Mid-Week Tease – In Flames – One Year Publishversary #MWTease

As most of you now know, every week the very talented Sandra Bunino hosts the Mid-Week Tease where several amazing authors share a snippet of a new release, a backlisted titled or a WIP. Aside from having the opportunity to share a little part of my own work, I get to hop from site to site reading other authors’ works.   It’s a lot of fun and I’m proud to be a part of it when I can.


As an author, there are times when characters come to you in such a strong manner that you just can’t seem to concentrate on anything besides telling their story. Conversations and scenes play out in your head constantly and if you’re like me, you are scribbling on anything you can get your hands on so you don’t lose the scene or words or emotions. Matt and Gracelyn’s story was one of those times for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the billionaire story where the hero falls in love with a damsel and sweeps her off her feet. Or the bad boy that catches the girl’s eye and turns out to have a soft side. But these two wanted something different. These were two individuals plagued by the same tragedy… the loss of the same person. Matt and Gracelyn were in-laws. Gracelyn was married to Matt’s brother, who was killed on the job as a firefighter. Gracelyn and Matt leaned on each other in dealing with his death and a great love developed from there. But loving your brother’s wife, even if he is gone, is not easy.

in-flames1m cover

This April 25th will be one year that Matt and Gracelyn’s story was published by Evernight Publishing and I pleased to share a snippet of their tale with you today. This is the end of a hot love scene where Gracelyn comes to Matt’s house to yell at him for embarrassing her at the pub in front of her co-workers. You can check out that scene here as it was a Mid-Week Tease back in August 2013. These two have struggled with their feelings with each other and this scene is a breaking point for Matt. Matt takes her against the side of his truck in his garage.


 “Look at me, Gracelyn. I want to watch you as you come all over my cock.” Her eyes opened at his words. She looked at him through her lashes with a desire that almost made him come apart. Without losing eye contact, he thrust into her hard again and again. “You feel fucking amazing. God! Amazing! Come with me, baby!”

He grasped her hips and thrust into her hard. Her pussy gripped him tight, milking him and she cried out. Her eyes never left his. Another thrust and he glided over that cliff with her. A growl escaped his chest as he emptied himself inside her and his head collapsed on her chest pressing delicate kisses along her skin.

They stood like that for several minutes.  Her legs slipped from around his hips and he eased out of her. He placed her feet to the ground and adjusted his shorts. Her head fell back against the truck as she straightened her dress. Her chest heaved from her breathing.

“I’m not apologizing,” Gracelyn said softly. Matt lifted his head and pressed his forehead to hers. He looked into her blue eyes.

“I’m not looking for an apology,” Matt whispered. He kissed her softly on the lips. “What am I going to do with you, Gracey?” His hand grazed the side of her face. “You’re driving me crazy.”

“And you… me,” she whispered. A slight smile spread across her lips. “I thought if I came over here and fucked you that I could get you out of my system. That I could stop my body from craving you… stop my mind from thinking about you.”

“Did it work?” he asked. His thumb glided over her bottom lip.

“No!” she said with a laugh. He loved the sound of her laugh. “That was so incredible! All it did was make me want you more.” Her tongue flicked out at his thumb. He slid his thumb between her lips and into her mouth. Her lips closed around it and sucked it. He moaned softly.

“Do you want to try again to get me out of your system?” he asked. He pulled his thumb out of her mouth and pressed his lips hard against hers. His tongue pushed through her lips and swept into her mouth. She moaned into him. Her body pressed once again against his. He was already hard. “We can try all night if we have to.” He smiled. He wanted this woman. She turned him inside out. She made him feel things he never felt before. He knew by taking her into his bed that he had made the decision to find a way to make this work no matter what. He could not make love to her again and then walk away. His heart could not take it. He could not take it.

66255b1cacb7e76c3e8727473eb97e19 (2)

That is ending to one of my favorite scenes in the story. I hope you enjoyed it! You can find In Flames at the following distribution sites if you’re interested in reading the whole story of Matt and Gracelyn.





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14 thoughts on “Mid-Week Tease – In Flames – One Year Publishversary #MWTease

  1. I loved your set up as much as your tease, Jessica. Especially this “But loving your brother’s wife, even if he is gone, is not easy.” I wish you the happiest of happy publishversaries! I somehow did not read this yet but I’m already in love with these two and will be getting it soon!

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