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7th Annual Black Friday Book Bonanza – Let Me Love You – Pre-Order

Happy Day-After Thanksgiving or as the retailers like to call it – Happy Black Friday!  Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday and if you are one of those Black Friday shoppers, I do hope your long waits in line were worth it!


Welcome to the 7th Annual Black Book Friday Bonanza. I’m thrilled to be a part of this blog hop because it falls perfectly before the new release of my new novel – Let Me Love You.

Let Me Love You E-Book Cover

Twenty-three-year-old Ren Haynes returns home after graduating college with two goals–start his engineering career and claim the heart of his parents’ thirty-one-year-old divorced neighbor, Stacey Williams.

Stacey is nursing her broken heart and shattered ego. Not only did her ex-husband have an affair, he got the woman pregnant. Picking up the pieces of her life isn’t easy, so when Ren taps into her need to feel desired again, she finds herself in a position she never imagined.

Can Ren help to rebuild her confidence and convince her that age is just a number?

This story is near and dear to me and a long time coming. Back in 2015, I started writing the story of Ren and Stacey. At the time, it was called Love Thy Neighbor. I submitted the first 5,000 words of it to the Pages From the Heart writing contest just for the heck of it. And it won! 🙂

But commitments to other projects and life got in the way of me completing it. It sat in my WIP folder begging to be told. I worked on it periodically in the early part of 2017 with a promise that I’d publish it before year-end. After attending the RWA National Conference in Orlando in July, I was revived and inspired by so many aspiring and well-known authors that the rest of the story just starting pouring out of me. And as the story unfolded, I realized so did a new title for the story. If you pre-order it and read it on December 18th, you’ll understand why. Pre-order it on Amazon here.

Let Me Love You blurb

As part of this blog hop, I’m giving away a $15 Amazon gift card. All you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter. Plus, you can earn extra points in the giveaway by tweeting about my new release or following me on Facebook. Good luck and happy blog hopping.


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A big thanks to Kim @ The Caffeinated Book Reviewer and Marlene @ Reading Reality for hosting this blog hop.

Don’t forget to the visit the other sites to find new authors and enter the numerous giveaways. You don’t want to miss out.

Evernight Publishing’s Book Boyfriend Blog Hop – Meet Firefighter Matt Riley of In Flames




The Book Boyfriend Blog Hop is back and better than ever!


The authors of Evernight have a brand new team of swoon-worthy book boyfriend candidates. A sexy assortment of cowboys, Doms, detectives, millionaires, royalty, vampires, soldiers, firefighters and shifters are just a click away.


Get ready to find your next book boyfriend…


Book boyfriends come in all forms, quite literally, that’s the great thing about reading romance. But the ones that seem to get my heart racing and juices flowing the most are the ones that seem the most real to me… with a past, with emotion, with heart! No true hero is perfect! That’s why we love him! Perfection is overrated!

Last year, Matt Riley from my book, In Flames, arrived right around the time of Evernight’s first Book Boyfriend Blog Hop. In fact, he arrived on April 25, 2013 (so it’s also kind of my publishversary for In Flames)! Matt had been on the scene of the fire when his brother was killed on the job. Not being able to save his brother plagued him for quite some time. He and his sister-in-law, Gracelyn, leaned on each other to get through the loss and a love formed between the two of them… a love that marred him with guilt, but a love that he desperately wanted to give in to. Read Matt’s struggle in In Flames to find out exactly how Matt got to his happy ending! 😉

You can find Matt and Gracelyn’s story here:  Evernight  Amazon  ARe Bookstrand

in-flames1m cover   66255b1cacb7e76c3e8727473eb97e19 (2)

Aside from being a strong and sexy firefighterMatt’s also a guy with a lot of emotion and a very big heart!

1e905c2ff62393614a987cece499ef7c 41192a57bb589589add0491e7f405f59


What makes Matt a great book boyfriend? I could tell you what I think makes him a great book boyfriend. Or we can ask him some questions and you can see for yourself.

My front door creaks open! Damn! I need to get my husband to WD-40 that thing!

Look at that! Speak of the devil! Here he comes, swaggering into my living room in a pair of jeans slung low on his hips and a nicely fitted red t-shirt that hugs his chest in ways that make a girl go weak in the knees. He’s got a little scruff along his jaw line and I must admit, it looks good!


Jessica:                Hey Matt!

Matt:                     Jess! It’s been awhile. Do you need me to fix that squeaky door for you?

Jessica:                Nah! But thanks for offering. The hubby likes projects! *winks* Come on over and have a seat! *waves him over to the couch*

Matt:                     Can I give you a hug before I take that seat?

Jessica:                Of course! *smiles big*

He gives me a big squeeze and I enjoy the feel of his strong arms and his woodsy scent…for crying out loud, he’s dreamy! Pulling back, his mouth quirks up on one side as if he knows exactly what I’m thinking. He takes a seat on my new shale colored sectional couch.

Matt:                     Wow! This couch is comfy.

He bounces around on it like a kid and I can’t help but laugh.

Jessica:                Thanks! Just bought it a few weeks ago. We love it. Needed something comfortable but sturdy with the kids.

Matt:                     I’m going to have to talk to Gracey. We’re in need of a new couch and I really like this. It’s firm where it needs to be but soft and comfortable all the same. Kind of like a good woman. *he winks*

Jessica :                *blushing a little at his statement* Speaking of Gracey, how is she?

Matt:                     She’s fantastic, as usual.

His golden eyes get that glassy look of someone thinking of about the person they are head over heels in love with.

Jessica:                *clears throat*

Matt:                    Sorry. Got lost when you asked about Gracey. We had a great morning.

He gives a naughty smile and I sigh. Lucky girl!

Matt:                     Anyway, she’s busy at work at the court house and Josh and Jenna are both in spring soccer, so we’re both hopping after school and on Saturday mornings with practice and games. Plus, Brian kicked some serious ass in football last fall and has already started the spring training for next season.

Jessica:                So lots of family activities?

Matt:                     Absolutely.

Jessica:                I know your son, Brian, took things a little hard initially. Has he adjusted to things?

Matt:                     He held out hope for several years that his mom and I would get back together. I think a lot of kids of divorce do that, especially if they’re young when it happens. But he’s known Gracelyn his entire life and he already loved her. He’s come around.

Jessica:                 Good to hear. Kids are so resilient. And Josh and Jenna? How are they doing with you as a father figure instead of just Uncle Matt?

Matt:                     It was a little easier adjustment for them because I’ve been around regularly since Chad’s passing.

His voice cracks and he dips his head. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he inhales deeply and looks at me.

Matt:                     I’m sorry. I still sometimes get choked up when I talk about Chad. I’ve come a long way since that day, but it still hurts. I miss my brother every day. I’m trying to help Gracey raise his kids in the best possible way, so they know how much their father loved them. Some day, I hope it all makes sense to them.

Jessica:                 *a little misty-eyed* You never have to apologize to me.

Matt:                     Thanks *smiles softly*

Jessica:                 So are you and Gracey still in the “honeymoon” phase?

Matt:                     I’d like to hope that we’ll always be in the “honeymoon” phase.

Jessica:                 That’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

Matt:                     Definitely. But yes, we’re still in the “can’t keep our hands off each other” stage. And I love it. I love being around her, being with her.

Jessica:                 You know this conversation is about what makes you a great book boyfriend, so we’re going to have to get into some of the nitty-gritty of what makes you tick.

Matt:                     *laughs* Like what? My favorite position during sex?

Jessica:                 That sounds like a great place to start. So, what is it?

Matt:                     *laughs* In all honesty, I do love all positions. I love sex! What can I say? But my favorite position is one where I can look into Gracelyn’s eyes when we’re making love. I love watching her come apart all around. That gets me off more than the act itself sometimes. Doesn’t necessarily have to be missionary though there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ll admit, there are times when doggie-style is what you need. Oh, she’s going to kill me when she sees this. *laughs*

Jessica:                 What do you find most physically attractive about a woman?

Matt:                     Eyes and smile, first. You can tell a lot about a person by the expressiveness in their eyes and the depth of their smile. Women particularly. I’ve loved Gracey’s blue eyes from the moment I met her, back when she was dating Chad. I told him the first time he introduced her to me that he’d better hang on to her and it had a lot to do with the warmth in her eyes and her genuine smile.

Jessica:                 Awwww! You’re such a sweetheart!

He smiles at me.

Jessica:                 And once you get past the face?

Matt:                     I’m an ass man. *grins* Don’t get me wrong, I don’t shy away from a woman’s breasts, but I love watching Gracelyn walk around in a tight pair of jeans that hug her backside. God! Or sometimes at night, she’ll wear these little panties and one of my t-shirts. I love curves on a woman. Women aren’t supposed to be skin and bones. Gracey’s got this muscular, curvy body that I just can’t keep my hands off. I can run my hand over the curve of her low back to the rise of her ass and be hard in an instance. Shit! Can we change the subject? I’m getting myself worked up over here.

Jessica:                 *chuckles* Okay! But all the ladies out there like the idea of working you up.

Matt:                     Only one lady I’m worried about, Jess, besides you, of course! *winks*

Jessica:                 Since you’re sweet talking me, I’ll move on. *smiles* Your job as a firefighter is physically challenging. How do you stay in shape for it?

Matt:                     I run about ten to fifteen miles per week and I hit the gym at the station house pretty hard. Plus, we have regular training.

Jessica:                 Will you show us a little bit of your washboard abs?

Matt:                     Are you trying to get me in trouble?

Jessica:                 I’ve already spoken to Gracey and she’s okayed every question thus far, including this one. She knows you’re hers, so she doesn’t mind showing you off.

He stands up on my plush honey colored rug, his dark brown work boots contrast nicely. His cheeks flush a little as if he’s embarrassed.

Jessica:                Are you embarrassed, Matt?

Matt:                   Maybe a little.

Jessica:                Let’s go in the backyard and make this like a nature shot. A shirtless shot of you in my living room isn’t as sexy as a rugged outdoor shot.

We both start laughing.

Matt:                  Seriously?

Jessica:               Yes!  I mean you did pose for the 2014 Northeast Ohio Firemen’s Calendar. This should be a walk in the park. You do want to win best book boyfriend, right?

86293ab0d011f12692c7d2dc8147855b 5631ebdeb65a58df1ed4c959e21187f5

Matt:                  Of course, I do! *winks*

We walk out my back door and into my backyard, which is shrouded by a woody preserve. He lifts his shirt. Good God! He is ripped and sexy as fuck! Gracelyn is a lucky lady! I snap a picture with my phone.


After I snap the picture, he puts his shirt back down and walks over to hug me.

Matt:                *looking at his photo on my phone* Do you think that picture will win it for me?

Jessica:              It should definitely put you in the running, Matty. Thanks so much!

We walk back into my house. I pour us each a glass of iced tea and we chill out for a bit talking about life and such. Matt Riley, he really is one fucking cool guy!


What’s up for grabs?

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  • I’m giving away a free ecopy of In Flames and a ten dollar ($10) gift card to Evernight Publishing (combined for one winner)
  • How to enter? Answer this question in the comments below…

    Aside from good looks (which we all can agree is important for a book boyfriend), what is the one quality that your book boyfriend must have?


    Be sure to leave the answer and your email address to be eligible to win a prize. Each comment gives you an entry for the grand prize (one per blog hop stop).


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Meet The Author Blog Hop – Matt Riley of In Flames Interviews Author Jessica Jayne

What’s up?  I bet you’re all wondering what I, Matt Riley, am doing here at the Spicy Butterfly Garden.  It does seem odd that a fireman from an erotic romance novel would be blog-posting on his author’s website.  But as it stands, Jessica Jayne asked me to interview her for the Meet the Author Blog Hop and I had a hard time passing up this opportunity.

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Matt Riley and I’m best known as the hero of Jessica Jayne’s novel, In Flames.

in-flames1m cover

I am a firefighter and with that role comes life-threatening experiences and moments of heroism.  It’s a humbling, yet fascinating field and the camaraderie amongst my co-workers is much like a second family.  And I owe a lot to them.


My brother, Chad, who was also a firefighter died while fighting a fire and that was a very difficult time in my life and his widow, Gracelyn’s.  But Gracey and I became extremely close and have helped each other through the grieving process and are now moving on.  I’m not going to go too much into the details of my relationship with Gracey.  If you want to find out where we stand, you will need to read Jessica’s book.  In fact, if you’re really curious, you can purchase it here:

Evernight     Amazon      ARe      Bookstrand

Anyway, here comes Jessica!  Hey there, Jess!  How are you?

Jessica: Matt!  Hi!  I’m doing well.  It’s been very busy, but good.

Matt:     What is keeping you so busy?

Jessica:   Well, my three children just started back to elementary school and that always seems to cause chaos in the schedule for the first several weeks.  Despite all three of them loving school, it’s the getting everyone up in the morning and with the program that tends to be the issue.

Matt:     Ha-ha!  I can relate.  Brian, Jenna and Josh will start back to school today (August 26), so Gracey and I have been prepping them by sending them to bed earlier and waking them up early for the last week.  Not happy campers.

Jessica: It’s hard coming off summer vacation.  I remember those days.  It’s like coming off a vacation and going back to work when you’re an adult. It’s no fun!

Matt:     Very true, Jess.  So, did you do anything fun this summer?

Jessica: Of course! We took the kids to Legoland.  Went bowling and to a trampoline park.  Took the kids to their first fine dining restaurant for a “fancy dinner” as they like to call it.  We did some fishing and spent some quality time on the beach.  In fact, we rented a house on the beach for the family and hung out for seven days.  It was glorious.  We’d roll out of bed in the morning and right into the swimming pool.  Then we’d wander back to the house for lunch and a nap.  After nap, we’d roll out to the beach to hang for the afternoon and catch sunset.  It was extremely relaxing.  We had family and friends visit us.  It was lovely.

Matt:  Sounds like a great summer.  Everyone can use down time.  Did you do any other traveling over the summer?

Jessica:    Anyone who knows anything about me knows I love to travel, so I try to squeeze in long weekends or quick trips here and there.  My husband and I took a long weekend just the two of us and went to St. Augustine.  We stayed in a lovely bed and breakfast called At Journey’s End and just enjoyed the romantic and historic elements of that wonderful city.  We did a historical bike tour, took a sunset sail on a sailboat and ate very well.

Matt:     I know with kids it is not always easy to find that “couple time.”  Sounds like you and your husband try to find that time.  It’s important to the relationship.

Jessica: Couldn’t agree more.  If you don’t feed your relationship, you will starve it.  And we lucked out!  Both of our parents live fairly close to us, so they love taking the kids from time to time to give us that “couple time” and they get that “grandparents time.”

Matt:     So, what has you excited for the foreseeable future?

Jessica: Football!  College football to be more precise!  The Ohio State Buckeyes to be exact!  And of course, GameDay with Kirk Herbstreit!  *smiles*

Matt:     I should have known you’d go there! *laughs*  I’m pretty psyched about this year’s Buckeyes team too!  What is it about football season that gets you all riled up?

Jessica: I grew up in the Midwest, in Ohio in a house with a father and a brother that lived and breathed sports, particularly football.  I probably went to my first high school football when I was two years old.  It has been ingrained in me since I can remember.  Plus, it’s hard not to like a bunch of guys running around in tight pants getting all sweaty and stuff.  *winks*

Matt:     You women!  *rolls his eyes and chuckles*  Gracey says the same thing!

Jessica: Gracey is a smart woman!

Matt:     That she is!  Any new books you’re working on that you want to share with us?

Jessica: Actually… yes!  I have new release coming out this Tuesday, August 27th! Board Approved is the second book in the Taking Advantage series.  Board Approved involves Greg Snow, a 42 year old corporate attorney, that has dedicated his life to his work because his first marriage failed miserably.  He didn’t really want to put his heart into a relationship again.  He is a member of the board of directors for Advantage Insurance Company and meets Tessa Mills at Advantage on board day.  Tessa is a twenty-something yoga instructor that teaches lunch time classes at Advantage.  She’s had a rough go of things and has generally had a bad run of guys in her life.  What happens to two lost souls when they find each other?  Can they overcome all the obstacles that stand in their way?


Matt:     What?!  You aren’t going to tell us the answers to those questions?  *laughs*

Jessica: Nope.  You’ll have to read the book to find out. *winks*

Matt:     How did you come up with the Taking Advantage series?

Jessica: I came up with the first book in the story, Board Stiff, while I was sitting outside of the boardroom waiting to give a presentation to a board of directors.  I thought… hmmmm… there’s a story here!  I flipped over a corner of my presentation papers and jotted down the idea.  From there the series idea just popped into my head.  So, I’m doing three books about three guys on this board.  They are all good-looking, single and at the top of their individual careers.  I thought they also needed a love life, so I’m giving them each one. *smiles*


Matt:     It’s interesting that every day events in your life trigger a story for you.  Not being an author or writer of any sort, I’d have thought you needed to sit down and really think to come up with a story line.

Jessica: Fortunately, life provides ample storylines.  I carry a notebook in my purse and jot things down as they come up.  Your story with Gracelyn came to me as I was waiting in my car in the parking lot of a restaurant.  I was waiting to meet some friends and I saw this couple come out of the restaurant.  They appeared in love, but yet, they seem restrained… afraid or concerned about people seeing them together.  Hence, the scene in In Flames where you and Gracelyn are leaving the bar and grill.  *winks*

Matt:     Ahhhh!  I love that scene! Though it was emotional.

Jessica: Wouldn’t be a romance if there was no emotion!

Matt:     Very true.  *chuckles*  So, can you tell us three of your most favorite activities?

Jessica: Hmmm… spending time with my kids and husband is top of the list.  I don’t really care what we’re doing.  There are always laughs and I love few things more than the sound of my children’s laughter.  I’m a family kind of person, so spending time with family like my sister, my brother, my parents, counsins, in-laws, etc.  I come from a rather large extended family, so I enjoy that kind of stuff.  I’m a relationship kind of person meaning that I’d rather spend time with people than spend money on things.  So, one of my other favorite activities is spending time with my friends.  I’ve always had good friends and over the last few years I’ve met some really amazing women that I consider some of my best friends ever. We do all sorts of things, like country line dancing, going to the movies, playing board games.

Matt:     What is your favorite board game?

Jessica: Great question.  My favorites have been Apples to Apples or the Fifty Shades of Grey game.  Yep!  There is a board game based on the books!  It’s hysterical.  But we had a game night recently with other couples and played Cards Against Humanity, a game for horrible people.  I’m pretty sure none of us have laughed that hard in quite some time.  We had a roll of toilet paper on the table so that we could wipe the tears that would flow from laughing so hard.  It’s a must, but it’s definitely an adult game!

Matt:     Sounds great.  I’m going to look that one up when I get home.  We’re always looking for something new to do with our friends.  As I understand the rules of this blog hop, you have to offer a code word.  Do you have yours?

Jessica:  Sure do.  Code word – fireman

Matt:  *laughs* Great one!  Anything you want to add before we wrap this up?

Jessica: I’d like to thank you for taking the time to interview my for this blog hop, Matt.  I appreciate it!  I’d also like to thank my husband, family and friends for their constant support in this crazy journey I’ve decided to take on.  I’d like to thank Evernight Publishing for taking so many chances on me.  They are a great publisher.  I’d like to express great appreciation to the book reviewers and bloggers that help get us newer authors’ names out there!  And I’d like to thank the readers for giving my characters and stories a chance.  It’s always been a dream of mine to be an author and it’s a great privilege to be given the opportunity.

Matt:     Awesome, Jess!  Enjoy your week!  🙂

You can find Jessica here:!/pages/Author-Jessica-Jayne/388268367912903

Twitter:  @JessicaJayne13

Thanks to Kasey Dean for putting this blog hop and giveaway together!
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In Flames Heats Up the Wet and Wild Blog Hop


So excited to have joined the Wet and Wild Blog hop sponsored by Skye Warren. School’s almost out! Summer is almost here! It’s time to hit the beach or the pool and soak up the sun. If you’re anything like me, that means you need some good books to read! I often look back on my high school and college days and remember how excited I was to hit the book store and find a few good reads to get me through the summer. Now all those options are at our fingertips… literally.

If you’re looking for a scorching read about a sexy firefighter to start your summer off hot, then I’ve got the book for you… my latest release from Evernight Publishing… In Flames! 

in-flames1m cover

Read the blurb below:

Gracelyn Riley married a firefighter.  She knew that came with risks.  But she never imagined herself widowed in her early thirties with two children to care for on her own.

As a fireman, Matt Riley was at the scene when his brother, Chad, was killed.  He suffered greatly from survivor’s guilt and depression after the accident.

The last year has been difficult for both Gracelyn and Matt.  They’ve relied on each other to get through the tough times.  With the anniversary of Chad’s death upon them, Gracelyn and Matt once again turn to each other for comfort and support.  They find it in each other’s arms.  Will their desire for each other consume them?  Can they overcome the guilt and scrutiny of those around them to find love again…together?

inflames banner

 And here’s an excerpt from In Flames to give you a little taste:

“Is this why you’re here, Gracey,” Matt asked.   He took a step closer to her.  “Did you come here to scold me some more?  To tell me to grow up?  To question how I feel about you?”  His hands grabbed her by the shoulders and pressed her against the side of his truck bed.   She gasped.  He stood mere inches from her.  His mouth watered to taste her.  Her sweet strawberry scent enveloped him and made him a little lightheaded.  “Or did you come here with hopes that I would slam you against my truck, hike up your dress and sink deep inside you with my now rock hard cock?”  Gracelyn inhaled sharply at his words.

Matt lowered his mouth harshly on hers.  His lips molded to hers until his tongue was able to push through her lips.  He thrust his tongue deep into her mouth… exploring and tasting her.  One hand weaved into her hair and held her head still so he could continue to explore her mouth just the way he wanted.  Her arms wrapped around his neck.    His other hand slid down her side and inched up the skirt of her dress.  Gracelyn moaned softly as his hand made contact with her thigh.  Slowly, his hand edged up her thigh to her pelvis.

“You don’t fucking disappoint, do you, Gracelyn?”  He groaned into her mouth as he felt no panties on underneath her dress.  His fingers grazed over her mound.  “Did you have panties on at Brier Hill?  And you better answer that with a yes.” he said penetratingly.  The idea that she ran around in a dress to a work social function with no panties on both infuriated and excited him.

inflames banner

You can buy In Flames at the following links:

In Flames at Evernight

In Flames at Amazon

In Flames at All Romance

In Flames at Bookstrand

As part of the Wet and Wild Blog hop, there are a ton of awesome giveaways and prizes at each stop.  Grand prizes for this blog hop are incredible and shown below.  Make sure you leave a comment here and on the other blogs you visit with your email address so you can be contacted if you win a prize.  At the bottom of this post is a link to my Rafflecopter giveaway.  I will be giving away an ebook copy of my new book, In Flames, and a $10 egift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble.   Plus, most of the other amazing authors on the Wet and Wild blog hop are also giving away fantastic prizes.  You don’t want to miss out on any of this!  🙂


Once you’ve finished here and left me a comment, please be sure to visit all the other great authors available on the Wet and Wild Blog Hop by visiting

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