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Who Wants To Be The “Teacher’s Pet”?

Today I have the lovely and talented Melissa Hosack visiting us today. She is showing off Book 2 in her Evernight Publishing Lucky Bet series, Teacher’s Pet. Welcome, Melissa!

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While celebrating his parents’ anniversary at a local casino, Dex Hawthorn is approached and seduced by friends, Arabella and Parker. He takes both women to bed, all of them under the assumption the evening is to be a one-night stand.

Only Dex can’t stop thinking about Parker, and when his duties as a police officer surprisingly force their paths to cross, he takes it as a sign that the two of them are meant to have something beyond a single night of passion. Can he convince Parker he can be a one woman man, and can he get this sexy yet strict school teacher to open up her heart to him?



Seduced by the School Teacher

Dex was caught by surprise when Parker passed by the elevators and shoved open the door to the stairwell. “The stairs?” he asked as she started upward, still pulling him behind her.

“I’ve got to get your blood pumping somehow,” Parker said over her shoulder with a teasing grin. “This seemed like a nice start.”

Up and up they went. One floor. Two floors. Three. On the landing of the fourth floor, Parker suddenly stopped. With a giggle, she turned and shoved Dex back against the wall. “Finally, we’ve got you alone.”

Before he could respond, her lips were grazing his. Her fingers smoothed up his chest until she was able to grasp his collar. That’s when her kisses became more demanding. She claimed him with lips, teeth, and tongue.

A groan escaped against his will at the domineering way she kissed him. He’d never had a woman be so forceful in taking what she wanted, and it was a complete turn-on. His arms curved around her waist, and he yanked her forward until her body pressed firmly against his own. While he returned her kisses, he rocked his hips forward into hers, letting her feel his growing erection.

He was so distracted by Parker and her demanding lips, he’d nearly forgotten about Arabella until she suddenly dropped to her knees at his side. While Parker continued to kiss him, her friend stroked Dex’s leg through his jeans. She took her time, smoothing along the coarse fabric. In slow, circular motions, her hand moved closer and closer to his groin.

Finally, she nudged Parker to the side so she could press her palm flat against his dick. “Mmm, Parker, you picked us a big one. Impressive.” Leaning forward, she nuzzled her cheek against the crotch of his pants, emitting a soft purr.

Dex’s head fell back against the wall as Arabella returned to her stroking. His hips arched in time with her movements, thrusting his cock against her caressing palm.

“Hey now,” Parker chastised. “Don’t forget about me.” She was now to the side of him, leaning against the wall. Gripping his chin, she roughly turned his head in her direction, then she was kissing him again.

He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been kissed this good. Parker was so unbearably sexy. He couldn’t get enough of her, and the feel of her nails grazing his neck sent chills through him. Her body tucked perfectly against his side, as if the two of them fit together like puzzle pieces. Her mouth seemed made for kissing. It was soft and tasted like strawberries. He couldn’t get enough of it either.

Knowing exactly what was expected of him this night, Dex didn’t hesitate in slipping his hand up Parker’s blouse. As their mouths battled for control, he inched his fingers upward until he reached her breasts. He stroked them through her bra. Her nipples pebbled under his touch, drawing a groan of arousal from his throat.

At his feet, Arabella used delicate fingers to undo his belt. With quick movements, she had his belt undone, the button of his jeans loose, and the zipper down.

When Arabella began tugging his jeans and boxers over his hips, he regretfully broke the kiss with Parker and pulled his hips back slightly. “Hold on. Hold on! We’re in a public stairwell. I’m not sure—”

“Relax,” Parker said with a little giggle. “No one ever uses these stairs.”

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It All Happens At Panther Ridge – Evernight Publishing’s Alpha’s Claim Anthology

I remember seeing the Anthology Submission Call on Evernight Publishing’s website for the Alpha’s Claim and thinking “Shifter story, hmmm. Can I do this?” I’ve always been a contemporary erotic romance writer, never really venturing into the unknown like vampires, shifters, etc. But I wanted to give it a try and I had this Florida panther shifter sitting at the front of my brain calling for a story. So, I sat down and started typing and Nathan Thorne came to life! And I love him! I think you will too because his story made it into the Anthology, which is being released today, Friday, January 24, 2014! Yay! I feel honored to be a part of such a great group of authors for this book! All of the stories rock and you will see some of them featured here over the next few weeks, so don’t forget to check back. Here it is… Alpha’s Claim!

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Anthology Blurb:

Strength. Power. Domination. 

The shifters in our Alpha’s Claim anthology have one thing in common – they won’t take “no” for an answer. Whether they lead packs of their own, or whether they walk a solitary path, these alphas won’t let anyone stop them from claiming their women.

Lose yourself in these ten sinfully delicious love stories. After all, who could deny an Alpha’s claim?

Panther Ridge Blurb:

Nathan Thorne is many things. Confident. Proud. Strong. Ruggedly good-looking. And a firefighter. But what really makes him different from most men is that he’s part animal… literally…he shifts into a Florida panther. Nate has spent most of his life a loner, finding satisfaction in random women and roaming his one hundred fifty acres of Florida flatlands in Panther Ridge that his mother left him. He was content. But when Ciara Black enters Nate’s favorite hangout he doesn’t know what hit him. She’s everything he’s ever desired and he knows without a doubt that she’s his mate.

Ciara is on the run trying to escape her father and step-brother’s attempts to steal her Momma’s money. Life is hard and full of disappointments until she meets Nate Thorne. He turns her inside out with just a few words and a smile.

When someone threatens Ciara, Nate can’t do anything but protect what’s his. Can Ciara love him and the animal within?

This is how I pictured Nate and Ciara. I will admit, this picture has a little darker hair than I pictured on Nate, but his face and body is spot-on!



“What brought you to town, Ciara?” Nate asked. His gaze wandered over her face. Her nose dipped just slightly giving her a delicate look. Her lips were full and pouty, perfect for wrapping around his cock. Fuck! I need to get my head on straight. It hasn’t been that long since I’ve been laid. But it had been that long since he’d wanted so desperately to be laid by a particular female. In fact, this may have been the only time he could remember feeling only one female could bring him the release he needed, and that female was her. Every ounce of him, body and soul, told him Ciara was his mate.

“A change,” she said, softly, finally looking away from him.

“A change from what?” he pushed.

“A change from my family,” she said, opening the cooler and apparently checking the stock.

“What’s wrong with your family?” Nate asked. “Jack’s a great guy.” Shutting the cooler door, she turned to face him. Placing her hands on the counter, she leaned in closer to him. Her scent enveloped him and he had to bite his lower lip to keep from growling.

“Uncle Jack’s not the problem. He’s the reason I stayed in Florida. Otherwise, I’d have headed out west to get clear of my money-grubbing father and stepbrother,” she said, looking him straight in the eye. “You’re quite the nibby-nose!”

“Just like to know who’s pouring my beer,” he said with a smirk.

“Are you going to look at me all night like you want to eat me alive?”

Nate’s hands shot out to grasp her wrist in such a quick fashion that Ciara looked stunned. Being a panther shifter made him more agile than most normal men. His quickness had saved his life on more than one occasion, but it also benefitted him in situations like this one where he wanted to make a point and catch someone off guard.  The feel of her skin against his was more than he could take, and the growl that he had been trying to stifle escaped.

“I am going to eat you alive,” he whispered, tightening his grip on her wrists. Her blue eyes widened. Though there was a hint of fear in her eyes, he also saw the desire, and that made him continue. “I’m going to bury my tongue in that sweet little pussy of yours until you come all over my face. I can’t wait to taste you.” She inhaled sharply at his words.

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Who’s The New “Supernatural Kid on the Block”?

The hustle and bustle of Christmas is over and we can all sit back, relax and read! 🙂 For those that celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a joyous holiday. A few more days until we all get to welcome in the New Year! Hard to believe that 2013 is coming to a close and 2014 is just around the corner.

Today, I have Melissa Hosack back at the Spicy Butterfly Garden introducing us to her latest release, Supernatural Kid on the Block, book 2 of her Supernatural series. Welcome back, Melissa! 🙂

Character Development

Characters have a way of surprising readers. There’s nothing more fun than a surprise development or personality reveal from a favorite…or even a not so favorite. This can happen for authors as well. Such a thing happened for me with Kristie Taylor in my Supernatural series. In the first book, Deadly Encounters of the Supernatural Kind, Kristie was no more than a silly, airheaded cheerleader who helped motivate another character into a necessary action. In my newest release, the second book in the series titled Supernatural Kid on the Block, she really opened up to me. In Supernatural Kid, Kristie showed herself to be more than the one dimensional character she’d started as. She revealed that she was caring and loyal…and shockingly intelligent. I had such a fun time watching her character unfold. The main character, Camden, was fun to begin with. The two of them together was simply an absolute blast for me.



Check out an excerpt from this unlikely duo!

Kristie uncovered her eyes and stared up at him, fear in her expression. “Do you love me?”

“You know I do.” Camden’s words came out in a breathy, nervous whisper. He was worried as to where this was going.

“That’s what frightens me.” Taking a deep breath, she explained. “When your power rolled over me, I would have gladly died for you, no question about it. You have to fight that. These people could use it against you, use me against you. If they threaten me, you might do something stupid, like die for me…again. You can’t let that happen. Priya’s people depend on you. You’re a dragon. You’re immortal. I’m just a human, and I’m fragile. Don’t let yourself get hurt over something so irrational.”


“Promise me you won’t let that happen. I need you to promise your main target is Stefan, no matter what.”

“You are more important—”

“Promise,” she said firmly. “I won’t let innocent children suffer because your main concern is me. I won’t let you die.” She took a shaky breath and her eyes turned cold. “Promise me or I will leave you. It will be the hardest thing I ever have to do, but I will walk out of your life and never come back. If you love me, you’ll do this for me.”

“I do love you,” Camden said slowly, dread filling his stomach. He was trapped by her words. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her, but she was asking something nearly impossible.

“I know you do,” she said softly to his confession of love. “This new power can make that backfire on you. For just this week, I can’t be the top priority in your life.”

Camden sighed wearily and dropped his head into his hands. She was right, but he hated it. An insane idea popped into his head. Before he could curb it, he said, “I’ll do this for you if you do something for me.” On her puzzled nod, he dropped to a knee in front of where she sat. “Marry me.”

To find out Kristie’s answer, check out the full book here:

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