Totally Tantalizing Tuesdays – Charlie Hunnam

Oh, it’s Totally Tantalizing Tuesday again and who better to lead that day that Charlie Hunnam. I’m not typically a girl that goes ga-ga over a blond haired guy. I’ve always been more attracted to the darker haired men, but something about Charlie intrigued me from the minute I laid eyes on him.


Charlie is a British actor, who had his big break in Queer As Folk, but he’s most famous for his current role as Jackson “Jax” Teller on Sons of Anarchy.


He’s got a ruggedness about him that screams bad boy


And yet, he’s got this cute, endearing side.


Clean cut in Pacific Rim


Tough as nails in Sons of Anarchy

I will admit… I was glad when the Christian Grey role didn’t pan out for him because I feel the movie has the possibility of plummeting the actor’s career. (I’m one of those people that don’t believe Fifty Shade of Grey should be a movie, but will probably go see it for the train wreck I think it will be.) But I will also admit that I was a little sadden to know we wouldn’t get to see Charlie on the big screen with unbuttoned jeans! 😉

If you want to learn more about this incredible man, check out his official fan site:

Also, if you missed DC Stone’s Man Candy Monday, you can still check it out here:

One thought on “Totally Tantalizing Tuesdays – Charlie Hunnam

  1. Jessica! You’ve tantalized my Friday! Love Charlie. Used to watch him on a show with Jay Baruchel that I can’t think of the name now but it was kids in college in their dorms. Loved it. Such a wonderful actor. I’ve lost my crush on Jax and I think that’s all due to the absolutely expert way in which Charlie plays him. 🙂

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