writing down my story ideas in high school, and never really stopped.  Writing, I have to say, is my salvation.   After I’ve gotten all the kids in bed and have cleaned up, I sit at my computer or sometimes a notebook with a pencil and relax, write, and escape.  I love to hear from any of my readers, so feel free to send me an email and like me on Facebook.

Timing Is Everything – Isn’t It? Ask Tamsin Baker!

Tamsin Baker’s Timing is Everything

Today, I’d like to welcome Tamsin Baker, an Evernight Publishing sister to the Spicy Butterfly Garden.  Tamsin is here promoting her hot new Evernight Publishing Romance on the Go, Timing is Everything.  She’s given us a scorching excerpt from her new book!  Enjoy… I know I did!


Excerpt from Timing Is Everything:

Mark held open Angie’s door and guided her into the car without touching her. Sadness and disappointment shut down her breathing. Angie knew she shouldn’t have felt that way after he had shared such an incredible experience with her, but she did and she didn’t know what to do about the tension between them now.

They had always walked a tight line, Mark and her. He was currently single but had been married for almost ten years before a messy divorce and several girlfriends. She was currently in a new but committed relationship.

They never seemed to get their lives to coordinate properly and their timing was always off. Maybe she shouldn’t have pushed so hard to come investigate this party with him? Had she threatened their friendship?

Mark slipped into the driver side, his hand going to his pants to readjust himself.

“Sorry.” He apologized as he started the car.

Angie laughed. What else was there to do at a moment like this? They were both turned on, and yet they could do nothing about it. “Why? I’m as uncomfortable as you are, I’m sure.”

His head turned to her, brown eyes piercing in the darkness. Angie didn’t let her gaze drop. She had always wanted this man and her arousal was partly due to him. But, she couldn’t, she was in a relationship!

However, with Angie’s heart rate increasing steadily and her head fuzzy as though intoxicated, that didn’t seem all that pertinent at the moment.

“You’re aroused?” His voice was gruff, as though he had been standing around a campfire too long.

Angie giggled, again inappropriately. “Of course I am. Did you see that final scene? Wow …”

Mark cleared his throat and shifted in his car seat again. His face showed worry and something Angie couldn’t work out, which was unusual as she usually read him better than anyone.

She frowned as she surveyed him a moment longer. “Mark, what’s wrong?”

He cleared his throat and set his shoulders. “We’ve been friends a long time and I have no wish to ruin that …” he trailed off.

Angie’s heart rate sped up again and she clenched her knees together as a new gush of wetness soaked her panties. “Yes?”

“I’ve always wanted to taste you.”


Tamsin Baker’s Bio:

Tamsin Baker is an Aussie girl who LOVES to read.

For fifteen years she read romance looking for the ‘good’ bits.

When she found erotic romance and pure erotica reading it was like coming home to people who knew what she wanted to read and wow, did her head space change.

Tamsin could now read what she wanted and found she could write a little too.

She’s only beginning this journey but she looks forward to putting out lots of books in the future and reading even more!

Enjoy and thank you.

You can find Tamsin Baker at the links below:

Buy Link: