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And the Mid-Week Tease is back and better than ever with this new HOT “tease” picture! I love this blog post feature that Author Sandra Bunino hosts and allows me, and others, to participate in every week. We took the month of December off due to the holidays and it seems Sandra is ready to get this feature going again! If you aren’t familiar with the Mid-Week Tease, it allows us authors to share a snippet of a new release, a backlisted title or a WIP. Aside from having the opportunity to share a little part of my work, I also get to read snippets of other authors and get to be introduced to amazing authors and books.

I’m winding down the writing on my final book in the Taking Advantage series – tentatively called Board Discretion. If you’ve read book 1 – Board Stiff and book 2 – Board Approved, you’ve been introduced to both the main characters in book 3 – Mark Olson and Suzie McCormick. Please keep in mind… it is a WIP so it’s unedited at this point… be kind! 😉

Mark is the owner of several car dealerships in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area. He is also a member of the board of directors for Advantage Insurance Company. Mark is forty years and has been painting the town and sowing his wild oats – so to speak – for the last couple years after escaping a fifteen year marriage that lost its love. But all of his friends are settling down and Mark is wondering if maybe a second chance in love is possible.

Suzie is the executive assistant to the CEO at Advantage. She’s in her early thirties and has been burned more than once in love. Though she’s thrown herself at various men in an attempt to find the right one, she’s been very unlucky. But Mark has always paid her attention and she’s more than attracted to him. Will his playboy in a mid-life crisis reputation get in their way?  We’ll see…

He took another sip of his whiskey and sighed. That was, he used to have a new woman every weekend to remedy his cravings. Lately, however, one woman and one woman alone had actually permeated his thoughts and his desires. And it seemed only she could feed his hunger. Suzie McCormick.

Since his divorce, he’d taken the position that remaining single was what he wanted. It made things less complicated for his two pre-teen daughters. Shit! It made things less complicated for himself. But that lifestyle could also be quite lonely.

That’s where Suzie came in and complicated the hell out of his life. She was the executive assistant to the CEO of Advantage Insurance Company and well… Mark was a member of Advantage’s board of directors. He loved his position on the board. Aside from the small amount of prestige it carried, he’d made great friends with the other members. But he also loved his most recent position between Suzie’s legs.

If only our situations were different.

A familiar giggle wafted in from the direction of the dance floor. The delicate sound stirred his cock to life. It stiffened against his black trousers instantly.  After several weeks of clandestine meetings involving dirty talk and hard fucks, he’d know that giggle anywhere.  Turning his head in the direction of the dance floor, anger heated his face and his hands clenched into fists at the sight he witnessed.

Sandwiched between two guys that he’d now refer to as dickheads, danced the woman that wreaked havoc on his single life status.  Her little black dress clung to her trim frame, emphasizing her small, but very perky breasts and showing off her figure that could easily grace the cover of any fashion magazine. Her legs stretched for miles and her creamy white skin contrasted nicely against the jet black of her dress. Flinging her silky blonde hair over her shoulder and down her back, her hips gyrated against her two dance partners. The taller man dancing behind her slipped his hand over her hip and rested it over her low belly as he rubbed what Mark was sure to be a rock hard erection against Suzie’s ass.

What the fuck was she doing? First, she never came to the Beach Club. Never. In all his regular visits to this club over the last couple of years, he had yet to see her in her once.  Second, she was practically dry-humping two guys in the middle of the dance floor. That wasn’t her typical style.

Throwing back the last remnants of his whiskey, he stood from his bar stool, tossed some cash on the bar and turned toward the dance floor. He wrestled with what his next move should be. He wouldn’t let her talk about a relationship with him because of their situation, but watching her dancing with those two assholes pissed him off. Fuck if I’m going to let some other guy touch her. His long stride made short distance of the space where he stood and she danced. Her head rolled back and to the side, her blue eyes stopping when she noticed he stood only inches from her writhing body.

“Mark!” she said. Her body went completely still despite the fact the two guys continued to undulate against her.

“Excuse me, fellas,” Mark said, grabbing her by the wrist. “I’m cutting in.” He pulled her free from the two men, who protested over the loud music of the cover band.

“Dude, get your own girl,” the shorter guy said, clearly inebriated. His taller buddy wrapped an arm around his friend and dragged him off toward the bar.

“Fuck off,” Mark said before they got too far. The short guy turned around and flipped him the middle finger, but his friend seemed to maintain control, so Mark let it go. His hands gripped Suzie’s hips harshly, his fingers digging into her flesh. His eyes met hers, issuing her a warning that his temper was flared.

If you haven’t read the first two books in the Taking Advantage series, below is information on how to find them!

If you want to add Board Stiff to your TBR list, you can find it here on Goodreads:  http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17969401-board-stiff

If you want to add Board Approved to your TBR list, you can find it here on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18214843-board-approved


If you are ready to purchase Board Stiff, you can find it here: Evernight!


If you are ready to purchase Board Approved, you can find it here: Evernight!

They are also at Amazon, ARe, B&N and Bookstrand.

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