Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Daniel Conn

This week I’m coming into Totally Tantalizing Tuesday with a BOOM! And I can say that because I have some pretty incredible pictures of a pretty incredible man. If you don’t know Daniel Conn, you’ve been missing out! As a sports fanatic, I’ve come across him once or twice and became hooked. He’s an Australian rugby player and one fine specimen of male perfection.

51S92Vi0fTL._SS500_I know what you’re thinking… I thought the same thing! DAMN!


To get tackled by him would be a dream come true!


No one loves a bad boy more than me!

Daniel Conn (9) (1)

Sexy and ready for the beach


Rugby… yep, I’m a fan!


Good God!

You can find more pictures and information about Daniel on his Facebook page. Check him out! It’s worth the time!

 (PS – I don’t claim any ownership to these photos. They were readily available on Google. Enjoy!)

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