Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Colin Wayne

My dear friend, DC Stone, has this feature on her site ( called Man Candy Mondays and I love it. I thought… hmmmm… Is there really a better way to start a week? I think not. So, I’m borrowing the Man Candy Monday idea and turning it into Totally Tantalizing Tuesday! So now you can visit DC Stone on Mondays and me on Tuesdays to get your tantalizing man candy fix!  I’ll be making it a regular feature at The Spicy Butterfly Garden for 2014, but you get an early look at it today to help ring in the new year!! Yipee! Who’s the lucky guy to start off my new feature?! Well, if you know me at all, then you know him…COLIN WAYNE! Below are some of my favorite pics of him. If you want to see more or learn more about him, check out his site: … You won’t be disappointed! Happy New Year!


Yes, he pulls off a country boy beautifully!


He pulls off wet rather well too!



He likes football… and so do I! 😉


And he served our country… in the Army! God Bless America!

 (PS – I don’t claim any ownership to these photos. They were professionally done by the photographer named in the photo and readily available on Google. Enjoy!)

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