Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Channing Tatum

Those people that know me well know that I’ve had a crush on Channing Tatum for a ridiculous amount of time. From the moment I saw his moves in Step Up and then again in Magic Mike, I’ve kept my eye on him… well… because any man that can move like that is worth watching! Seriously! So I was asked by a few girls that know me pretty good why I haven’t spotlighted my long time crush on Totally Tantalizing Tuesday and my response is: Here he is! 🙂

untitled (4)

Oh so serious… Oh so sexy

untitled (5)

One of my most favorite pics of him of all time! I want to be those sunglasses! 😉


I want to be that tape measure! 🙂


Breaking it out in Magic Mike

untitled (3)

How I like him best… shirtless!

images03XSW8OM untitled (2)

Though originally from Alabama, Channing is pretty famous for his stint as a stripper in the Tampa Bay area! No one was more disappointed than me to learn that Magic Mike was filmed in Tampa/St. Petersburg and I did not weasel my way in as an extra for that movie! 😉 He’s in a ton of films now and has made a real name for himself. I loved him in The Vow and 21 Jump Street. And I love that fact that he always appears to be such a doting husband to his wife Jenna. I’m sure he’ll be just as doting to his adorable daughter too! If you want to check out more of Mr. Tatum, check out his great website:

If you missed DC Stone’s Man Candy Monday, don’t fret! You can find it here:

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