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Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Jason Momoa



Okay, so for the last few years I have apparently been living under a rock or in a closet or on another planet. Seriously!  My husband and I decided to start the Game of Thrones series from HBO. So, we watched the first two episodes of Season 1 and quite honestly, the only thing I saw was this:

images2R2D00TA imagesCYWFLODY

His character’s name in Game of Thrones is Khal Drogo. Sexy, isn’t it? Even as a savage, the minute my heart started racing, I knew I found my new fantasy. After I wiped the drool from my chin and collected my jaw from the floor, I had to find out who this beautiful, rugged, savage creature was because I fell head over heels in love with him. Now I know!


And my life is better for knowing… 🙂 How on earth did I go around for years not knowing Jason Momoa???? Honestly! How he has not been voted sexiest man on the planet? When I say I fell for this guy, I mean hook, line and sinker.

If you aren’t familiar with my new infatuation, let me share a few tidbits about him. He was born on August 1, 1979 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He’s married to Lisa Bonet (lucky, lucky lady) and they have two children together, who I have no doubt are gorgeous. He played Conan in the newest version of Conan the Barbarian. Guess what’s been recently added to my movies-to-see list?! 😉 He also has a show, The Red Road, coming out on the Sundance Channel that has received rave reviews. Won’t be missing it… trust me!

Here are a few pictures of him out of his Game of Thrones’ character! He’s fan-flipping-tastic! I can’t believe I’ve been missing out all these years! No more! This girl is a Jason Momoa addict!


He started out on Baywatch back in the day! (I know… where the hell have I been????)

b11be8dcdb1fb8b943c2bfc0632c4737 I can’t find a single flaw! Even the scar above his eye is so freaking HOT!


Looks good in dreds!

jason-momoa-shirtless-hawaii-03 EXCLUSIVE: A shirtless Jason Momoa coming in from a surf session in Hawaii.

His body is out of this world! I mean… look at him carry that paddle board! YUM!


And this may be my favorite… he wears happy beautifully! This picture just makes me smile!

As any infatuated person does nowadays, I googled the heck out of him until I could find every picture and fact I could about this man. His website is currently under construction, but I definitely recommend that you keep it on your list of favorites.

Don’t forget to check out my best girl, DC Stone’s Man Candy Monday post at !!!

 (PS – I don’t claim any ownership to these photos. They were readily available on Google. Enjoy!)




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