Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Top Ten 2014 World Cup Hotties

Those of you that hang out around here on Totally Tantalizing Tuesdays know that I’m a huge sports fan! So this week’s post should not come as a surprise to many of you. Every four years the world comes together for a tournament of tournaments for what is known as the most popular sport worldwide! That’s right… It’s World Cup time!

Though I certainly cheer for the US Team, I won’t lie… there’s more to my watching the World Cup (or soccer, in general) than just loving the sport. Soccer has some of the hottest men on the planet. Here’s my pick of hotties to look for this 2014 World Cup:


1. Olivier Giroud – Striker – France

tumblr_mh0rpyVfHI1r1nma7o1_1280 je-crois-que-c-etait-le-moment-estime-olivier-giroud_210250_516x343 936full-olivier-giroud olivier-giroud_2352223b

2. Gary Cahill – Defender – England

Gary-Cahill-001 cahill-muambashirt 465587432

3. Tim Howard – Goalkeeper – USA

tim-h3 imagesHEOVZ3X4 us-world-cup-goalkeeper-tim-howard-staff-63fd0650a1b1abda_medium

4. Iker Cassillas – Goalkeeper – Spain

Iker iker-casillas-en-la-porteria-del-real-madrid Soccer: Real Madrid Trains in Toronto

5. Kevin Prince- Boateng – Forward – Ghana

665948453-kevin-prince-boateng.9 kevin-prince-boateng-tattoos-2013-km7htvmd images1DT7OJXY

6. Granit Xhaka – Midfielder – Switzerland

124831735 3592257806

7. Orestis Karnezis – Goalkeeper – Greece

40d995a7e269a5c2d4067f2f7162a1e5 orestis-karnezis-arxeiou Orestis+Karnezis+Ireland+v+Greece+International+ob-v0UT9OX2l

8. Fabian Johnson – Defender – USA

2062451_m1t1w800q75v63138_xio-fcmsimage-20110606175243-006058-4decf7cbc7496.photo_1307361598107-1-HD 1401654153000-2014-6-1-FABIAN-JOHNSON-CELEBRATION-US

9. Cristiano Ronaldo – Forward – Portugal

cristiano-ronaldo-modelo cristiano-ronaldo-1-435 cristiano-ronaldo-madrid

10. Gerard Pique – Defender – Spain

imagesEKQ6SM1P  tumblr_l6wy9hfgOV1qcwlmqo1_400 gerard pique wallpaper barca barcelona photo gallery barcablog barca blog 2

World Cup starts on Thursday, June 12th. Don’t miss out on some amazing athleticism and incredible hunks playing some fútbol! If you missed DC Stone’s Man Candy Monday, don’t fret. You can catch it here!






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